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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

28 Dec why not everyday be Xmas?

The market is so calm and cool. No euro crisis, no debt tok. Why not we make every week a Xmas? 16 jan is a date with the Federal Reserve. Make sure you pay them a visit. Bring along some desserts wont you?

This may be something of grave concern. China is clamping down on Gold trading outside of the state owned gold commodity exchange and futures exchange. I.e. A lot of pple is gping to liquidate their position.

I always talk about my 3 year old daughter on the blog. Just discovered my daughter has now a pair of VAMPIRE teeth. Isn't it wonderful.

Watch the entire series of History Channel - the new Ancient Alien. Episode 11 mentions of the Free Masons being Benjamin Franklin and George Washington. I have this premonition that the Federal Reserve is an mechanism instituted by the Aliens living among us.
Closer to 21 Dec 2012, we would know what is the Grand Scheme of the Aliens.

Meanwhile, the "Margin Call" movie is running in Singapore and Portugal tomorrow.

Portugal 29 December 2011
Singapore 29 December 2011
UK 13 January 2012
Brazil 18 January 2012 (DVD premiere)
Belgium 25 January 2012
Japan 3 February 2012 (DVD premiere)
Sweden 16 March 2012
France 4 April 2012

Now I found some fantastics links on the internet that I watch all the new movies for free !!! No need to worry about storing old DVDs.

Margin Call anyone ?

There is a GAP at 125.5 for SPY. That would be a good support, if it ever gets there.

WSJ has reported on former FED governor accusing Bernanke of bailing out Europe through swaps. Now Bernanke is going to be an liability for Obama (as I have long said Benny is the Republican turncoat).
The Freemasons would have to rise to defend the Federal Reserve especially when the Occupy Federal Reserve movement is coming.
The Anti-Freemasons, anti-illuminati movement would be coming forth.
The Epic battle, the Clash of the Titans have begun.

Monday, December 26, 2011

26 Dec Post Xmas Japan update / Fukushima Hot Particles

The Japan nuclear chief made the recommendations in March, and only confirmed now by the newspaper.

Japan split into good japan and bad japan ?

I got a sore on my tongue, and I am worried. How can one live in the shadow of radiation ?

North Korea provides the solution. If people in Eastern Japan can relocate to North Korea.


A US scientist has confirmed unacceptable level of radiation in many parts of Japan Fukushima, Tokyo through shoes, air filter sampling. AND Hot particles are now present on the West Coast in US, through the April wind current.

And TEPCO is giving only $1000 compensation to those evacuated.

Tours to Japan are half their prices, and I am not taking any trips there.

Friday, December 23, 2011

22 Dec Winter Solstice and Full moon

yes, we are enjoying the Winter Solstice now, and Full Moon is coming on Saturday.

VIX has the largest drop in years, SPX heading for 1290. Financials see strong rises. Bohner caved in. Obama triumped again.

I watched the movie "11 11 11" and History Channel Ancient Aliens. The Anuki from NBiru created humans to toil for the GOLD on Earth.

Funds strategies suggested playing the straddle between 1200 and 1300 for increased volatility in January.

China Volkswagen paying its employees 23 months salaries.

Everbody is waiting for the onset of Xmas Rally, if it has not started.

If there was no Kim Jong Il death, all of us would be dead by now.

The bickering between US and China over import penalty fell into silence, after China WangQiShan called Timmy. MF Global has gone on holidays. Corzine frocklicking in warm Carribean. MF Global Investors got Thank You turkey from Jamie Diamond.

The Earth has gone silent as well, except for a mild R5 earthquake in ChristChurch.

Euro crisis nobody is following any more.

So MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody !!!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

21 Dec China and Taiwan government buying equities admidst the coming Pyongyang Spring

Yes, they announced this Asia morning that they have injected monies to prop the market. China using its pension funds, and Taiwan doing it to prop the chances of its incumbent president.

Good time for a Xmas bonus for Friday.


Kim Jong Il was dead long ago. and why now ?
the South Korean, China and Russia know this Kabuki show, and just keeping quiet.
it is an awkward timing when the 6 party talk is about to happen. points to the fact that North Korean does not want any more talks.
South Korea has decided to shutdown the Xmas tree.

It is because of this secret, the new North Korean regime is vulnerable. Different factions, including those murdered would be vying for power, with coming episodes of assasination, coup, etc. The vast majority of North Korean pple would be uneasy and possibly having a "Pyongyang Spring" coming. Pretty sure, Special Operation Forces have already infiltrated the rural and sub-urban areas supplying monies and skills for the coming uprising. This Pyongyang Spring would be a bonus for Obama when he can point the world to his success in transforming regimes. As the saying goes, dun let a "crisis go wasted" or let not the "death of the supreme leader" goes wasted.

Clinton would just say Sorry to the Korean people:

and I am sure the Korean gals would make every American GIs salivate:

Bring the Boys OUT !!!
Next stop for the Iraq troops, Korea.

When the North Korean masses (with retired soldiers and US and Japan spies amidst) overwhelm the Korean and China borders. The masses would occupy the sensitive North Eastern part of China (the place where Japan launched its occupation of China decades ago). Rogue elements would push deep into vacinity of Beijing. Then we would something like "Occupy Beijing".

Worst case scenario is we see a outflow of funds from Korea, leading to a binge of Korean Won weakness.

Euro should hit to around 1.3250 to 1.3300 before Friday. a good 200 pips for an extra Turkey on the table. Go long Financials for the January rally. Europe Leader meeting scheduled to later half of January 2012.

Monday, December 19, 2011

19 Dec North Korea update

I lost my father early this year. So I understand how it feels if someone is having a party next door, e.g. erecting a giant Christmas Tree next to my house.
This is exactly the dilemma faced by the new NK boy Kim Jong En.
Should he order the bombardment of the South Korean Giant Xmas tree at the border, when the whole nation is mourning. Or some NK Captains gone crazy and orders artillery fire ? That would immediately triggered a SK retaliation.
Today NKorea fired a couple of short missles into the eastern sea. Two Japanese fighters scrambled, one got runoff from the runway.

Meanwhile, most political analyst are forecasting a calm transition. I am sure some Squid organisation may want to erect their own regime in NKorea, especially when Kim Jong Il has a son living in Macau.

The most powerful and vicious person in NKorea is one of Kim Jong Il sister, whose husband is a chief minister. Does she wants to erect her own to be the successor ?
This smells like the concubine battles.

19 Dec Kim Jong Ill has passed away

now, US, Russia and China would be battling for control over the new Regime. Or if the deputy would try to seize power over his heir.

Ron Paul is winning in Iowa.
Ron Paul would reveal Obama of what he is, a hypocrite working for the banksters, oil masters and war moguls.

Only Ron can defeat Obama, not Mitt nor Newt.

Meanwhile,last Friday, my broker was so optimistics, he said the planes are nowing waiting to take off from the runway. He is charing $50 for his talk on equities outlook in 2012 on Saturday.

Read some Chinese TA, they are equally bullish in the near term, forecasting a rally in the wings, after a completion of 5s or 3s.

Radio talkshows urging pple to scale in.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

15 Dec Dudley and the coming collapse of Federal Reserve

Fox news had it, Corzine spoke to Dudley of NY FED at least 10 times before the collapse, and content shows Corzine is aware of the collapse. As I mentioned in yesterday post, I am right.

