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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

29 March US Treasuries

now Korea, China, HK, Philippine has detected minute amount of radiation in the air. so as it goes on and on, minute amount multiples, and minute become droplets, and the lucky who inhale or ingest a droplet can say goodbye.

So do pay attention to the media and action of the Governments, in case ones need to launch class action suit against Government who does not provide forewarning and protection. The Government can foot the bill.

Japan owns 20% of US Treasuries, it may need to sell some of it instead of raising too much taxes or printing more monies. There is an overhang on US Treasuries, and brilliant PIMCO's Gross has sold off. May be the Chinese are now doing the reverse and selling Treasuries through its stealth UK accounts.

US Dollars is now flowing back to US, to the dismay of Bernanke. Too much monies chasing limited resources.

Now Citibank is at 133. SPX at 1313, all the thirteens in the world.

Japan export and import would come to a standstill in a while, when all its ships are radiated, and foreign ships dare not enter Tokyo.

Asia would be affected, as Japan is an integral part of their economies, e.g. Japanese car plants in Thailand, foreigner working in Japan, depreciation of Japanese properties in radiated area, e.g. Tokyo. The closest impact would be Taiwan and Korea, due to sharing the same sea corridor. Somehow, one wonders if the Shanghaineese tycoon would want a breath of Plutonium, Caesium every morning on the highest floor of their skyscrappers.

Now the media is trying to hype the notion of Rebuilding, however there is nothing to rebuild when 50km radius of the Fukushima plant is abandoned forever.

Population would shift from Tokyo, Japanese stars are starting to retreat and travelled overseas.

Obama has falled into a Hilary trap when Hilary agreed to Lybia intervention and prod Obama into it. Soon Obama would face impeachment much like what happened to Bill Clinton.

Lybia is just a sideshow, so does Syria. The prize is Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

The biggest trade is now on, the prize "the entire world".

Friday, March 25, 2011

25 March Reactor Pool


what was known last week is only now released into the public. Public media starts to circulate news that the reactor container has been breached.

the world now faces the inevitable core meltdown, much like what happened to Chernobyl. The explosion happened at Chernobyl was an instantaneous with teh core exposed immediately. Whil what happened in Fukushima is a slow play for the same thing happening. A deliberate slow play, with side dramas like water pumping, power starting to distract the public. Side shows without any consequences.

Nonetheless, this has given sufficient time for the Nikkei to stage a small rally. And the BoJ printed the monies for the Funds to redeem their shares.

George Soros is staging a conference with discussion on a new financial framework.
So he is now preparing the world for it.

Come to think of it, the Japanese public should strip the Prime Minister and his cabinet as well as the TEPCO directors naked, and push them into the Reactor Pool. The rich and famous have already fled Tokyo, Beijing in progress, then Shanghai.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

23 March America

Now Americans are angry. Activism on the rise, against the incumbent. US is facing the backlash of the African Union, League of Arab Nations. Sakorzy made the unilateral move of bombing Gadaffi residence. Sakorzy wants Libya's oil.

I had a dream last night. I was dreaming of a religion Americans selling bodybags to people flocking to buy. They actually dragged a mudclad bodybag for show. And it happened in a flat land not far from the sea. The sellers made so much monies selling bodybags, they wanted to build a 5 stories building to a residence and to the religion was well.

Strange dream, first thought, America Tsunamis to come ?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

22 March supermoon gone

now the supermoon has gone, my readers have taken my advice and bought last week ahead of the rally.

actually there are more to come on the Japan Nuclear, I believe it would worse to the extent of Chernobyl. As the Chernobly was a one-off blast, but the Fukushima is a slow boil. By the time, the Japan government order a mass evacuation from Tokyo, most of its residents would be the unfortunate victim of cancer years after. Not to mention disfigured foetus.

now my brother has left San Francisco, I am without any encumbrance.

Buffet has come out to cheer the Japan market, Bernanke now using Dividend as a bait. Gaddafi calls Obama his son. The world is weird.

The next move may be the 3 of 3.

