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Saturday, April 30, 2011

30 April Endeavour delayed

Endeavour now delayed to Monday at 2:33 p.m. EDT.
That means the ROCKET launch has yet to happened.

Obama "natural born citizen" case would be heard in the San Francisco court on Monday 2 May. If his opponents get their way, he would lose his Presidency this year (as I said earlier, the Rooster Obama has bad luck in a Rabbit Year). It would be "bite me" Biden. Biden for Presidency 2012.

Now, next week I am attending a Numismatic conference. Come to think of it, the value of the metal in a Dime is going to exceed its face value soon. Would the US Government retire all metal coins ? How about confiscating the Gold and Silver of you guys ?

Anyway, I am watching Van Diesel on Monday "fast and furous five". Would Diesel rise to the occasion ? So far Crude at 114.

Friday, April 29, 2011


yes, this is the last blast off for Endeavour, and Obama is watching.

I woke up early to watch the wedding, am waiting for the LAST blast of Endeavour at 3:47 PM EDT then watch "Fast and Furious 5".

Meanwhile, nothing is happening on Silver, Crude, hovering there, while Gold is making new high. So does SPX, INDU. Mr and Ms Watanabe has gone for the day, and autobots/drones taken over.

Obama is born in the year of Rooster, so it is directly conflicting with this year of Rabbit. So he got to wait for next Feb, when he may have a better time.

29 April "4 Aug 1961 7:24 PM"

yes, that is the Birthdate, time of Barrack Hussein Obama. The great forefathers would never had known that a Muslim has become a President of the United States.

after Obama released his Birthcert, he never knew that he also released a very important information of himself to the WORLD: his birth time.

what this piece of information, the Chinese can decipher his destiny. Soon Obama destinty would be all over the front pages of the Geomacer sites. For the Chinese, ones BaZhi, the Year, Month, Date and Time of Birth is ultra-secret. Opponents can use the information and find the weak spot.

So Obama in thinking that he is smart, unfortunately, sacrificed himself.

Another school of thought: if Obama is the BEAST, then he is born to Vigin YRRAM ? Hence he has no Birthcert, he is neither born in Kenya, not Hawaii nor Indonesia.

So how to spend time on this Friday ? next Monday to Thursday, Japan market is closed. Most countries would make up for 1 May on 2 May which is a Monday. Similarly, China is closed as well for their holidays.

So, you have 4 choices:
(A) Watch the Royal Wedding, watch the couple on the Moscai floor (the centrepiece of the Universe) in Westminster Abbey.
(B) Join Obama in the launch of Endeavour, see it rockets
(C) Watch the movie premiere of "fast and furious 5"
(D) Subscribe and join me in twitter on a minute by minute guide to trade this holiday illiquid market

Thursday, April 28, 2011

27 April pre-FOMC prep

the first Bernanke speech would be a Victory speech, having annouced success over 2 years to resurrect the economy. QE2 would end as most mainstream economist are expecting.

so Stock is going up, Commodities going up, but some may have already in correction, e.g. Silver, Crude.

and with the ligh volume starting Friday, into 1 May, we would see continuation of Euro breakout pass 1.4700.

DXY would continue into 71. no Dollar crash would happen.

Target SPX into 1355 short term, before a correction.
Euro into 1.5050. Risk back on.

BTW, Obama birth cert copy is a reprint and certified true copy of the Original Cert, where is the Original Certs. The suspense continues.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

27 April EURO hit 1.4700

Euro has hit my long term target of 1.4700.
We should see all instruments hitting top respectively.

Japan pension funds started to liquidate their USD investments to raise cash. USDJPY testing low.
Possibly China also ridding of their treasuries holding in the next few days in thin liquid market.

AUDJPY has a hike, possibly Japan following up on Gillard visit to raise AUD for minerals purchase for rebuilding, i.e. rare earth, commodities, Crude.

So the effect of the Japan tsunamis is now in realisation.