So did Dudley spoke with Timmy and Benny ? Is the missing billion with NY FED in some slush account ?

As the saying goes, let not the crisis be wasted. Whoever score on this is going to win the election.

Before worms comes, it has to rot. And FED is rotten to the core, and worms are appearing. No wonder Benny says he is not rescueing Europe. He has to rescue himself first.

Would this be the Achilles Heel of Benny ? after he managed to perjure congressional hearing to the BoA fiasco ?

Focus would not shift from Europe crisis to American Treasury and Federal Reserve.

As GOD is now found, the second Messiah has come. Jesus is among us.

You know what, when I write about this, Zerohedge and Market Ticker still has not reported about Dudley. Seems like I can claim first spot now.

China Central Banker Zhou XiaoChuan spoke at the CaiJin conference today. He said he would question when the stock market performance deviates from actual economic activities by many times. He said of high frequency activities in the stock market.
So literally for the likes of JPM, MS, GS,Citi, their upside is capped in China. If they move, they would be watched.
And comments to Volker rule is closing, Volker rules say US banks cannot run Asia operations, and they cannot invest using own monies. Somewhat vague, and market participants are not able to interpret. So who wants to try it ?
Literally the impression you get is that US monies are not welcome.
Not to mention, China to slap tax on US car imports. Meaning Gernal Motors, Volkswagen, Ford would have problem.

15 Dec Gold 1565

seems like somebody is keen to buy gold at 1565.
most recent low was 1532.

SPX is holding up well, dribbling away to say the least. 1180 may be a good buy if it gets to it. market waiting at that level.

otherwise it is just a rout to take profit off the table before Xmas.

Elliotician count this as wave 2 correction in a larger bull trend. If 1158 is violated, then it may be a bear trend. Then we may enter into the 3rd wave of a bear trend. Meanwhile, we are taking the stance of a correction, with target from 1180 to 1200.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

14 Dec GOD is found

in these passing years and months, humans have been forsaken. Squids rule, Anti-Christ has its days. Now GOD is found:


With the Higgs Boson particle confirmed, parallel universe exists. And you are living in mind.

God would rise and rule once more.

USD is on its way to test 81, if broken, we would see a parabolic rise towards 88. Something has to be the Catalyst, while we await it reveals itself.

Merkel denying a bigger Fund. not quite the catalyst.

Jon Corzine
now it is getting interesting. MF global employee testifies Corzine knew of the use of customer funds. And now the question is who is on the other side of the Trade ?
probably it would leads to who got the 1 Billion Dollar.
Now why is Timmy so adamant that Europe saves its bonds, in the November meeting before MF Global explodes.

Is NY Fed involved in the scheme of things ?
Who has the power to levitate the market on the Wed/Thurs/Fri after the MF blowout on Monday ?

Did Corzine and associates knowingly scheme off customer monies, knowing they would be protected ?

Is this congressional enquiry on Corzine just a Kabuki show ?

Before we know the answer, my pals have already extracted their funds from the brokers. As you know, the most abundant asset is now CASH. and the only way to skim off CASH is to rob.

Meanwhile, watching USD/HKD.
Latest, China stand pat on its housing control policy. Similar to Singapore's hike on stamp duty for foreign buyers. Sign that hot monies are not welcome.
How huge would this flight be ? we would soon know.
The Asians are pretty well composed, standing aside watching the Europe Kabuki show. Thin volumes, nobody is willing to sell. What if those watching are the ones being watched ?

Now, the US nuclear sub has moved into Syrian vacinity completing the formation with the aircraft carrier. The Russian has also deployed an aircraft carrier to the vacinity.
According to strategy thinktank, Europe/US may strike Iran first, so as to seed the uprising in Syria. US and Iran is already at war, with virus strike, bombing Iran depot, etc.

Watch 2008, when the CERN started to operate and now the Higgs Boson particle is found.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

13 Dec FOMC December 2011 -> QE3 ?


it is a one day affair today. So watch out.

Marc Faber has mentioned of QE4. Think the Europeans are also waiting for QE3.

we would expect Gold to zoom from 1666 to 1900 in short time. And SPX to retake 1400.
That is if QE3 happens.

Meanwhile Intel lowered forecast. Though the Taiwaneese (the whos and whos in the semiconductor industry with whom I spoke to, including Foxconn (subcon for IPAD, IPHONE) expect a stable outlook for next year. Though some industries are not doing as well. Companies like Applied Materials are facing margin squeeze with the move to 12 inch wafers.

China also having a 3 day policy meeting ending tomorrow.

RMB is now on a weakening track, breach the lower limits for 8 days in a row. While those NDF is squeezed.
Meanwhile, the bull markets in the world are RMB, agriculture land. Waiting to burst.

USD is on the verge of a breakup, meaning global assets selling to reverse to USD cash. Meanwhile some Asia banks are offloading their RMB to moms and pops, offering 15% return over 5 years deposit. The outflow of monies from China would be evident in days to come. Some would call it capital flight.(to the delight of China, so that they can chase away the Westerners).
Danone and Nestle are shutting their plants in China, citing competition from local brands. A bunch of well paid Chinese executives are going to lose their jobs.

Would Benny comes to the aid of China ? (bcos QE does nothing to America).

Meanwhile Obama is trying to imitate Rosevelt and lynch the banksters, lobbyist. And he is going to get on the toes of some people in the next 11 months.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

10 Dec Update

the Southern Taiwan township of OuLuanPi is covered with cloud, no moon visible. The Lunar eclipse would be literally overwhelmed by the liquidity of clouds.

Meanwhile, Clinton has done it again, hoping a Russian Summer. Now Russians are protesting against Putin. Putin is no Gadaffi. We would soon see a emboldended Iran.

Thailand northern is still submerged. China Beijing is shrouded in Toxic fog.

The Bankers are hoping to ramp up world prices in order to sell their Trillions at good prices. News of Soros buying Europe distressed debt. Caldaro citing Europe indices in confirmed uptrend. (let me get my glasses). While Buttonwood wrote of Gloom. (widespread civil unrest coming in Europe).

Bernanke show next week, in view of positive data lately.

10 Dec Lunar Eclipse, Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year

Today is the total Lunar Eclipse visible from most parts of Asia. It would not be seen for a few more years.


And luckily, I am in the Southern tip of Taiwan to witness this.

as you know this market is trader market. extreme selloff at end of day, and gap up the next morning.

however, even the market maker is feeling fatigure with the Merkozy nonsense and would be going on a early holiday like me, cooling breeze in a nice little town, sipping coffee.

Of course, New Year Eve has arrived, did you guys not watch New Year's Eve premiere on 9 Dec ?

In Taiwan, the volume is very thin, and funds are agitating for Government to intervene (so as to sell their stuck position to the government rescue fund, same for the moms and pops). However as Presidential election is coming in January, the Central Banker Mr Pang wreaks of siding the incumbent. Mr Pang was the one who defended the TWD against Soros assault.

Hence, I wish you guys a Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas, the Christmas rally usually starts after Xmas and end before New Year's Eve.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

15 Dec Xmas rally

yes, we are into wave 3, of this bull rally. targeting 1300. then 1400.
probably topping out mid of January.
gold should shoot past 1900 into 2000 again.
am travelling to Taiwan. good luck.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

25 Nov Thanxgiving

I wish all my readers Happy Thanxgiving. Enjoy it while you can. As it is not going to be nice once holiday is over.

