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Sunday, January 30, 2011

30 Jan H$N$


Houseflies, cats and dogs can spread H1N1 now (Bird Flu). Once the ice thaws, and we have more human movements, we are going to see the onset of the big one.


Hong Kong has 2 deaths, Singapore had 1 death from H1N1 yesterday.


Obama cannot even mutter a word "Democracy" in Egypt crisis. While UN Chief has come out and call for calm. The United States of America has lost it.
As I have written previously, country leaders who align with Obama or US eventually lost it. E.g. the previous Japan prime minister lost his job when he bows to Obama presure on the Okinaway troops deployment. Now Murbarak is losing it.

Soon those countries who are pro-US would find themselves challenged, when the awe of US is now gone.

so sad....

Saturday, January 29, 2011

29 Jan Criminal Reserve

wow, read somewhere some analyst accusing FED of being a Criminal Reserve, manipulating stock market, and the NY FED is leveraged upto 80:1.

it is pretty difficult to make monies for traders when the pullback are small. They have to wait for the grind to get a decent return. And what if a smart alex like Jerome Kervail appears again to short Index Futures with 50billions of spare monies ? or another flash crash by the HFT to wipe out the stops ?

Essentially, in astrology terms, Benny is F**King the Moon and the Sun.

Meanwhile the solid support for SPX is at 1160, a good 130 points down. Once it breaches 1150, it is a abyss. Then the current bull rally would not qualify as a first of 3rd wave.

Imagine at current state, some of the Asian economies have GDP record high, exceeding that of 2007.

I have written about Benny spewing the next wave of civil unrest in a lot of the developing countries. It has become true. Tunisia, Yemen, Eqypt are just the beginning.

A cyclone is now enveloping Western Australia, where a lot of the mineral mines are, including Gold mines (forgotten about the Australia Vineyards). We may find Australia receding backwards when all its mines are now devastated. Befitting the description of the land for the Desvastated: land for robbers, thieves, rapist, etc. A lot of Asian properties in Aussie are now literally underwater. Would we see riots on Australia streets ?

Indonesia Jakarta is really sinking with talks of building Dykes. 2 Volcanoes have made headline this week, one in Indoesnia and another in Japan.

Chinese New Year of rabbit is coming, rabbit eats its own faeces. It is the year of the Thieves star number Seven. Perhaps all in the vault of the Criminal Reserves are faeces, and Benny is the thief.

Interestingly, El Badari, the Eqyptian Moses, used to be the IAEA Chief. Would the modern day Moses lead the people to dethrone Pharoah Murbarak ? Would the Suez Canal be sealed off and seized by disobediant Military.

Would Admadinejjad launch its attack from Lebanon with miniature nuclear weapon ?

When would Kim Jong Il next stealth attack be ? when he is not getting his fine wine and liquor in the Six Party Talks ?

H1N1, Dubai debt crisis, Galleon Rajaratnam, Iceland volcanoes, Sinking of SKorean warship, Dodd Frank regulation, Democrats losing big in midterm, Bombing of South Korean Yong Peng Island, Tunisia, Jordan, Afghanistran, Greece, Yemen, Eqypt unrest,....

When would Atlas shrug its shoulder ? and decide to walk away ?

It is almost biblical.

PS: an update, China Commerce Minister says that its surplus is going to shrink in 2011, hence Chinese Yuan appreciation is not needed.
What does that mean ? Yuan speculators just got F**k. And... China is going to pullback. And... world trade would grind to a slow down (stop?) while Chinese play in its own backyard. And... China preparing for aggression ? And... let see if Blankfein and Jamie gets their monies out from China.

Friday, January 28, 2011

28 Jan Soros

my readers have reaped a killing with the short on Gold and Silver. now the fall would take a pause.

Meanwhile Soros has spoken at Davos, US economy is going into "stop and go" mode.
giving the justification for a drop in SPX after the topping to be completed.
Soros spoke in early 2006 of a Recession, when the Yield Curve as inverted. It came only in 2008 in earnest.
This time round he is seeing the "stop" to happen by 2012.

Things are building up with Japan downgraded to AA-, IMF spoke of US Debt Crisis today, the Euro crisis has lost its charm (i.e. all the monies are made). A US crisis would be a good one to make some quick monies. May be who knows, Goldwoman Sucks, JP Moron has some monies there.

Think Soros is planning something in the Asia region. China is now imposing various measures to dampen its real estate, e.g. property taxes, more downpayment for 2nd house, etc. Meanwhile there are reports of factories not able to survive the margin squeeze. China government nabbing Carrefour, Walmart for disguising products and false labelling of prices.

What HuJingTao achieved in his US trip, was basically a greater China penetration of US market, a pause in US agressiveness, literally taming the Tiger.

Istanbul conference with Iran was a total failure, basically a trip for the Europeans to earn some hotel mileage, per diem. While Iran has earned for itself another few months to catch up on its Plutonium enrichment. (Shame on those European parliamentarians)

More than one year after Obama Cairo speech, we now have riots and anti-Murbarak protest in Eqypt. After Obama visited Indonesia, we have Jakarta now sinking. The next is Hawaii, now with people clamouring to see Obama birth certificate in Hawaii. May be the Beast would sink Hawaii and leave behind no hospital birth record.

