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Saturday, May 28, 2011

28 May Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals

that explains Obama penchant for Kingdom Change, which Kingdom is up next ?

We would soon see African mercanaries, in the thousands and thousands summoned by oil dollars into the Saudi peninsula, like the ORKS. The Battle of Helmsdeep is now happening in Libya, then we would have the battle of the Middle-Earth in the Saudi Peninsula. Yes, the Lords of the Rings are gathering now. The Human race need a WAR.

If I am you, I would start preparing food, drinks, torchlights, etc.

Friday, May 27, 2011

27 May War

Marc Faber warn of War repeatedly over the past 2 days. He sees more of class sruggles, we do see a lot of negative media coming up on negative growth in China.

If anybobdy can give a clue of what WAR it is, pls comment.

Meanwhile, see SPX struggling up after meeting my target of 1313. Won't be surprised Crude inching towards 120.

Obama and friends committing 20b to Arab Spring. 20b for weapons for Arabs to kill Arabs. Now you know Baal is coming. Think the Arab monarchy better think of countermove, otherwise their cash hoards would be taken away. Not a bad idea, 20b for 200b or may be even 1 Trillion. Yes, US need all the oil it can lay hands on.

War is coming to a theatre near you.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

26 May The Rite: what is your name ?

Monday is holiday in US and UK. PM just got their option expiry over yesterday.
so time for another down leg.

just watched Anthony Hopkin's the RITE. What is your name, the PRIEST asks the possessed.

Repeatedly, the Hedgies try to flush the spirit out from Precious Metals, dropping it repeatedly, asking "what is your name ?".

Who are the Speculators ? BAAL ? you got the faith to confront BAAL ?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

24 May SPX 1313 reached

as I have indicated days ago, the target 1313 has been reached. we should see some basing activities around here.
Market explanation: profit taking, no fundamental change in business environment.

however Crude has not reached our target of 88. So it may mean that the next rally would be a shortlived one.

Some are expecting 1400. Nonetheless, we are at the tail end of the game, when making monies are more difficult, so be careful.

Taliban attacked Pakistan. Reports say there were a dozen China aircraft engineers in the naval base, and an advanced US reconnaisance antisub aircraft was destroyed.
May it be US under disguide destroying those US gadgets, before it get reengineered by China ?
( May WW3 has happened unofficially ?)
Why Taliban choose a Naval base ? Why are there China engineers ?
In fact, China was invited to visit the downed stealth helicopter in the Osama attack.

Obama went to Indonesia, had to cut short visit because of volcanoe eruption,
Obama went to Ireland, had to cut short visit because of volcanoe eruption.

Wherever Obama goes, Volanoes erupt. GOD is telling us something. Am afraid, something unkind would befall on Ireland.

Obama delivered Cairo speech, Murbarak overturned,
Obama delivered Israeli speech, Netanyahu overturned ?

Monday, May 23, 2011

22 May Harold Camping

may be Camping was right afterall, the end has come.
Asia fell, Shanghai fell below 2800.

Euro heading into 1.17,

Sunday, May 22, 2011

22 May Now comes another one....

Yes, the world did not end, however we have another date 1 June, partial solar eclipse.
The astrologers are predicting that a significant event will happen in the sky. A rare planetary alignment will occur with the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and none other than planet X, otherwise known as Nibiru. The last time planet X came close to the vicinity of Earth was in 160 B.C.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

21 May End of the World ?

Hi, if you are reading this, the world has not ended.
to all bulltards, silvertards, gold bug, doomseters, we can probably celebrate on Monday. Happy scalping.

Meanwhile, Korean and China Prime Ministers visited Japan Kukushima. The media called it showing support. It is more like getting to together to prepare for the end-game.
What is the end-game, the boro fails to stop the nuclear reaction, and the fuel melts through the earth into the water table.

That is about it. The estimated time of the Boro stop working would be mid-June. Probably another mass evacuation coming beginning June.

For selfish reasons, the Japan government has been holding back information.

International Atomic Energy Agency will dispatch an international expert fact-finding mission to Japan.