Russian air defence put on alert. Syria and Egypt is now boiling. Iran threatens blockade. Israel is counting down. China is trying to brake its wheels slowly and steadily. While the market is like boiling the frogs, and some smarties with monies are shoving coal into the engine.

Comments flies like:
"Spotting the lowest price for bottom fishing"
When there is a pond, there are the anglers.

that explains the ladder climb downwards, drop, hold, drop.

Meanwhile, I am still updating my subscribers daily. I am busy with you guess what ?
closing my mothers bank account, and calling up the bank to cut the credit cards.

The world is crying out loud for a WAR.

Now you know why WAR dun just happen because one lunatics like Hitler cry for one. It is social, economic situation the needs a let out.
Now it is not Germany that needs a let out, that started WWII. IT is now the entire world that needs a let out.

Something like this:

Israel hit Iran.
Iran blockade Homuz, Hizbollah and Syria fires on Israel.
US and Nato bombard Teheran, Syria.
Russia intervenes, march troops to Europe border.
Georgia with US hit at Russia.
Turkey hit Israel.
Philippine Navy hit China sea patrol
China takes out Phillippine offshore posts.
Japan, Philippine, Australia and US Pacific fleet blockades China coast.
China airparachute into Taipei, innilate all Taiwan missle defences.
Cambodia hit Thailand. Thailand invades Cambodia, Vietnam sends troops. China deploys into Cambodia.
North Korea fires onto Seoul. South Korea invades North Korea.

so, somehow, somewhere, somebody decides to detonate a nuke. And that is the beginning of the end of human mankind.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

22 Nov poised for a bounce

Despite the deficit talk failed, Huangary asking for monies, Spain looms, the Asia market is holding support. in fact holding on with low volume. Sellers not in a hurry, neither are buyers.

So poised for a engineered bounce today up and above 1200 to test 1222 once more.

meanwhile, am busy closing down my credit cards and credit lines.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

20 Nov South East Asia summer

You like it or not, after Arab Spring, Europe Winter, we are going to have Asia Summer. Obama and Clinton is kicking up a sandstorm in South East Asia. Deploying 2500 troops to Darwin, in the vacinity of Indonesia, selling F15-C/D (those that Taiwan wanted) to Indonesia. And then visiting Mynmmar ahead of coming election with the participation of Aung Sun Su Kyi.

Thailand military massacred 2 ferries of Chinese sailors, Mynmmar stopping a China water dam project.

Things would happen in the most unexpected manner, despite whatever Indonesian Batik shirts that the ASEAN leaders, Clinton, Obama, WenJiaBao were wearing.
Think China would be targeting those Asian businessman with dealings with China to form a leverage on their internal government. You cant be milking China and at the same time, opposing it on other fronts.

Next year (year of Water Dragon), Vietnam and Philippine would have to decide to make a big move on oil and gas extractions from the blocks off their coast, which China lays claims to.

Meanwhile, the market, at least those still participating are expecting a rally towards Black Friday.

Some meterorological official in Thailand warned of Bangkok sinking, and pleading of building of dykes, in Netherland fashion.

The monsoon is coming in Dec and Jan, Indonesia wold be inundated by storms and floods, and possibly cyclones on a smaller scale, where water is warmer. And especially after Obama has come around a second time.

When the Chinese year is coming to an end, the water dragon is already rearing its head.

Now back to the Fukushima,
unverified news of the rods in the Reactor boiling after the Earthquake today, besides high radioactivity everywhere in Tokyo:

I have this feeling that the Reactor On is boring through the earth, making the tectonic plates brittle. The next big 9.++ quake is in the making.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

19 Nov the STIG

was watching UK BBC TOP GEAR, the STIG is Michael Schumacher, who also scored the fastest time with the Ferrari FXX.

it also shows a race between bike The black shadow VINSON, the Jaguar XK120, and a coal Train of the British Railways from London to Edinburg.
Watching the Coal Train, wonder if the coming Thanxgiving rally would be fueled by coal shoving business owners, tycoons, or so called cash rich bargain hunters.

big move is coming, you are warned.
It would be a Wave 5 completion next Friday, and up it goes,
or a endless slide.

Friday, November 18, 2011

18 Nov Breaking Dawn

sorry, was busy travelling, closing down my trading accounts, bank accounts. Nowadays, the Counterparty Risk is too high, got ot keep safe from the brokers and banks.

While the Occupy wall street people are beaten to the ground, Obama and Clinton is frolicking in Bali. Last time Obama was in Indonesia, there was the Kratau volcanoe eruption. Something untoward to Indonesia may happen soon.

we are supposed to get a breaking dawn today, let see what comes after Dawn.

Decades ago, Israeli PM Begin ordered a lone strike on Iraqi nuclear facility. And was successful. We should be expecting Israel to attempt the same.

I come across some comments that the cycles are getting shorter and shorter. So those holding long positions are just lying back and relaxing, waiting for the market to come up again. Guess that is why we see people buying the bottom now, no matter what.

Friday, November 11, 2011

11 Nov Bernanke spoke

yes, Bernanke spoke in a townhall of a group of returning Iraqi troops. What is the message ?
He is saying WAR is coming. Nonetheless he is commited to reduce unemployment, etc. There are things that he cannot control.

He said he does not believe in business cycles. So it is a matter of belief, not scientific.

The market is reacting to the cut in Europe growth forecast to 0.5%. It says that the earlier forecast of 1.5% was simply a makeup. The HK Chief Executive when he was in Washington said that HK may enter into recession. So if such a vibrant Economy is going into Recession, that means a lot of other countries would follow. It is a matter of GUT to admit it to the people. Honest man are far and few.

The IAEA report on Iran nuclear is nothing new, it was a report already existant while El Badiri was reluctant to release.

We have 1 more month before Meredith prediction of a Municipal blowup expires. So far we have Jefferson County, and JPM settles with SEC on a fine of 700K. No criminal arrest for bribing, frauds, etc. And Federal Reserve paying the Banks for the penalty. The Occupy-Wall-Street movement should focus on specific Criminal Cases and ask for indictment of the Bank executives, like B(l)anky and Jamy.

We have TEA, OWS, and now spread to University Campus, the Veterans are moving. Why are the Unions so quiet ?

As I told my subscribers, this is not the time to be GANGHO whether you are a BULL or BEAR. As you have seen, numerous forces at at play trying to prop up the market. Just look at the support for the FAS over the past months. 12xx level is pretty good in face of all these uncertainty.

USDJPY is drooping towards 75 again. Somebody is stockpiling Crude.

APEC Update-----------
Geithner is pressing China to rise Currency quicker. And Obama is asked to do the same. Why ?
B'cos USD is now the Carry Trade, sell USD and buy whatever riskier asset. So to ensure that the Carry Trade persists, it is important to have a engine, that is RMB. Raise RMB, USD falls.
However expensive RMB, means exports slows, more job loss, less consumption, more unrest. While US imports would flood China market, providing jobs for the Americans.
It is about JOBS, not CURRENCY.
With a higher RMB, USD depreciates and China holdings of US Treasuries would devalue as well. So Geithner is asking China to do the QE for them.
Hence the effect of Operation Twist has so far supported SPX at 1220. without any further measures, like a quicker pace of RMB appreciation, SPX is not going to hold any longer.

Decades of YEN carry trade unwinds bring us to March 2009 low. So 3 years of USD carry trade unwinding would bring us to ?