The Chinese do not have a mindset of growing a company, they list companies so as to get monies from the public and scam it off. There are ample cases, now the tip of the iceberg is showing up in those Nasdaq listed China companies. A lot of China companies listed in Singapore has their original directors transferring monies back to China for fictitious trades. Some to the extent of having to delist the companies.

Last spoke with a friend who is a precious metal experts, he sold right before the 50 USD silver and waiting for the 40 USD correction. China has transferred 200 billions to its China investment Corporation, with a special department for Precious Metal.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

22 April USD

yes, after the FUNDs have taken profit on Gold and Silver, they now encash in Euros and non-USD currencies. USD index is dropping like a rock.

Gold, Silver, Commodities have seen their high of this year, and now the monies are fleeing to Euros, Swiss Francs, before Bernanke announces the end of QE2, with another 5 hundred billions stashed away to buy mortgages and securities in time of need.

Monday, April 25, 2011

25 April Idea. Silver High 49.79 Gold high 1518 reached on a Easter Sunday night

did you guys watched the movie "Inception"? You know how powerful "An Idea" can be. Billions dollars of trades are based on an Idea ?

So what is the Idea about this Gold, Silver rally ? It is all based on "An Idea". Having revealed to my subscribers. Would reveal here where it is about done.

Silver now gapped up a on Daily Chart. So does GOLD. Gold is not interesting as it used to be. It used to swing 10-30 dollars in a day. A drop can be 50 dollars.

Let us see if 113.3 would hold back CRUDE.

Silver dropping a dollar now, rose a dollar. All speculative trading for this Bank holiday Monday. trying to close gap at 47.2.

Commodities should be falling back ahead of Bernanke post FOMC address on Wednesday.

Ok, seems like the end of the proverbial Silver rally. The high was 49.79.
The Hunts brother record at 48 has been broken. Amazing, Silver waited 30 years to test this record. Gold high is 1518.

Sneaky, isn't it.
For those who are playing short Silver ETF ZLV, you are reminded that this leveraged ETF are for day trades, not to hold for long.

After rallying for 7th day, the 8th day is a RED candle.

Shanghai Composite made a steep drop today, on transporters strike in Shanghai.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

23 April Mr Potter / Fast and Furious 5

As Bernanke performance after FOMC on 26 April, more attacks are coming forth. (not sure if he is speaking immediately after FOMC, or speaking at a Conference on Friday). Any update from readers most welcome.

Would Obama arrest Bernanke for manipulating the USD and hence Crude ?

See the tail part, Glenn Beck has just started a campaign to end the FED.

Contrary to the noise out there, the current rally in Gold, Crude, Silver has been steady. short of parabolic on a daily chart.

Food for thought, Endeavour is launching in Florida on 29 April (Friday) so does the royal wedding of Prince William. And you know what Fast and Furous 5 is premiering on 29 April in America. So have you guys got your seat belt ready, ready for a FAST 5 (Elloit speaking) in everything, yes, every financial instruments. 1360 would be broken.
Reason: Bernanke bird talk.

GOD has spoken.

I review what others write. Am noticed that Cycleman Charles Nennar called a top in Crude at 107.
(on 9 March Wednesday, 2 yrs anniversary of the SPX 666 low on 9 March 2009). Crude (WTI) did top out around that level. And then the Japan Tsunamis happened on 12 March (Friday).

A lot of Biggies have probably shorted the Crude and other commodities. GOLD top out at 1444 on 7 March.

Then because of the nuclear event, Germany decided to stop nuclear power generation. Japan has to shutdown some nuclear and went on electrical power rationing.
The demand for Crude is envisaged to be higher in the future. And then Saudi announced to cut production, claiming that Crude is over supplied. And China announced that it is halting oil export (in view of transporters strike in Shanghai)

So when Obama annouced that he asked AG to investigate any market speculations. He may have been persuaded by the Biggies (via Timmy) to recue their positions. So that means there are still considerable SHORT CRUDE positions out there !!!!!
The Saudis, Oil Traders are not pleased with Obama intervention. When the market smells blood, it lets the hounds out. So it is going to be an interesting week ahead.