Based upon the agreement between the IAEA and the Government of Japan, the mission, comprising nearly 20 international and IAEA experts from a dozen countries, will visit Japan between 24 May and 2 June 2011. (probably they would keep their findings tight-lipped)

IAEA will present the mission's report at the Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Safety organised by the IAEA in Vienna from 20 to 24 June 2011.

It took Japan 2 months to reveal what happened 16 hours after the Tsunamis, the Fuel Rods have been exposed. And may be 3 months to reveal that fuel rod has melted through the Earth.

The world did not end on May 21, but the countdown begins on May 21 2011.

Radiation is actually very severe around the plants.

Friday, May 20, 2011

20 May The Picture that Will change the World.

yes, Obama has its bulls eyes fixed on Saudi with his speech today. UAE already bought an entire corp of merceneries into Dubai. The 2nd phase of the Middle-east revolution a.k.a war is now on.
Following Tunisia, Libya, Syria, then Kuwait, Saudi.
While Israel wait to reap the fruits.

Meanwhile IEA is pleading OPEC to increase production.

more of the same for the markets, wavering ahead of Option expiry. So good for scalping.

Got a friend working in Damman (Saudi), there are protests around. However the protestors were hurriedly squirreled off. Media is kept out. Where goes the protestors ? dumped into sea, I heard.
Whoever journalist get a picture of that, it would be the Picture that Will change the world.

Most of the actions has gone to Soft Commodities, not much on Metals, especially PM. Copper is good for scalping.

Tomorrow May 21 is the official Dooms day.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

19 May Rate HIke

yes, possible rate hike on June 20-21,
market now baked in the end of QE2. wavering. So awaiting if Rate Hike would happen.

so time for summer holidays, when the market sway endlessly.


as I have written day ago, Trichet is the only person who can save Europe from the Crisis. Trichet for IMF. With IMF and ECB hand in hand, it is stronger than the FED.

ECRI summer doom making the rounds. We should be seeing a nice rally coming.

OK, more doom. 20 May coming

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

18 May Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange

one product only, Gold. (sorry Silvertards)

yes, HKMEX now trades Gold Futures (1 kg in USD) from HK time 0800 to 2300, i.e. it covers US ET 8pm to US noon. Essentially the London market is snatched. Also HKMEX is launching a Yuan denominated Gold Futures later this year.
and most HKers have portion of their live savings converted to Yuan. The Gold futures contract delivery is in HK iteself.

Just like when the current Gold rally started, there are those Gold bar vending machines installed in Dubai hotel. Now the HKMEX is a humongous vending machine.

Boomberg asia hours all talks on inflation, Malaysia inflation hitting new records, etc. China house prices climbing.
To the Asian economies, their paper monies are fast losing value.

We are seeing the onset of another binge of inflation.

Next week, Obama is going to Europe. This week, a IAEA team would arrive in Fukushima. Soon they would announce that a "China Syndrome" has occured, which was already widely speculated just a few weeks after the incident.
China Syndrome means the nuclear material is boring a hole through Earth, possibly reaching the Water Table, contaminating a wide section of Japan. Which also means, Japan has to evacuate en-masse.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

18 May Jean-Claude Trichet for IMF Chief

yes, we are starting a movement to nominate Trichet for IMF. Trichet's biggest contribution to modern Europe economy was his work for the Paris Club. And it is time to call upon his great leadership to helm the IMF.
In fact, he should both chair the ECB and IMF concurrently.

On this Tuesday morning, the SPX is now sitting nicely on the 50 days moving average at 1323. My call is for a break into 1313, then 1290. Nonetheless the Midterm SPX bull trend is still in place.

Crude (WTI) perching on 96 the last 2 lows, before the plunge into 88.

The only risk is that the 3 throws up pattern for DXY is oready mature. Not ruling out another throw up. If this turn up to be the end of the current USD rally, we may see DXY back down into 70.50-70.80, a new record low. And market would be really jiterry, cannot imagine how SPX would hold up a rally in such a situation, esentially we may see Capital Flights from US.

As Mohammed El Elrian has mentioned, US treasury has 2 options:
Inflate away the debt OR
Financial repression, paying a interest less than the real inflation rate. (which of course is a nightmare for PIMCO).