Last week of September, there was a sudden surge of RMB, that led to the Oct low. With APEC finishing next week, what do we have for THANXGIVING.

Still in the camp of SPX reaching 13xx before substantial reversal. Question is how is SPX going to reach 13xx, in 9 wavelets or A-B-C or XXX.

Daneric also thinks that a high higher than 1292 is coming, while Caldaro is looking at 1292 being the high, and next retreat to 1187.
Whatever path, the bias is to the upside.

Despite all the Off-Balance-Shit European derivatives than American banks are carrying, the market is still holding up pretty well.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

10 Nov Gold at 1754

if Gold breaks 1754, it is going to be a slide back to 1600, and then 1500. Now all markets are hijacked by the Italian Bond Yield, and then EURO.

The market maker just make one market and all follows, isn't this a good deal ?

SPX back to testing the 1225 level. The drop is no big deal.

Markets talking about those Off Balance Sheet instrument of Banks, like the Repo with sovereign debt is treated as cash. How much more OBS are there in European and American banks ?

China Inflation has suddenly slowed to 5.5% from 6.1%. It is quite a drop, expected to gointo 4.x region next release. The credit seizure in China small businesses is now spreading to Guangzhou, after hitting Wenzhou. China is now importing more than its export. When we hear of large properties developers in China going bonkers, that is about the bottom. Meanwhile developers are giving 20% discount to their stagnant properties. Hong Kong properties diving, while Singapore is holding up good, thanx to the European and American companies putting up expensive offices there.

Otherwise, we may see a good bounce today, as the completion of B wave retracement. (A wave from 1215 to 1272). So a C wave should complete this rally into 13xx.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

9 Nov Asteroid doom averted

yes, we are here happily clicking away. The Asteroid flew back and said goodbye.

The meltup in SPX is characterisitcs of the move during QE1, Hedge Funds with lots of cash deployed, unable to find a bottom, had to imagine a bottom at this level and start buying. So the excuse is "all the worse news have happened, nothing worse would happen." This reminded me of a friend who is a Property Agent telling me the same.

So wait for all the spare cash to work. Dun worry, you would be told when the top is in. It would be spectacular.

Full moon tomorrow, sporadic burst of earthquake in unimportant areas.

The Iran thing would take a while. The US Congressman needs their Thanxgivinng and Xmas. Meanwhile Netanyahu is accused as a liar by Sakorzy and Obama.
Would Israel do a sub-standard strike against Iran ?
At this point of time, France, Russia and China are not on the boat. The drum is beating, but we are far from the ignition point.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

6 Nov CME doom averted

yes, CME clarifies. The Initial margin would be lowered to the maintenance margin. I.e. higher buffer zone. The market has to fall to a larger extent, before it calls for margin.
This is positive for market.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

5 Nov CME Asteroids CME again

yes, there is a Sunspot AR1330 rotating towards Earth. I harbours strong flux that may through a giant CME towards earth. It is one of the largest sunspot in recent years, 100000 KM end to end. Possibilty weekend 5/6/7 Nov.

And then a big 400m wide Asteroid "2005 YU55" is passing between Earth and Moon on 9 Nov.
Some astronomers say the asteroid would tilt the equilibrium of the pull between Earth and Moon, hence triggering Earthquake.
Another group is talking about actual impact on Earth.
Impact time: 9 Nov 22:35 UTC or 5:35 PM EST

And CME again, yes it is Chicago Merchantile Exchange. It is adjusting ratio of its initial and maintenance margin of its product to 1.

All Products
Current New
Initial / Maintenance Ratio Various 1.0

There is no explanation on this formula from the CME advisory.
Current means Current Products ? or Current Ratio ?
New means New Products ? or new Ratios

it is not clear in the Advisory if the ratio of 1 applies to NEW PRODUCTS or all current PRODUCTS.
The new measure came into place on Friday market close. And effective for Monday trading. There is not enough time for the Brokers to inform its clients.
Hence I am more inclined to interpret that it refers to NEW PRODUCTS. So no doom.
However it has taken center page on some of the popular doomster site. So the naive may just do what the deception is about, liquidate.
And then CME clarifies, and a rally.

End Update:

Is it not coincidential Coronal Mass Ejection = Chicago Merchantile Exchange, is CME made for next Monday 7 November ?

I believe GOD would give the Bulls to get out. Mercy it has.

If a big Earthquake is to happen, here are the candidates that is going to cause greatest harm to human mankind:

(A) Tokai Earthquake (Tokyo reduced to shambles, Tsunamis to hit US West Coast)
(B) Canary Island Volcano eruption and collapse (trigger a massive Tsunami to US East Coast)
(C) St Andreas Fault (San Francisco hit by shock waves)
(D) Madrid Fault (US midlands)
(E) Sumatra (Indoesnia, tsunamis to traverse across Indian Ocean)
(F) Marianna Trench (Philippine and tsunamis to engulf South China, Malaysia and parts of Indonesia)

Otherwise impact at New Zealand (Christchurch), Paupa New Guinea, Pacific Island, Chile or SzeChuan China, the repercussion would not be significant.

With a Asteroid and Sunspot together, the disturbance to the electromagnetic field is unprecendented.

Now the SPX makes sense, it is doing a mini version of QE1, shoot up, arc over, another throw over and down. So it is going to side-wind into 1300-1400.

Friday, November 4, 2011

4 Nov Asia Special Edition: Europe US Banks deleveraging

Now, come crying for Papa:

Morgan Stanley EU Banks analyst, Huw Van Steenis, continues to think €2tr deleveraging of EU banking assets will take place over the coming 18 months (see report, Some Progress Supports Our National Champion Call, dated October 28, 2011).

EU and US banks’ claims on a Asian sovereign stand at US$246bn, higher than the combined claims on Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand at US$166bn. Interestingly, EU banks’ claims on the Asian sovereign alone constitute over 80% of its GDP.

It is important to note that the EU/US banks’ claims at 110% of GDP is even higher than the 95% levels seen in 1Q08. Hence, an orderly or disorderly deleveraging of EU banks could have material impact on the country’s growth potential.

During the Great Financial Crises, the country witnessed a rapid reduction in EU/US banks’ claims, which contributed to the impact on overall GDP growth.

4 Nov Elevator climb

Yes, the robot has taken over. look at the elevator climb of SPX. When humans are exhausted, the robots would take over the task.

Despite all the negative news, MF Global, Referendum, SPX is just 30 pips away from its recent high.

The movie 11:11 is showing on 11 11 11 exactly, which is the next Friday.

you know the Movie Margin Call was screened in US on 21 Oct. And now we have the Margin Call on MF Global, isn't it.
Margin Call is premiering in Hong Kong on 17 Nov, would the HK tycoons, George Soros included face their Margin Call ?

Would next Friday mark the start of the move towards 1111 ? when the Elevator got jamed and suddenly reversed ?
Or may be it is for INDU to 11111
last high was 12284.

We are having a MACD non-confirmaiton on Gold, would smart monies sell Gold and pour into Equities ?

Meanwhile, flood water is now invading inner Bangkok. the playground of the Asia Rich and Famous. And flood water may enter the underground train stations.

Remembered a month ago, there was this TV programe that shows rich westerners, touring Asian cities looking for good buys. Different rich man visiting cities like Ho Chi Min, Bangkok, etc. There was also roadshows by agents showcasing newly built Bangkok condos with a sky high view of the city.