Monday, March 21, 2011

21 March World War III

On the full moon, NATO attacked Libya. A no-fly zone became a no-Gadaffi zone,
it beats the logic when UN actually sanction a regime change, much like it sanctioned the Invasion of Iraq.

Thanx much to the effort of the ex-Libyan ambassador who turn against Gadaffi, and motivated his drinking partners in United Nations to sanction an intervention.

This actualy turn on the fuse to the WORLD WAR 3, with the participation of the Arab League, African Union, NATO, and the missing piece: Israel.

Meanwhile, the Japanese decide to douse any bad reports from the Nuclear facility, just reporting matter of fact. the radiation is definitely getting into the tap water, vegetables, poultry, etc. There goes my daughter's favorite Wakui Beef.

Meanwhile there are reports of oil blob in Gulf of Mexico.

Friday, March 18, 2011

18 March one week after

one week after the Tsunamis, the news have subsided. the reporting of the nuclear event is coming to a trickle, as everyone is now having nuclear fatigue.

so while radiation gets around every part of the world, the politicians has ordered a gag on media reporting.

take care.....

if you look at the Earthquakes, California has been getting some light tremors lately, 3 to 4 Richter scale. This make California a candidate for any major quakes over this weekend.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

17 March HeliBen needed to douce the fire

2 more days to Supermoon. Radioactive Cloud due to land California on Friday. It would be light concentration, nothing to worried about. If you have children, it is still better to bring them to grandma on the East Coast.

Think it would be an aftereven when the Japanese government decides to order evacuation of Tokyo. Looking at the tremors swarm in Japan, you kind of have the feeling that Japan is sinking.

Meanwhile there is one last resort. Bernanke would pilot a FEDERAL RESERVE Chinnook and douce United States Dollar Papaer on the reactor fire, it may just work.

Tremors around California is pretty light. giving us hope.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

16 March hope he is wrong


my brother currently in San Francisco PickWick hotel, hope this guy is wrong.

16 March Battle Los Angeles

First we had The Season of Witches (a.k.a Middle East crisis), then Black Swan (the Japan Tsunamis and Nuclear Event), and now Battle Los Angeles.

I believe with the pinnacle of the Super Moon on 18 March. Something ominous is going to happen in California. Unfortunately, my brother is attending a convention in San Francisco, and I pray for him.

WE see a Doji on SPX yesterday, sign of Bernanke, Jamie and Blankfein.

While the worst of the Japan nuclear event has happened, a.k.a. radiation is now leaking into atmosphere. A giant explosion like what happened in Chernobyl is ruled out. Hence it is buying time when the Drum beats.

It is not time over yet, so would expect SPX to rally above 1300 when the world sigh relief (unfortunately, thousands of Japanese would suffer radiation related symptoms in coming years. In a TV broadcast, the elderly preferred to stay put, while the young are fleeing).

Now I hear people saying US Equities are a safehaven. Well to lure the tiger, you need a bait.

UPDATE 11pm 15 March ET-----------------------
All the remaining 50 workers are being evacuated. The nuclear facility is now left to incinerate literally. The 3rd reactors using MOX, and the spent fuel pools are now burning like Chinese Joss Stick, letting the Wind decides where it wants to blow. The falling snow would carry the radioactive dust underground and pollute whatever clean remaining water that is. Also flowing into the sea, making fishes, dolphins, whales rott in the sea.

The Japanese government is just disseminating facts, not revealing the implications.

Once the Wind direction change, Beijing, Seoul and Shanghai would be detecting radiation. Guess what, wold expect the wealthy and politicians to move over to Guangzhou if not ChongQing.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

15 March Double Trouble Double Wealth

In Chinese astrological terms, this month (English March) or the Chinese 2nd month, we have double of everything. Double Wealth and Double Trouble.

In the case of Japan, it is most evident that it is Double Trouble: Tsunamis and now the Nuclear event.

As for Wealth, where would the Double Wealth comes from ?

Now 10 yr yields is collapsing, monies in US stock is now fleeing to US Treasuries. Would we get a rally in US Equities, Commodities, Gold, Silver, Crude, etc ?
Yesterday, was a distribution day alright, funds selling to those Opportunist. Heard Boomberg was trying to spin the story as the Tsunamis was good, as it would spur inventory rebuilding, construction, etc.