Meanwhile we see turmoil in Chinese tycoon families, e.g. the debacle with Stanley Ho on his inheritance of his stake in the Macau casino venture, selling out of Shaw control of HK television company stake. Lee Kah Sheng choosing to list his Hutchinson Whampoa stake in Singapore, instead of HK.

Things are boiling. It is all about making monies, ain't it? Bernanke may have given billions to the Bankers, but the Bankers are going after your hundred dollar.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

26 Jan Silver price action

silver goes through a repeated cycle everyday for the past week, always selling coming out from certain hours.

new thought: the media keep on hyping the Euro crisis to divert attention away from US debt problem. Like doing a Houdini, making the issue disappear.
The Euro crisis has been with us for almost a year now, and some analyst are projecting till 2016 for the final collapse. Isn't that obvious.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

26 January State of the Union

Finally we come to the State of the Union, a feel good event for the whole of America. After Obama first SU speech, the surest thing is the bonus of bankers, jobless people on the increase infact, foreclosure accelerating.

He is going to tout he got China investments. yes, more H1-B for mainland Chinese. and Chinese buying up US companies.


Obama, and pals in cahoots with the Pope ? The Beast and the False Prophet ?

Friday, January 21, 2011

21 Jan 2011 Sell Gold

GLD 20 days and 50 days have crossed downward, time to take the ride on a virtual air pocket. SLV for more risk but higher return.
Stay away from equities meanwhile.

China is now implementing property tax in Shanghai and Chongqing, this would make those people owning more than ten properties come to light. China manufacturing has slowed down a lot this month. Watch for weakness into CNY, and more weakness after that.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

20 Janaury Day after 11911

today is the day after.
US drops right after Hu JingTao arrives into White House. I would not use the word plunge, as this reminds one of the PPT (Plunge Protection Team). Back in 2008, people were fantasising about PPT. Debating if PPT ever exists.
Ironically the FED is the PPT, independent of the American President.

USD is rising steadily. Any way, this week is Option Expiration.

George Lucas spoke in public about the world ending in 2012, relating to Techtonic Plates. Seems like he is a Zeta fan as well. Well, we still got 1 year to spend our riches. Little wonder, Steve Jobs is retiring.

Or if the ET arrives in 2012, they may want to trade GOLD with Earth. thinking owning some physical gold is good, incase we can trade for a loaf of bread to feed our children.

Update 11am ET,
seems like everything is in a selldown today.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

11911 Today is special

today is special, everybody would remember it as 11911.

just got my mutual fund statements from First State and Legg Masons, it is now making a profit, after I bought them in early 2007. Steve Jobs could have been on vacation for the past years, and nobody cares. Now APPL has to make an announcement about it.

APPL challenge is to make a new product every 3 months, as imitation and competition is heating up. Cost is also a concern. Anyway, it is a good buy, a blue chip to hold.

This reminds one of the inceesant rise in 2007, day after day, week after week.

Gold making a comeback while Americans are relaxing.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

16 Jan " I have a dream "

Martin Luther Kings once said. Obama would be running for 2nd term, but would Gifford becomes the mortal beast with the wound in the head ?

Next 2 weeks would be significant. First China President Hu Jing Tao would be in White House 1.19.11 (interesting number), Iran Islamabad Conference with Europe/US, Israel and Hezbollah flaring up again.

Food shortages, inflation led to Tunisia upturn. implications for the Arabian regime.

Next week is Option Expiration, should expect more of the same ramping. The 13 would be the next target. With severe overbought, VIX at its lowest since 2007, a correction is in the cards. Market waiting for Bernie to manufacture the right reason for the pullback.

In Asia, China would be entering into early shutdown this year in anticipation of the Chinese New Year. We would expect 1 month of slow business activity starting next week. China is culling back its rare earth export. Big implication on Japan and US manufacturing industry.
Queensland coking coal is in shortage, slowing steel production.

Municipal bonds, American pensions plan would be spotlight in February. China is now allowing overseas RMB international accounts for trade financing. USD would start reverse flow back to US. Bernanke is going to see his toilet paper flushed onshore.

Meanwhile Queensland flood water is rushing south into Melbourne. The implication for AUD would soon come into spotlight. A lot of Asians who bought investment properties in Brisbane is shocked at their losses.

Am keeping a close watch on the fault along Sumatra.

I have a dream.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

10 Jan Market uneasy

Blangesdesh, Indonesia (Jakarta) market sold off today. Meanwhile SPX holding well, despite down. Apple new high.

we are at uneasy moment.

newspaper came out with different reasons why Americans are angry.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

9 Jan Day of forgiveness

Yes, in today Chinese astrology, it is a day when one can ask for forgiveness from the Heaven's Emperor. There are only six of such days in a year.