I remember the last time he spoke in 2010, hours later the market had that infamous Flash crash, thousands point off DJ in minutes.

Some hedge fund guy went on Boomberg and says he bought BoA yesterday. Some folks are looking at the decline to end today or tomorrow, and then carry it into 1400 territory. Reason: some Fed dude comes about and talk up QE3. May be the FOMC minutes wold talk about possiblity of QE3.

Gold is in another new dive today, somebody are really getting impatients, and trying to push it down, again and again. Like as if time is running out.
Gold just broke down through a major support line at 1474. Crude broke 96 as well. 2nd trading day of Option expiry week.

When HK Gold exchange starts tomorrow, it would be interesting to see a flood of sell orders, as if like everyone owns a gold mine.

Now they are talking about DSK resigning from IMF.

17 May Jew

I have nothing against Jew. I am calling for merciful action.

DSK (Dominique Strauss-Kahn), the IMF chief is a Jew. and now he is held on an Island called Rikers Island without bail, waiting for Court Appearance on 20 May. Would his fellow Jews come to his rescue, to at least to have him restraint outside of Jail. His alleged victim is a African Black housemaid.
(my gosh, if all his charges stand, it is going to be 25 years !!!!, he would die in the jail with his arse raptured by African penetration, unprotected).

Where is the Jewish Brotherhood ? Should not all our powerful Jews, like Soros protest in the market to show strength, and for Timmy to intervene to secure his release ?

Let us see what our Jew Brotherhood is going to manifest their might.

This is going to be a battle between the African blacks (represented by Obama) and the Jewish Wallstreeters.

Now US has exceeded its Debt Limit, and the government is still functioning. Why is S&P and Fitch so quiet when one of the largest Debtor nation has difficulties paying Debt ? Should not they reflect something on the market ?
At the end game, these Rating Agencies would be banned in other countries, except US.

As you can see, my count of SPX leads to 1500, (similar to Caldero count).
Nonetheless, there is a gap at 1313 to be filled. Would not be surprised SPX drops to 1290.

Short the weakest, e.g. Crude (crude to 88), Commodities, espcially Silver,
Currencies: GBP/USD
limited short on SPX.

Dun worry now, Soros is by your side.

There you go, here is the list of famous Jewish people:

Banking and financeLloyd C. Blankfein, Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs[1]
Ivan Boesky, Wall Street financier and arbitrageur [2]
Asher Edelman, Wall Street corporate raider ("Wall Street" movie character)[2]
Andrew Fastow, former CFO of Enron[3]
Marcus Goldman, co-founder of Goldman Sachs investment bank[4]
Alan Greenspan, Chairman and president of Townsend-Greenspan, economic consulting firm; former Federal Reserve Chairman[5]
Michael Milken, Financier, Junk-bond specialist[2]
Ronald Perelman, American billionaire investor [6]
Marc Rich, Oil trading[7]
Robert Rubin, former Treasury Secretary, director of National Economic Council, and Chairman of Citigroup[8]
Samuel Sachs, co-founder of Goldman Sachs investment bank[9]
Jacob H. Schiff, Wall street banker, leader of Kuhn, Loeb & Co.[10]
George Soros, Wall Street investor and foreign currency speculator[2]
Michael Steinhardt, Wall Street hedge fund manager[2]
Paul Warburg, Chairman of Bank of the Manhattan Company (predecessor of Chase Manhattan Bank), director of the Federal Reserve Bank[11]
Bruce Wasserstein, American investment banker and businessman, CEO of Lazard and controller of Wasserstein & Co.[12]
Sandy Weill, former Chairman and CEO of Citigroup[13]

This is going to last till August, the dateline set by Timmy.

By the way, would Motherland, Israel Netanyahu come to rescue one of its own ?

Every war starts with simple people, this war starts with a simple African housemaid.

Meanwhile, other undercurrents, South Korean accuses North Korea of cyber attacking one of its Bank. First its was the CheongNan Frigate, then YoungPing island, and now a Bank ? The North Koreans have gone soft.