Well, we have this now. Nature deleveraging. Force Majeure.

Think after this flood, (flood water would not go away but stagnate, poleshift), disease rampage. and everybody would contemplate selling their city properties. Mass layoff when factories relocate to higher grounds. During the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997, Thai Baht was the first target. It led to the collapse of the Thai stock market, and a lot of condominiums, highways stood uncompleted.

RBS suffer a sharp drop in profits. (credit to the RBS Asia VP who drives a Bentley).
Barclays annouced staff cut yesterday. They have already cut to the barebone in UK and US, but sustaining a monstrous outfit in Asia, with the data centers, investment centers, etc. However their monies are not moving. They employed an army in Asia to manage monies that are not moving. While hiring European/American/Australian executives in Asia who get premium salaries, bonus, accomodation, children education, laundry, meals, childcare or chauffeur, if the executive does not drive a Bentley. And those executives jetset around Asia putting up in Ritz, Hyatt, Marriot suites, collecting pubic hairs of Asian woman, while their wives back in Singapore get f***** by the gym trainer.
So it is a Alice Wonderland in Asia, the desire of Bank Executives. While their peers in London, Frankfurt, New York grieved about whether their jobs remain tomorrow.

I have put in my chips, I am in the camp that SPX would climb to 1300, no matter whether Pappan got voted out, or whatever is the NFP, or whatever Taurullo says today.

4 Nov Waiting for NFP

while Papan is having his game,
let us watch what may be on the horizon: Collapse of spent fuel pool leading to mass evacuation of Tokyo.


other than the prospect that Fission has happened in Reactor 2.

a good NFP would take SPX back to 1300.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

3 Oct next MF

yes, the next MF is found: Jeffries.

MF Global is reported in Reuters of having moved funds away. For what ? Salaries, bonus, lawyers'fee, etc. Last Thursday Dick Bove was trying to rig the news by suggesting GS to buy MF Global. While MF Global is secretly talking to Interative Brokers on Sunday. and then the Bankruptcy annoucement on Monday.

It is a futile exercise to try to save any brokers/banks/institution now as they would have hid the cash away. Imagine Interactive broker was to buy MF, IB would now be helpless, or IB becomes the next target. Hence expect absence of any white knights in future.

Clients monies are frozen, and if the client move their holdings to another broker, they have to cough up the margin. So they hold double the margin with one position. Hence expect those moms and pops and banks to liquidate the positions in short time.

Meanwhile Papan shoved his dick up Sakorzy arse. And the Chinese is relieved. They do not need to work on any buyings.
And after this Friday vote, if Papan survives, the Referendum is on 4 Dec (a Sunday).

So Papan is exploiting this to his advantage. So if people wants to leave Euro, he has to be voted in this Friday.

Greece leaving Eurozone is a short term pain. Their economy would collapse, their new currency would devalue rapidly. Nonetheless, they would live in a country with 2 currency, like Macau. Macau has its own Pesos, and then HKD being more popular, and now RMB.
Greece would leave Euro, and China would move in to buy up its industries infrastructure, tourism (like Myconos, Santorini), and make RMB circulable in Greece. Greece has been on good ties with China, through the Olympics and rescue of Chinese from Libya.

If Papan wants to take the gamble, and unfortunately lost his post. The entire Papan family would be chased and stoned. May be Papan himself would end up like Gadaffi with a dagger in his arse.

Greece leaving Eurozone wold be positive for Euros.
Next targert Italy.
So we would open 2012 with Europe Debt taking center stage.

Taiwan manufacturers are already asking its employees taking unpaid leave. To the extent that the President Ma has to step into intervene.

Israel Nantanyahu is contemplating bypassing Parliament to order a strike on Iran. After launching a long range test ballistics missles.

Attended a Rare Earth conference this week. The youngish American speaker was saying "Everyman is worth his salt" and that is why Salary is actually Salt.

And currently all the major Rare Earth is tied up in China mines, controller by individual provinces. The flood in Thailand has dampened Toyota, Mazda production (Toyota hit 52 weeks new low). With Geopolitics comig, attention would shift to Gold, and the Gold stocks.

BTW, Papan choice of 4 December 2011 as the Referendum Date is bad. In Chinese almanac, that is a "Broken" day.
Whatever the vote, nothing good would come out.

So we have to postone our holidays plan from Thanxgiving to 4 Dec. And with reluctance from Bernanke to hint any precise launch of QE3, no Breaking Dawn is coming. Or rather the DAWN is breaking.

Everything is breaking. I have suggested to my subscribers to move all their cash away from their Brokers. or better still, move all your monies away from the bank and keep at home. You would be surprised you can buy more and more as the days passed.

Remembered I told of this single Divorcee, 62 years of age, saw her stocks hitting 500K and then down to 350K a month ago.

We are on the edge of a downward spiral starting next week.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

2 Nov SPX 1222 holds

news has it no Referendum, but Greek Papa may need to resign to restore confidence.

so SPX rallies. Bottom is in, waiting for QE3 annoucement,

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

1 Nov Next MF

who is the next Mother F***** ?

Dick Bove was on CXBC, and was asked who to look out for as the next MF.

Meanwhile, a lot of Hedge Funds shifting customer trust monies into their accounts to make up for losses, or shifting funds monies into their private account, to runaway.

I guess that is why Cameron is asking for calm, while the smart ones ascond away with the monies, and the Dumb ones stay "calm".

SPX futures low at 1226, Gold is perching on 1700, Silver at 33.5, now my mother-in-law and wife is really mad. So am I with Euro below 1.3700.
Market want to test Bernanke ? or giving room for the violent surge after QE3 annoucement ?

These would be the second test of 1220-1225 level. This is where SPX springs before the surge. This is where SPX corrects after news of the Finance Ministers cancelling meeting last week. So we are back there.

Just came back from my mum place. Again she is yakking away saying market is manipulated, moving up and down, bluffing people money.
Ok, let us draw the line in the sand SPX=1220, Gold=1600, Euro=1.3600
and let's complete this B, and start C upto SPX=1342.
(the risk, ISM Oct came in a recent low at 50.8, expected 52.1)
China also has a lower industrial output reported today.

Update 2 PM ET
no referendum for Greece, but PAPA may need to resign and let new person takes over.
according to the Greece ex-deputy Finance Minister.
now Euro, SPX having a bounce.

Monday, October 31, 2011

31 Oct Holloween

UK Cameron wrote in FT urging pple not to spread dismal news. So let me talk up the markets.
I attended a Energy conference today, and spoke with IEA representatives. Essentially, Hydrocarbon is here to stay.
Majority of Japan nuclear reactors are shutdown for inspection, and none is given the green light to restart. This cannot happen past June 2012. Otherwise, Japan needs to spend a bomb importing fuel.
Prices for Natural Gas depends on the situation with Japan. and prices in Asia is much more expensive.
OPEC target is 70 to 80 USD. 90-100 USD staying for a long period would impact on economy.

So we have QE3 coming, what we have here SPX 1266 is about the shelf of the correction, before SPX rams to 1366.
Correction for Gold is not big, it is now at 1725. Euro belows 1.400.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

29 Oct Eye

Quantas on strike, severest in history. Air France on strike as well. Wage pressure is on.