The BOJ paid off the Hedge Funds last Friday, and then annouce it on Monday. The Hedge Funds sold a mile of YEN, hence keeping the YEN from rising through 80. Hence the Japan Equities monies are now in USD and EUR, some went to Commodities. Some of the Asian monies may have rotated into Crude as well, keeping a floor on Crude at about 98.50.

If the nuclear dust spread, we may see mass evacuation south, and nations flying air lift into Japan. Meaning more fuel consumption. Also Japan fuel generators would be doubling up to make up for loss of nuclear power. Net Net, demand in Crude would be sustained if not exceeded. Panic may spur commodities accumulation.

Where is the Double Wealth coming from ?

Meanwhile, we salute the remaining 50 workers in the Fukushima Nuclear facility fighting to the end to save the country.

Let us wait on Blankfein, Diamond and Bernanke to do GOD's work when day breaks in the United States of America.

Now Gaddafi seems like a piece of cake.

Update 5am ET--------------
Meltdown in Gold and Silver happening.

The latest is that the Spent Fuel Rods are now exposed to air and burning, its radtion potential is much higher than the reactor, and the Japanese government is keeping mum on this. Probably the Cabinet and Parliament is quietly evacuating their own families from Tokyo.
It is Criminal.

Monday, March 14, 2011

14 March US pre-open update

despite all the doom and gloom, the market is not gloomy. HK market actually made of 0.40% rise. Possibly Funds outflow has sought haven in the South Asia markets.

Today is the close of the China Communist Party meeting. All in joyous but cautious mode.

We would see more construction, home, car purchases in coming years in Japan. Hence a positive spin on this Tsunami thing.

As what my Banker told me "market has dropped, it is a good time to buy".

I hope the market would hold up, so that the beneficiary can get a good return on the encashment of the investment of their dead relatives, me included.

Rod in 2nd reactor is now exposed. Wait till the 3rd reactor (MOX).

3rd reactor has also melt down.

14 March MOX


According to Washington Post, the Japan nuclear reactors are using MOX, recycled weapon grade Uranium. It is hundreds times more toxic then enriched Uranium. MOX may have mixed with the explosion and now seeping into the atmosphere.

As prides rule, the Japanese may be trying last ditch effort to coverup their blunders while seemingly salvaging the situation. It is an nuclear test (experiment) involving novelty use of sea water, MOX, etc.

I hope the market won't drop to fast, as my deceased father (reason for my recent inactivity) has left me some investment which I need to encash.

Without the HFT, the BoJ has to keep pumping in monies, just like the water doucing the overheated nuclear core. Trillions YEN would be spent at the end of the exercise. Similarly, it is inducing other governments, like China, Southeast Asia to do the same. Simply put, it is sapping their reserves. Once the Governments are sapped, Soros and pals (now in HK) would be ready for the final assault on Asia. A.k.a, Asia financial crisis redux. Finishing what he left undone, before he hit the coffin nail.

3rd reactor at Fukushima has exploded. Japan government claims core still in tact. Meanwhile the Pacific fleet is fleeing Japan.


also, http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/14/world/asia/14military.html?src=un&feedurl=http%3A%2F%2Fjson8.nytimes.com%2Fpages%2Fworld%2Fasia%2Findex.jsonp

when are there still people in and around the province. the Japanese government should order evacuation within 100 km radius. Tokyo included.

Watch out for the China Syndrome when the MOX core melts into the ground.

Japan Prime Minister Kan would be sued after event for not coming clean with situation. the media is also now playing neglect to the nuclear thing, focusing instead on the recue efforts.

Now it is Britain's turn:


the aftershocks have subsided into Japan evening. It shows clustering just northeast of Tokyo. the trench stretches south, into the eastern coast of Osaka, then into the
south China sea, just east of Shanghai. If overtime, the tremors move south, it may take place around the sea on the eastern seaboard of Shanghai.