It is going to be the most strange Summer in history.
HK launching its Gold Futures Exchange tomorrow 18 May. (Soros opened its first office in HK late last year).
22 May is hundred days of my father passaway.

Monday, May 16, 2011

16 May Endeavour Lift off

Some video first on Endeavour liftoff. Gifford was there. The "beast" with the mortal wound in the head.

Now when is Endeavour returning ?

This picture would explain why 1577 is the top for GOLD this time, as w5 is overstretched but cannot be longer than w3. so w5 can reach max 1581. 1577 is just about there.

So we should see a retracement to around 1300 eventually, for GOLD.

Bernanke speaking at George Washington University today about now.

TO be frank, on a daily chart, there is nothing Parabolic about GOLD move till now, so after the correction, we should see more upside.
So we should see more down moves this week of option expiry.
There is considerable selling at 1500 level, possibly by some Central Banks or Fugitive governments (e.g. Murbarak, or Tunisia or Gaddafi) in need of monies. Possibly US agents would be zooming down on those Gold stockpile and lift them back to Fort Knox.

The other is Crude, it explains why most analyst is looking at Crude to retrace to below 90.

Hence for Commodities, it is safer to be on the short side. While for Equities, bias towards short but not conservatively. The mood has changed.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

15 May Stranger tides: chambermaid

we pass through 13 May Friday without much event. Meanwhile Boon Pickens talking up Natural Gas and 120 Oil within 3 to 6 months.
He is right 70% of crude goes to transportation, and alternative energy Solar, Wind does nothing for trucks.

Whatever the price, China is boost its imports for Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Caveat Emptor: UNG natural gas ETF is not doing much, neither is USO.

Natural Gas Act is coming.
<< took down the Bloomberg Boon Pickens interview >>

In view of what is coming on Monday, the noise about the May 21 end date (which is option expiry as well). This coming week is a week of rest. Stay clear. We would not know how Benny and Timmy want to swing the market, drop it like a stone to scare the Congress, or a rally when the Congress relents on Monday.


"Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides" has premiered in Cannes, and would debut in US on May 20.
We are going to see wild swings.

NASA crew has arrived in Kennedy, and would be launching as scheduled on Monday, 8:56 AM EDT. Hence when US market opens on Monday, the shuttle would be launching. The strange tides would start rolling.

Update Sunday morning:
Strauss is now arrested, not able to meet Angela Merkel on Sunday for talks on rescue packages. This really throw the Euro rebound plan into jeopardy. I.e. Euro would like fall into 1.3300. Enjoy the ride. Another good short opportunity.

Retracting my earlier bullish forecast of a rebound, now my bullish expectation is dented, expect a plunge next week for all Asset Classes ahead of Option Expiry.

Strange isn't it, Euro rebound hopes dented by a chambermaid.

Market is watching 1290-1310 for a rebound, meaning Mon-Tue we would have a 40 points down move to challenge 1310, i.e. USD would complete this leg of rally before a correction comes Wed/Thur/Fri.
Essentially SPX down then up.

Just watched a TV program on Gold/Silver/Commodities.
The guy selling Mutual Funds, say that PM and Commodities are in correction, risky to enter.
The guy selling Gold Futures say that the outlook is good in the mid to long term, worthwhile to invest.
so the choice is yours

Friday, May 13, 2011

13 May Beijing

arrived in Beijing, and would be meeting Blankfein to talk about Private Equities. As I am going to introduce him to some cashrich Chinese. And we would be meeting the Chinese Forex investment Coropration. I would be a translator of sort for him.

So the Megatrend is set, the monies would flow to China for safe haven.

BTW, China is enlarging its Strategic Petroleum Reserve. It is building more than its original 4 Reserves. So shut off these CPI, Core CPI, (these are manipulated statistics), Prices for Energy is going up for sure. We would not see 100 Crude for a long time to come. Big Oil needs Hign Oil to keep the industry going (do you know how much a oil rig engineer is paid ?)

Hurricane season would be coming in a big way in GOM. would luv to load up a ship loads of barrels if it ever get to 88.

Fukushima is a slow redux of Chernobyl. probably now, the Tokyo radiation level is on the threshold of alarm.