Meanwhile, Thailand suffered the first round of flood, now the 2nd round in the evening. A lot of the factories are underwater. Anectodal evidences suggest a lot of the factories are essentially scrapped, workers have to be laid off. Those factories include Sony, Canon, etc. This is going to affect Japan industrial output.

Was chatting with a Canadian from Vancouver, Vacouver sits on the belt of fire. He was in Singapore when I was there for the F1. And he commented that Singapore is too flat. There is nowhere to run to.

A lot of the Asian cities are suffering from flood, Vietnam, Philippine, Mynmmar and Thailand. One pausible explanation other than the vague "climate change" excuse is the shifting of the plates. Read poleshift.ning.com for more details.

Walked through a exhibition of photographs of the Rectina of different races. And it remind me that we are in the Eye of the Storm.

EFSF is going to offer YUAN Bond. That essentially provides a floor for Euro. When there are 100 billions of Euro that China would buy, that would give it the firepower to reach 1.5000.
That means lesser USD bonds.

AND the Irish and Italians are now jealous. Watch the spread between the Italian and German 10 year bond.

News have it that Berlusconni held multi-milions dollar parties with Bikini gals, and rewarded them with fast cars and millions.

One reason why Lehman failed is because Dick Fuld is really obnoxious. Dun think Angela would want to have anything to do with Berlusconni.

Those greek CDS speculators may choose to wait for the Credit event instead of a 50% haircut. Also news have it that the German court ordered to render the parliamentary supercommittee on debt funding useless.

QE3 is now the last bazooka. When the last bazooka is used, can they dismantle the FED ?

Think the MF Global event is not yet fully appreciated in the market. It sells a lot of exotics products, commodities, alternative investment to the retails and banks alike. Now its credit lines are used up, it has to dump its assets or holdings to raise cash. Whenever there is such huge moves in the markets, somebody is gonna get burned. We would know it next week. Remember the CHF intervention cause Adoboli to blow his UBS account.

Meanwhile dun get carried away, reading doomster posting. more room to go up.

Monthend Monday.

Friday, October 28, 2011

28 Oct Aftershock

This rally is so strong that a lot of indicators have a confirmation. So expect more aftershock. interesting also to note that though the rally is strong, on a daily, the indicators are not at the recent record high.

As Elliot theory of alternatives applies. Bernanke disappointed in the previous FOMC, so we would have the opposite of Disappointment on 2 Nov.

The risk is of course profit taking before the weekend.
In the next leg down, we should start hearing about France rating downgrades, 50% defaults, and CDS tsunmais, US supercommittee wrangling. Now everybody just want a well deserved weekend, perhaps in Cannes, toasting Champagne, smart monies celebrating their profits, fast cars, lots of beaus, etc. Before the next ACT comes.

Twentyth Century Fox gave me free movie passes to Justin Timberlake " IN TIME ". seems like we are intime for a rally. however the ticket wold only be valid from 7 Nov onwards.

Even China Chanos came out and say good things about China, China on bigger faster treadmill. Reminding us of Soros presence in HK. (read my earlier blog). So I guess all the smart monies are already in China. The moment they have been waiting for.

Rogoff says europe plan buys only a few months. I guess we need just only one month.

25 Oct Tom Demark says forecast of 1257, citing a Bull Trap.

Even NKY broke above 9000. Time to think about those stocks in pension plans.

Meanwhile market also waiting on EFSF negotiation with China. China may invest from 5 to 100b. So some more waiting.
(side not, on the 5 times ESFS leverage. If EFSF bond drops by 20%, the whole Fund is wiped out)
So this is setting up for the next gamble (for 2012), with higher stakes. So China is now drawn into the game.
First US housing -> Greece debt -> China fundsthat is how contagion starts.

2 Nov FOMC would cap it all. Breaking Dawn means Dawn is broken, going back to Darkness when the Likans and Vampires rule.

28 Oct QE3

Market start pricing in a QE3, QE3 supposed to bring SPX to new height, i.e. >1500
this would last till next week, with some bumps along the way. Make your trailing stop and enjoy the momentum.
As there are very high short Euro positions going into the Summit, so it takes a while to unwind. Euro heading for 1.6000 eventually, early next yr. 1.5000 possible before Xmas.
Financials have crossed the 200 days moving average.

My wife bought some Silver months ago, now it is finally seeing daylight. I sold my Euros in 2008 at the 1.6000, however still retaining some Euro. And it is seeing daylight again.
Seems like we have an early breaking dawn.

To be honest, the Europe Summit is a bag of hot air. All the outcomes have been anticipated by the smart monies. They need a higher asset prices before selling them to raise cash. Hence Benny is coming out again and convinced the Congress that QE3 has to happen.

The talking heads on CXBC are talking about conatgion, blah, blah, blah. The coast is clear.

China is done in.
(A) lost their invesmtment in Libya to the tune of multi-billions (thanx to Sakorzy)
(B) Sarkorzy knocking on their door asking them to buying monies losing bonds
(C) Their T-bills sinking like a stone with USD plunging towards historical low
(D) QE3 is coming, and they can do nothing about it.
(E) US has allied all the south-east nation with India and Japan to defend the sea lanes.

so when China is busy preparing for Asia games, rocket launching, bank tightening, , rattling on the sea, their external positions are lost.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

26 Oct EUROPE DEBT SUMMIT ANNOUNCEMENT Euro at 1.3994/now 1.3999

yes, a new day, and still waitin upon EU. So they are hoping to announce the deal before Europe market opens.

meanwhile Euro high is 1.3994, and Asia are all in green.
Gold at 1728, bloogers are mostly bullish looking at 1258 then 1270 for SPX.

With things are these bright, do we see any defaults, risks ?
The world market has been put on a leash since beginning OCT.

Any way, Soros went on BBC Stephanomics and discouraged shorting Euro.

My Buddhism session today is titled "Emptiness and Selflessness".

Just got called from my banker enticing me to put in new funds at 0.7% interest.

So far in many years of trading, have not see a high sustained at like x.9999,
euro made a dash to 1.3999 at 1:30 am, hours after the conclusion of the Debt Summit.

Remaining questions:
(A) is 50% writedown a Credit Event ?
Europe banks hold a lot of Greek Debt, and US banks underwrite most of the CDS. So the ball is tossed back to Timmy. Possibly that is why it is pegged to 50%, it is like a glass half-full half-empty. If 50% is not a credit event, then how about 60% or 99% for that matter ?

(B) How would China participate in the Greek Debt given ESFS partial guarantees ?
Needless to say, the debt would be reduced to the guaranteed part in time to come. Would China buy knowingly that it would make instant losses ?

(C)is the leveraging of ESFS to 1.4 Trillion inflationary ?

(D) Does not Italy and Spain wants a 50% writedown as well ?

SPX futures have exceed 1261. So this is a momentum market afterall, it exceed every tops we forecast. Once you have a good profit, take and go, otherwise set trailing stops. SPX is more worthwhile to chase than Euro or Gold.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

26 Oct Gold and Apple

today, I attended a talk by a Buddhist Abbot in Los Angeles, he was explaining the Buddhism sutra "Gold Light Enlightenment" 金光经. He explains Gold is Budhha itself analogically speaking. With Gold, there is light, and one reach enlightenment. Gold is hidden underground, it cannot be defiled. It is constant per se.
In tomorrow session, he would explain emptiness.

tomorrow is CME Gold settlement.

China has threatened military actions (canon firing) in the events of infringement on its sea territories through a publication.