Friday, April 22, 2011

22 April No good end


now Obama is meddling in free markets. No good end.
Objectively, commodities are over stretched, may be looking for any frail reasons to correct.

WTI crude last high was at 113. current at about 112. Charles Nennar has made his forecast. Jim Rogers is worried.

BTW, the GOM Hurricane season is arriving unexpectedly earlier in April. So by Elliot theory of alternative, when there was no major disruption to GOM oil production last yr by Hurricane, this yr we may see more intense hurricanes stopping oil production.

So Crude has a long shot before it reaches its top. The Saudis are no longer listening to US. They are thinking of getting the most from their oil. Likely, Gadaffi would be well supported by the hidden middle-easterners. It is going to be a long and dreary war for Cameron and Sakorzy.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

20 April What do we not know ?

what do we not know ? that the USD index is breaking down an important support at 74.5, then 74.
Rumours has it that China would revalue its currency over the long weekend. Prices are rocketing in China.

Think we may have all assets a rally (except DXY) for the final encore.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

20 April Easter

well, Easter mood has taken over. most executives have gone on early holiday in this slow month, with hiccups on supply chain, uncertain weather, etc. Better to rest and relax and let Divine takes over.

Yes, the robotraders are now turned on with a mission in mind over this week and earlier next week. You can see their target in mind, with Euro on a rampup.

Robotraders know no debt crisis in Portugal, or Greece. Robotraders do not know Debt ceilings. 1500 Gold means nothing to them.

1500 Gold and 45 Silver has been the Goal given to my readers. basically derived based on the Gold-Silver ratio. There are people touting 1650, 2000 Gold, and the Hunts brother record of 50 for Silver.

The choice is yours.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

19 April 3rd Supposition

Well, GS posted a 1st qtr stirling results, looks like the support at 155 is going to hold afterall.
Remember what Blankfein said that he is doing God's work. Seems like he is claiming a miracle. Deems to be a miracle of the 3rd kind: 3rd supposition.
Watch the spanish movie: The Haunting.

Who is going to be the Martyr to break this ?

When Tsunamis come, people stay and watch and then FLEE !!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

16 April Saudi and Oil

no startling headline, but Saudi mentioned that it is cutting back supplies as it sees market as over supplied. hence here is the next impetus for the rally in Crude: ample supplies.

nothing interesting elsewhere, markets are well buoyed. Though China investment head says he is pessimistics on Europe, World growth, 2012, etc.

No screams with Gold at 1480. The world has learnt to accept it. While radiation is seeping into our everyday food chain, TEPCO is lost for clues.

Gold and Silver now taking the plunge ahead of this week contract expiration. quite a lot of holidays coming up everywhere. Time to take profit and run.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

10 April America is rescued once more

Once more, US averted the administration shutdown after the Democrats yeided to more spending cuts. As expected. This soap opera would play out in intense in coming months, when the Republicans want to cripple any chance the Democrats to seek re-election. Probably, the Wallstreet would support the Republicans in earnest.

Meanwhile, the strategy has been to trade the dips and crest of this current small bull rally. Every dip would be supported, like what Yellen came and talks about too early to stop stimulus. Watch for Gold and Crude to continue the rampage.

H1N1 is back with a vengeance in Mexico. World food chain is now contaminated, You and Me face the risk of cancer in coming years. The only resolution is to cut down on food.

Eqypt facing spectre of new riots. Uneasiness in Saudi Arabia. While North Korea is stirring once more. Iran is busy equipping its nuclear plant. (US is now helpless, unable to bomb Iran's nuclear plant, in fear of world condemnation). Iran is now on a free rein.

The Fukushima would be a never ending story, till the Hydrogen blasts or the Tokai Earthquake comes along.

Essentially the world is now on a Waiting Mode, twittling its thumb.

Dutch rampage killing yesterday, and another in Philladelphia in a teem party.