As Chinese astrolgoy has stated that the EASTERN side is the most treacherous direction this year, inhibited by the 5 Yellow Star (五黄)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

13 March Flee!!!!

I am urging my Japan resident readers to flee Japan. The French government has already warned its citizen on national TV.
The Nuclear Reactor core has melted and radioactive dust would be spreading through wind and rain towards Tokyo.
Taiwan and Coastal part of China may be affected by radioactive dust spread.

Japan is going into darkness, cutting out the power of most cities. And of course those HFT Machines need a backup generator desperately.

If you look at the USGS map of Japan, the streams of tremors is pointing to something Bigger coming, rather than a slowing down.


BOJ is promising to pump some more monies into the system. Essentially, the bankers and corporates bosses can take the billions of Yen and flee.
How would the BOJ liquidity help a bereaved family cover its related expenses ? help restore the home or jobs for the people ? rescue the people from radiation ?

This whole BOJ liquidity is a scam. Monies diverted away from much needed tasks of upgrading old nuclear reactors. Monies gone to the pockets of the politicians. Sometimes, one wish the entire Japan parliament is swept away in the Tsunamis.


Officials giving matter-of-fact reporting of the situation, without the conscience to remind people of the danger. Expecting People to sit and wait.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

12 March The Future of Japan Earthquakes

Last Dec, my family visited Tokyo, I was very worried. Now it happened.
latest on Japan earthquake on http://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/

Japan facing a nuclear meltdown. The Northeast of Japan would essentially be a dead zone for decades. If the situation is not arrested soon, radiation would leak into the food chain. then there would be a worldwide ban on Japan agricultural products. Leading to sharper food inflation.

Meanwhile, we have Christchurch, then Sendai Japan. We would have a trio. Possibly in US Los Angeles. Forming a Triangle.

This nuclear meltdown is going to prompt a lot of the South Asian countries to rethink their move to nuclear power, e.g. Mynmmar, Indonesia, Singapore, etc.

That means Crude has a long road to go. Meanwhile Prince Alwaleed has now appeared seemingly pleading for calm in Saudi. When you see the PRince on national TV, you know something big is going to happen.

Does Saudi has the oil reserve to last that long ? According to Wikileaks, Saudi has boasted its oil reserve by 40%. I.e. it is going to run out of oil sooner that what everybody thinks. And it has to get as much monies for each gallon now.

After the fake move down in Crude below 100, it is back up to 100 right before market closes.

Friday, March 11, 2011

11 March Tokai Earthquake

The current quakes may lead to the impending much feared Tokai Earthquakes, when the fissures are loosened ahead of the Supermoon, next Saturday.

First we have Christchurch, then China southWest, and now Japan. The entire Pacific plate is on the move. Next to watch is Indonesia Sumatra.

Just called the weatherman in a Asia country around the Equator, he was jokingly saying that the Tsunamis is too far to reach Equator.

On this fateful day, the richest Man in Asia, Li Kah Sing sold off a chunk of his company Hutchinson Whampoa stake in China and HK ports to the Singapore market, the largest IPO in Singapore so far. Talking about uncanny timing. I guess that is what Billionaires are made of, sucking off the Millionaires.

Tsuamis now sweeping through HAWAII, washing away any proof that Obama was ever born in Hawaii. It is the act of the Beast, after Japan spurns US to leave the Okinawa base.

Meanwhile, Crude taking a dip to shake off the weak hands before Japan goes to the market to buy crude to replace its shaken and shutdown nuclear reactors. Much like the snow storm in China prior to crude shooting up to 147. This quake and subsequent calamity would propel Crude past 150.

We are still 8 days away from the SuperMoon.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

9 March greetings

Long time no write. we are about where we are on SPX weeks ago, except Oil is now pass 100. And the fire in middleeast is spreading. Mind you, a lot of people wants to lay their hands on the Billions in the middle-eastern sovereign wealth funds.

Dark power would stir up things in Saudi no matter how much oil Saudi pumps.

on the 19 March, we are going to witness the "Super Moon".

Silver forming 3 dojis on daily chart (last high at 36.76). Similar top building in Gold. last seen at 1444.

Gold buying is strong in China, citizens have access to Gold products from banks.