As I was scanning the blogs, people talking about Apple. Some says to sort it.

It was mentioned that Steve got the Apple when having a feast of fruits. Well, you know Adam ate the Apple (signifying major things to happen), Newton realised gravity from a fallen Apple. So Apple has yet to see gravity, and then would be Steve's message to the world -> a joke.

some people are trying to break SPX fall at 1222 level. Next week is Bernanke big day. What got Perry got to say now ?

Financials well supported. most stioll above 200 days moving average. most pros are on the long side, with the FOMC overhanging.

Today I picked up a new pair of Merrell running shoe at $50 in a warehouse sale.

everybody is expecting a Rabbit from Merkel's hat,
and simply fatigue. Imagine after Greece, then we have Italy.
another summit after summit. the world is getting tired of these summit, G20,etc.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

25 Oct BOJ intervention

now BOJ spoke. and let see if any action tomorrow, YEN looks like heading for the 60+.

between 10am and 11am ET, "Somebody" dump a mile of USD and buy JPY. and now YEN is perching on 76.00
let us watch 10 am today.

Is it the Russians ? China ? (after ridding of their US treasuries)

The Europe banksters say any forced haircut is tantamount to Default, dent investor confidence. So it is a trade. SocGen, BNP, (and US counterparts) levitating the market (Dow made the last 1000 point gain in a month only in April 1999). The punishment is ... your guess.

Monday, October 24, 2011

24 Oct Asia Citibank(er) in trouble

or google "Li Ling Ling" Citibank

Sometimes, you have to scan the Asia market to get a feel of things happening. Example this Citibanker (a PR manager in Citibank based in a Asia financial center).
Probably she is tossed around inside the bank.
Probably posted by a scorned lover in the bank.
May be this is how Pandit get to destress when he goes to Asia (some Personal Rest management).

24 Oct Asia rallies INDU 11854 SPX 1249

Asia rallies, in support of the 1st meeting in Europe.
The world needs to show solidarity in adversity.

DOW 11854 is the target, it may open at that level and down move,
or retrace then move up.
11854 is the 61.8 retracement level.

AUD making a good rise, like a elevator, passed 1.04, now heading for 1.05.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

23 OCT you have 108 Bn Euros to lend ? Weird tale of CASH

See those Pistol Hands ?
Like me, Sarkozy just got a Depression era daughter.


now Sarkozy and Merkel wants 108 billion Euros new capital for Europe Banks. Setting the stage for the SWF to raise cash. E.g. a Asia SWF Temasek just sold zero-coupon bond with option to convert to Standard Chartered Bank shares.


Soon we would be seeing everybody selling whatever they have to raise cash.


Talking about Cash on a Sunday.
There was this Chinese lady who won a Jackpot Cash bonus in the Marina Bay Sands Casino (subsidiary of Las Vegas Sands owned by Adelson). Her prize was 330K USD, but the Casino claimed machine malfunction, and was willing to offer 40K USD cash reward, and a car worth 200K USD. So she stands to lose 100K USD.

The winning lady is illiterate. She sells vegetarian food and volunteers for charity. She played in the jackpot machines and needed help from others to know how to play. After 30 mins of play, she won. The casino told her she won a CAR not CASH, she said she knew the difference between CAR and CASH, CAR is 3 letters words, CASH is 4 letters. Meanwhile, the casino is offering her a nice free suite stay while the regulator is investigating and the lawyers preparing.
(reminds me of brokers who claim system malfunction and ... you know what).

May be to teach her a lesson to take the Car and go, instead of waiting for perpetuity.
So an education in alphabets: CAR = 3 letters, CASH = 4 letters, CRASH = 5 letters.
So when it CRASH, you have CASH !!!!

So would you choose whatever CASH there is and run or wait for perpetuity or CRASH ?

One of my doctoral students is currently attached to the European Commission Finance committee. And she pings me and said "it is a mess". Overlapping meetings, nothing new to say, EU commission and countries going their separate meetings.
They want Greece to present a growth plan at this late hours, and attention now turn to Italy. The ESFS would be sucked up by Greece in one gulp, nothing to leave for Italy.
Have you ever attended meetings with the Europeans? especially with German and French among the meetings ? They basically snort on one another, and back talk. And with such intense pressure over there, you can imagine what mess it is.
If Dominique Strauss Kahn is still around, things may be more manageable (but he is already eliminated by Timmy and the Squids). Lagarde is still new to the job.
I have this feeling that the 2-3 November G20 meeting would be postponed if not extended.

Asia open in 8 hours would be interesting. Australia Evan had came out to reassure the Australians on Friday. They saw it coming.

23 Oct EU update


so now the EU is asking for help from Qatar, China and Singapore.
and Banks have to take 60% cut.
Sarokzy plan to get ECB to backstop is not working, also ESFS leveraging in doubt.
Question: who are the US bank with deep Greek debt. one glance, it is MS.

CAT gapping up,
SPX above exponential Moving average 20 days, bullish.

Expect SPX to attempt 1250-70 Monday, which is Demark target as well.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

22 Oct Cramer: Europe too big not to fail

Cramer has been on the dot lately, his latest.
Monday Caterpillar, Thursday GDP Q3.
Wed Euro Summit off course.

Expect a pop off Euro summit to 1250, and taken down by GDP.

21 Oct Market Close on Option Expiry Day

CXBC Merry Bartimomo asked the audience to watch the Market Close on today option expiry day.
It is moving towards the 61.8% retracement level at 1250 alright.
and Financials holding above 50 days moving average.
The theme has been to stay out of the market till Wednesday when things are clearer.
So expect thin volume on next Monday and Tuesday courtesy of our hosts from CXBC.

DOW made it a new high right at the close 11809.
SPX was very close to the morning high.
NDX did not make it.
EURO did not make it to 1.3900 made in the morning.
XLF made a new high today for month October.

EUR hit 1.3901 right at 4:05.
SPX perching on 200 days moving average.

Friday, October 21, 2011

21 Oct Bullish Financials / Gadaffi dead

BKX last low not confirmed. This explains the accumulation in bank stock and rally in C, etc. seems like a lot of interest to protect SPX=1200. it survived at least 4 test already.
Now, the summit delayed to next Wednesday: 26 Oct, full moon. Expect a rally in next few days to test SPX=1250.
The risk is Option Expiry on Friday.
Now ESFS at 1.2Trillion.
And FED talking up need for more easing.

With Gadaffi dead, Sarkozy is immensely fortified. If he get his ESFS next week, he would be like Napolean in modern history. He championed the war and he is going to reap rewards of Libyan Oil. While China is the greatest loser, being support of the rebels only in the later part of the uprising.

So other leaders, like Chavez, Admadinejadd, Assad are scared now. They would resort to radical means like nuclear weapons to protect themselves. Gadaffi before the rebels was pro-western, but to no good end.

Now with Libya, Iraq in weak governments, the radicals would take opportunity to establish power. Arab summer is coming. and next come African Spring.
With the Kings and dictators gone in Middle east and Africa, the oil and resources there are up for grab.

One protestor died in Greece.

ROSAT, the spent European satellite is expected to land on 23 Oct. Destination unknown,

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

19 Oct Apple

yes, today trading would be all eyes on APPLE. The question is how many shares of APPLE does Steve Jobs trust still has ? Steve has been secretive about his fortunes, rejecting any offer from Buffet to donate his wealth.