Timmy holding off selling AIG shares till July, hint for you.

Slow growth, high inflation, that is coming to every location you know.

USD rise ahead of US-China dialogue,
Crude fall ahead of Big Oil congress opera.

So what happens when the curtains fall ?

Back to my picture, USDJPY perching on the support line of lies, and hide of the nuclear events. Once it is breached, significant implications: the current Dollar rally is just a correction. The final target may still be at 70 DXY. As usual Intervention fails.

Meanwhile, the last flight of Endeavour is still scheduled for next Monday.

Date: May 16
Mission: STS-134
Launch Vehicle: Space Shuttle Endeavour
Launch Site: Kennedy Space Center - Launch Pad 39A
Launch Time: 8:56 a.m. EDT
STS-134 Description: Space shuttle Endeavour will deliver the Express Logistics Carrier-3 (ELC-3) and the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS-2) to the International Space Station.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

12 May earthquake alert 35-40 deg latitude

Mount Etna and the spain town earthquake are at the same latitude. Japan Sendai is also between 35 to 40 degrees. Guess what San Francisco is also at the 37 degree. So stay away from tall buildings if you are in San Fran. The italian seismologist who predicted the Rome eq actually fortold the spainish Eq on 11 May. One explanation is that latitude 35-40 is the side facing the planets which are aligned till the end of May. As the Earth turns closer to the pull, more earthquakes are going to happen, possibly climaxing on 21 may. So afterall the End Of World prediction on 21 may holds some truth. To some, that day would feel like the END if not the END. GOD BLESS.

12 May Missisippi

yes, the Missisippi flood has drowned some of the refinery and storage in Louisanna, and disrupted traffic. So we are going to see a wet Summer, with more Tornadoes coming.
Crude below 100 is a buy.
The USD index rally to 75.4 has shown MACD divergence. Let is wave for a couple more hours, which would end the first leg of the USD strength.
USD rally is now underway.
Gold/Silver strength is no more, unless Geopolitics flare up. Netanyahu is goign to speak to US Congress. Iran has already started to produce electricity from its nuclear plant.

Meanwhile due to solar activities, we see volcanoes stirring. The next major Earthquake may be in the making. 17 May is the full moon. And the planets are in alignment.

Note that despite the scare in the drop in INDU, the indices are holding up.

Long: SPX, Crude
Short: Silver (using ZSL), USD

Good Luck,


beware of Flash Mob of beefy ladies.
they gonna slap your backside.

For Doomster:


May 16, day of reckoning.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

5 May Next leg down

it took Gold a little longer to retrace. next leg down has started, w3 down.
does not bode well for SPX, while USD is rallying.

for my readers, remember to take profit on those ZSL before end of day. These type of Short Funds are not meant to hold overnight.

6 more mins to NY lunch time, Gold now testing 1502.

It hit 1500 just about 12 noon.Those uncanny short sellers. The European traders are gone and now passing onto the New York traders.

11 May 511 Margin Increase

yes, I got a mail from my broker which says:

20% Margin Mark up due to market volatility
Dear valued clients, Please kindly take note that there will be a margin mark up of 20% for all the commodities products offered by all exchanges with immediate effective until further notice in view of the volatile market.

this would definitely chase the weak hands away. But now the people who:
(a) have access to cheap funds, e.g. from US treasuries or the China Banks
(b) have the monies to buy physical silver

So, it entices the Aligators instead of lizards to the game.

Watch Silver 39 to 40 was where it broke down from the uptrend line.
Most of the rise comes during the unearthly hours of 6 to 8pm ET, or the early hours in Asia, when volume is thinnest. Somebody is rigging it upward for a good sale.
This "Somebody" should be the target for investigation by COMEX.

After the US China strategic dialogue. China pledges to open up market. While CISCO is already facing competition from China Huawei in overseas market, and Google up against Baidu. Those Chinese managers in US firms in China would just simply gang up with their Chinese competition. In China, there is no morals and loyalty. Monies come first (for the beautiful ladies, antique wines, Rolls Royce, and Bugati, not to mention a vault full of GOLD bars). Chinese pledge is like Obama pledge to reduce Deficit, talking through their asshole.