And on the eve of such a day, a Democrat and a Federal Judge have been gunned down.

This is a class struggle, a war between the HAVE and HAVE NOT. Millions are finding ends to meet, while Obama let the wealthy goes without paying taxes.

Obama Voodoo economics is really African medicine.

We are going to see a rage of random killings, coming out from the campus onto the main street.

Janauary is a month when Funds start to allocate "other people's monies", and they are buying into Equities with a good reason that US is going to recover to 3-5% growth. 1290 should be the next target after a mild drop.

started to see commentaries talking about collapse of GOLD.

Meanwhile, the Biggies (Club Bilderberg) has not decided which way to push. Depending on coming 19 Jan visit of Hu JingTao to America (the Chinese are playing low profile to this visit). and the Istanbul Conference on the same week when Iran meets with Europe and America on Nuclear talks.

So in waiting mode for 2 weeks, S&P would inch towards 1290.

Assange has obviously been bought out by the million dollar book deal. No more leaks.

Zetas claim of 7 of 10 events (catastrophic proportion with the sinking of the Indonesia techtonic plate) would be tested in next 2 weeks. Meanwhile we see massive flooding in Philippine, Queensland, Malaysia. and that is. No Earth shattering R9 quakes.

Suddenly, I have a thought of something really scary. Under the rule of the Anti-Christ, people of his own party is taken care of, one by one, starting with Gifford.

Watch "Season of Witches" premiering soon, the Anti-Christ is spreading ITS wings. Destruction coming your way. See what happened to Indonesia, after Obama visit.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

6 Jan George Soros vs China ?


looks like it it time to short Soros, EU now has China backing.

somethoughts on WAR:
3rd year of term of Reagan, Grenada
3rd year of term of Elder Bush, Kuwait war.
3rd year of term of Junior Bush, Iraq war

now it is 3rd year of Obama term.
(remember Nostradamus "mabush" ?)

Before Hu JingTao arrive into US on 19 Jan. China would probably unveil its 4th generation fighter, aircraft carrier, and world's first anti-aircraft carrier Ballistic Missle.

When Hu meet Obama, China has arrived at world first in military power. And the gesture to the new race.

Bias for rally, in a euphoric ending.

Meanwhile, the sea around Indonesia is stirring, we would expect quake moving from Java to Sumatra region in next week. Evidence by flooding the scale of Queensland in Indonesia. Indonesia would be literally sinking. A richter scale 9 event would happen.

There was a atrologist in Thailand predicting a Tsunamis near Thailand about Xmas, it did not happened so far.

I has urged my readers to take care of their health, as the 3rd wave (analogical to Elliot 3rd wave) is going to sweep the globe. Nor confined to Northern Hemisphere, as the globe has turned cooler.

UK hospitals are now swelled with H1N1.

I wish the great Medicine Buddha Begaze be with you.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

5 Jan Airpockets

last week, I read a lot commentaries, some warning of bubble in gold/silver, some say air pockets in gold/silver, some guys even called for 2 USD Silver.

While on Monday, Bloomburg ran a news on Mexican Billionaire Carlos planning to buy Silver. Then yesterday, the drop started.

The swings in commodities is going to get more intense. Mines in Queensland Australia are shutting down. China curbing rare minerals export.

Market is gearing for some big moves. always good to flush the weak hands. With higher margins, players tend to be stronger though. Hence swings would be larger.

North Korea now wants more monies from South, the South looks like a sucker, a nation of lambs it became.

5 Jan Euphoria

Euphoria (better word than Ectasy) is what we can say about the market. Singapore achieved a record 14% percent GDP growth, highest ever. And properties prices in Singapore and Hong Kong are still rising upto 10%. Lots of China monies "that cannot see daylight" are flooding into properties overseas, including those for London, California and New York.

Meanwhile, dead birds, dead fish reported in US (Indiana, Maryland,Arizona), New Zealand, Chile, Brazil. If these are ominous sign, then we should expect a major earthquake in US in next few days, otherwise, it is just plain icy cold weather.

Also Australia Queensland is literally under the sea. Nobody bother to ask why rain water can flood so much ? there must be some other reasons.

Philippine is also sinking,

Anyway, QQQQ has reached my target of 55, SPX still smacked in between my target of 1260 and 1290. Though it may overeach to 1300.
Gold and Silver dropped below support.

Then, the blast off would happen. Euphoria, when people perceive end of world is coming and throw all they have away.

Then you know the Antichrist has accomplished its mission.

Monday, January 3, 2011

3 Jan New year

New year. some musings. The South Korean president said that it was good that South Korea was bombed, so that the country has something to learn from it. Yah, your neighbour fuck your wife, and you say "well, next time I change my locks."

Seriously, this goes to show the power of Nuclear Weapons. And Ahmadinnejjadds would be rushing to get his plutonium.

Asia rose this morning, we should expect S&P to break 1262 and climb higher.Adding fuel to the Gold and Silver rally, as well as Crude.

World would be watching Hu Jing Tao visit to US on the 19 Jan.