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Thursday, February 10, 2011

10 Feb The Beast claims the live of a King

it was reported in Islam times, that after Obama and Saudi King spoken on phone over Egypt, the Saudi King suffered a heart attack, and passed away. Till now, no news from the Palace.
Reminds me of Anthony Hopkins "The Rite". Pope Benedict needs to send his most powerful Exorcist to the White House to rescue humanity.

Goto to your Pastor or Reverand and pleads for action to end the BEAST.

10 Feb 2011 Gold, Silver breakdown

Gold and Silver on the verge of free fall.

10 Feb 2011 Rabbit Year

The Asia bull run did not happen, China came out with its 3rd rate hike, more to come. People have to start paying higher interest rates for housing loans. and property taxes to come as well.

now we are into the 8th day of the Rabbit new year. 7th day is the birth date of the human species, 9th day is the birth date of the Heavenly God.

now Silver is knocking on 30.50, for those who followed my chart, this is the upper trend line of the Andrew Pitchfork. The true nature of the Gold, Silver rally wold be revealed shortly.

Interesting to note that after North Korean offered peace talk, Gold has retraced. Today the Koreans storm out of the meeting with South, without any further talks arranged.

Eqypt riots is spreading, workers without work, not getting salaries. Employers fleeing, fleeing with their monies. A lot of angry people out there.

Look at Bernanke at the hearing, he looks really haggard, and extremely bald. Some says he has blood on his hand, for having started the inflation cycle, and instigated regime change in Tunisia, Egypt, etc.

Hedge Funds managers are just smiling gleefully across the room.

Rabbit year is characterised by the 7th Thief star in the center. Theft galore, beware. Where monies are, thieves would come.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

7 Feb post Chinese new year -> Asia bull run

ok, Chinese new year would be over by Monday, and we would see a strong opening, and then probably China would join in laster part of the week, when Shanghai reopens. We should see SPX marching past 1300 towards 1330. A Trend day, or what we call free monies day.