Also HK is starting up its first Gold Futures trade on 18 May. With all these Margin increase in COMEX, the market would goto Asia in the coming months, when there are ample Liquidity and less intervention. Obama has just signed the death sentence on its Exchanges. Without retail speculators, who are the Biggies going to sell to ?
Little wonder, Soros has setup shop in HK.

For the Astrobuff, here is Endeavour:

Date: May 16
Mission: STS-134
Launch Vehicle: Space Shuttle Endeavour
Launch Site: Kennedy Space Center - Launch Pad 39A
Launch Time: 8:56 a.m. EDT
STS-134 Description: Space shuttle Endeavour will deliver the Express Logistics Carrier-3 (ELC-3) and the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS-2) to the International Space Station.

Meanwhile, I am stroling in Singapore, hot but cooling in the shopping malls. A nice island, with lots of Hedge Funds setting up shop here. Not to mention it has the strongest bank in the world according to Bloomberg survey.


Foreign firms in China cannot hike prices.

Now back to the topic of 51111
Romans have emptied Rome as Raffaele Bendandi has predicted a Earthquake today based on the alignment of planets.

Update 5:40 am ET
The correction is fizzling out. downward move should be commencing soon for PM, Crude, etc.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

10 May Pirates of the Carribean - on Stranger Tides

Are you guys ready to follow Captain Jack Sparrow, after watching Fast 5 and THOR ?

Are you ready to seek the Fountain of Youth ? On Stranger Tides, you would see waves, sudden and mountain high. rinse and wash, rinse and wash.

Around May 2007, we watched Pirates of the Carribean, at Worlds End. Now we have Stranger Tides. It would be released on 20 May in the United States, which is a Friday.

So we ride the waves for these 2 weeks (minus one day) in search of the Fountain of Youth.

Ah Hoy, all onboard !!!!

For Doomsters:
Friday 13th is around the corner,
May 21 has been quoted by some as the real end of world day.

update 7am ET
target 1515 reached, this may be tge 5th leg down. Otherwise 1555. Silver is weak,
Watch out for weakness in SPX today.

Monday, May 9, 2011

9 May US China Strategic Dialogue

Today and Tomorrow, China and US would be discussing in Washington. Probably they would have to come to a conclusion how China holding of US treasuries would be safe, or rather how US is going to tackle its deficit.

one would expect all soothing words from Geithner.

Nonetheless, China may be asking for some of US GOLD to return for their Treasuries.

By the way, a lot of the children of those China party leaders are residing in US for education or business. Hence do not expect anything drastic.

Singapore ruling party has a close shave, with 60% of the total votes, they retain almot 90% of the seats.

The ruling party has urged salary increase for the people. Hence expect to see Inflation Expectation to rise in coming months. Other Asian countries would be motivated to raise salaries. More is yet to come.

Japan going to shutdown one more nuclear plant, Gaffafi has destroyed the last oil storage facility of the rebel. Demand rising, supply shrinking. Not significant yet.

China would be building the longest bridge in the world, connecting HK, Macau and ZuJiang (part of southern China). And it is ramping up by building more aircraft carriers.

Probably the Chinese got scared when Hilary was suggesting to confiscate Libyan SWF investment in US and give it to the rebels. With China looming intention to explore the East China and Vietnam undersea oil fields, and possibly triggering a conflict. China priority now is to secure the escape of its US investments. May be US has the deepest capital market, but one tend to drown in deeper sea, without time to surface.

Hedge Funds came up wit a brilliant idea to call for Greece to leave the Euro. and try to cap Euro below 1.5000.
Monday current rally in Commodities, Crude may be reversed in Tuesday.

All the Asian suckers have come in to buy up commodities on a Sunday evening. Now when the Londoners come back from lunch. They are going to sell it like no tomorrow.

Gold at 1515 should be the cap on this retracement. Target 1400.
It is another open season for ZSL. Trade with stops, and enjoy the ride.

Friday, May 6, 2011

6 May Courage is immortal

Quote from THOR, the movie:"Courage is Immortal".

Inflation is unbearable, it has reached the shore of one of the most advanced nation in human race.

do you hear the people cry ?

do you, Bernanke ?

Singpapore is the canary in the mine, if the ruling party floops, it is going to send a tsunamis across the pacific ocean, to China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand. Then we are going to see rate tightening across board, when the politicians run scared.

The middleast countries should take a leaf from Singapore on peaceful revolution.

Watch 7 May.

AlJazeera is reporting the Singapore election:

CNN also reporting:

Thursday, May 5, 2011

5 May QE3

Finally I arrived at this little island called Singapore for the numismatic conference. What a week, Silver was spectacular, got a lot of thankyou from my readers on the ZSL trade. Yes, it is immensely rewarding, remember to close the trade at the end of the day. You can go long on ZSL on Asia hours and take profit after Europe close. The patterns cycle itself. There is no more support for Silver, it can goes back to 10. For physical silver, you are fine. just the gyration before Silver goes to 100.

Silver still has some distance to go downwards, Gold, as said the target is 1400, still faraway. Soros and Buffet are said to have sold their wares. So the obvious move is down.

Meanwhile FED has come out with ideas of QE3, trying to buoy the market. For bulls, it is better to buy SPX on dips, while Short the commodities. Euro is now in retracement.

USD is now in sharp rebound. The theme for this week and next would be Stops taking, i.e. reversal of the dominant trend. Great time for contrarians.

The Crude speculators (under the wings of OPEC) are afraid they would be gunned down like Osama, and are now throwing all they have.

Confirmed, Gold, LEFT and RIGHT shoulder formed, Target 1400-1410. 96 for WTI Crude.
Good luck.

When you see multiple post on those Doomster page like GLP, so somebody circulating video on end of USD, a reversal is imminent.

Trading is never on TA, it is on cloaks and daggers.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

3 May Taking leave

GOld has started its down move. it could not break above the uptrend support line. Next target 1440, for the next final upleg.

would be travelling for a Numismatic conference. Would not be blogging for the coming week. So well wishes to all my followers. Take care and be careful.

Monday, May 2, 2011

2 May now what ?

Ok, the S.O.B is finally killed. And Obama went on the red carpet to make the solidary announcement. Now, the stock futures cheered. However, from a contrarian standpoint, it means the world is now faced with more uncertainties when the can of worm is spilled.
Obama could have keep it underwrapped and let is be a unsolved mystery. He chose to annouce it, as if like throwing the gauntlet for the next battle.

Meanwhile Silver crashed to a low of 43.2 from a high of 49.5 within 10 minutes. Probably a lot of stops are taken out. Characteristics of the end.
Gold drop is less drastic. China market is closed, not many people can take advantage of the sudden low. EURO drop is less dramatic.

So on his low liquidity day, surely some trading desks are sweating. Let us see where they would take us.

On this quiet day, surely some folks are all tensed up and busy.

If you look at the recovery/retracement of EUR, Gold, Silver, Crude. The recovery/retracement in EUR is strong, EUR has gone past his mid-point of the drop. While GBP, AUF, Silver, Crude are still struggling to find a bid.

Think somebody is buying up EUR bigtime. May be China is out there selling its Treasuries.

BTW, Endeavour is delayed, and no target timing is announced. It is no going to be launched earlier than 8 May. So a thermostat has spoilt Obama family outing.

USDJPY is hovering at 81, 80.5 is the line in the sand before a drop into 77 happens again in rapid fashion. Nikkei has rose above 10,000 again, another dive ahead ?

Update: 9:46 AM
Crude made a dash for 113. While USDJPY hesistating at 81.30.

Update 11:32 AM
Londoners going off for the day, taking proft.
In the commodity space, making monies is faster being a BEAR. 1 hours it plunges, and it takes 8 hours for it to recover.

Crude now at new high, so does EUR breaking 1.4900. Gold is stronger. Silver is weak, so does GBPUSD. Those higher volatility instruments are tamer. Probably more of safe haven flows into Crude, Euro.

USD Index on new recent low, now at 72.73. Target 72, then 71.