Via Zen Buddhism, Steve tapped on heavenly forces to forge the new APPLE. The APPLE corporation becomes a master of marketing, creativity. It makes people queue up for its launches, make the device scarce in the market, so as to create Demand. And it exploit cheap labour to achieve its goal of Wealth Creation. Look at the many suicide death in the China factories which make the Apple devices. The life of many to build the shrine of Steve Jobs.

So what is his children doing with his shares of Apple ?

Another thought:
The moment 2 Trillion of ESFS is confirmed. All the PIGs, Spain, Portugal, ireland and Italy would be lining up to declare crisis and dip into the Piggy Bank.
France and Germany would be in trouble, and the fire would come onshore into Berlin and Paris.

The ESFS without a common Finance ministry is a Trojan, deviced by traitors in the EU. The objective is to burn Paris and Berlin, clever design of Timmy, Benny, and probably Blanky, Jamie as well.

Apple dropped 5% at pre-market. Got some nasty feeling it is going to be a massive Bear Trap. Apple showing a broadening top, but more room up before a turn.

Lately Banks with good earnings, drop instead. But Banks with bad earnings rises. So we shall see Morgan Stanley.
Meanwhile, major banks reporting is done.

IBM miss, Apple Miss. Intel good.

So market should be reflecting 4Qtr soon.

BoA did some accounting wizardry moving its bad derivatives into its business unit which holds US government insured deposits. And no Prosecution ? all in the name of holding above $6 ?

A number of Bank stocks have cleared 50 days moving average, like MS, C.
SPX heading for 1257 (61.8% drop from the 1357 peak) before option expiry.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

17 Oct China GDP 9.1% US unemployment 9.1%

the headline grapping China today is that incident of a child knocked down by a truck and 18 people never went to her rescue.

Where would this retracement ends ? 1149 ? 1167 or 1111 ?

China dropping touching important 2400, Australia also dropping like stone. AUD no reaction after Banks say cutting rate.

What would Benny says ?
"none of my business" or "you deserve this" or "let us have QE3".

China GDP at 9.1, continuiing 3 months of dowm trend. Asia drops but no panic. Brokers advising a consolidation before moving higher.
So if the consolidation completes, then we would see GOLD ramping through 1700 towards 1900 again.

Now Boehner has a problem, if he continues to block the Currency Act, then he may be charged with Treason. Especially when US uneployment = China GDP = 9.1%.

nothing interesting to talk about, 1190 holds for SPX, while GOLD is sinking like a stone. Banks have a good day today.
So, everybody waiting for Bernanke cue for QE3.

Monday, October 17, 2011

17 Oct Elenin at closest approach to Earth

Oct 16-17, 2011 – C2010X1/Elenin/Planet-X line up with Sun and Jupiter; Closest point to earth at a distance of 0.23 a.u (~34.9 million kilometers)

so that may explain why SPX is going lower. Other than German Finance minister telling people not to expect much for the 23 Oct Euro summit in Cannes. that means nothing for 2-3 Nov G20leader meeting in Hawaii.

CNBC talking heads now trying to bring in Italy and Spain, the 2 Elephants in the room.

yes, the CNBC guy is right, when the Bank gets 50% haircut for Italy and Spain, they are bankrupt. There is fight among the 17 countries. So it is going to be a unnerving 6 days wait. Bernanke speaking tomorrow on the "R" word.

Soon you would hear the "R" word on every national TV starting tomorrow.
SPX went up 14% from the bottom at 1075. As Tom has said. Tony Caldaro also looking at 1222 as the pivot turning.

C fudge its books, and got a rally. I remembered when I started to trade C in 2008 was when it was at 20, it looks so attractive. and everybody rush in to buy the bottom at 20.

ok, my reader told me C got a rally because Cramer talk about shorting "C" last week, that explains.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

15 Oct Breaking Dawn Part 1

Yes, the Twilight Saga is coming again, Breaking Dawn Part 1 on 18 Nov in US. This should gives us motivation for the next move.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 is on 18 Nov 2012. Well, let us not be greedy, ok. BE PATIENT.

In the next couple of hour, it should have completed our target for this move.
So happy trading.
Remember, 15 Oct is World Occupy XXX Day.

Friday, October 14, 2011

14 Oct update

market is saluting the G20 Finance Ministers in Paris. Silver making a surge at 8am, Euro trying to break free 1.3800.
Futures are up. SPX to re-test 1222 at least.

A good Friday to cap a week of gains. Meanwhile, the world celebrating OWS tomorrow.

Cramer talks up Google, another says APPL is the best technology company on Earth, price target 500. I am going crazy today, 14 OCT.

China sold its Treasuries back to FED, and now have to put them back into a IMF bailout fund. Somehow, they realise the monies are not theirs afterall. All the China labourers, sweatshop, monies going to bailout Europe this time. This is monies sloshing around.

DB now has to take a larger haircut from 40% to 60% now. Have you seen a guy with a 60% crewcut ? Might as well cut bald. DB essentially is out of monies already at 50% haircut.

14 Oct Occupy Raffles Place !!!! OWS has come to Asia


Singapore is one of the most business and tourist friendly place on earth. It is also where a lot of secret wealth are stored.

And OWS has gone to Singapore on 15 Oct !!!!. It is a landmark in terms of the OWS movement. But boys and gals there do not expect to makeout on the grass field. The law is pretty tight there.

Yesterday, our Japan Queen Loise Yamada has spoken. She spoke to remind people who happen to subscribe to her that the market is oversold according to her proprietry OBV indicator. And from May 2008 to Mar 2009, the market continued to be extendedly oversold.
Buttonwood has written about agitation in Northern Europeans, unhappy about sponsoring the Southerners. Meaning, more upheaval to come whatever form ESFS takes.

OWS has gone to Murdoch. Strangely, after Murdoch was swiped with cream, all these bad news of Financials erupt.

This is a Deleveraging stock market, it would need to exhaust as much cash as possible whether it is companies buyback, bottom fishing, etc.

Meredith Municipal Bond bubble has yet to come, Commercial Real Estate CRE collapse story would get a new lease of life ? How about an Internet Bubble for the likes of Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, etc. [until now, I cannot understand how Google makes its billions ? by blowing bubbles ?]

It is crazy.

Meanwhile, Equities is following Euro or Euro following Equities. With Greece default, essentially a destruction of Debt, the Currency becomes stronger. But Banks are affected and hence Equities drops. This unnatural alliance of Equities and Euro has to stop somewhere.

"Spring" and Sparrow talk

Remember Bernanke famous "Spring" talk to kick off the 1st rally in 2009. Taiwan largest Semiconductor manufacturer TSMC (barometer of NASDAQ stocks) the legendary Chairman Mr Zhang, has said in a recent dinner that the Sparrows have not come, and may not come till 2013. Little wonder NASDAQ is still so buoyant.
The electronics industry would shrink dramatically after the last Xmas shipment, when producers cut production, and inventory overhang. With electronics goods already so cheap (200 USD for a 42 inch LCD TV or a laptop), essentially the Electronics manufacturers are doing mother nature work of giving out stipend to workers.
And that would actually tell of China planning to devalue its currency, the turning point has passed. Asian countries would be scrambling to cut rate and devalue currency once more in 2012.

Dun know what the G20 Finance Ministers can do this weekend, except to sit round table looking at Timmy and LaGarde. While China is waiting for the next tea-break to sample some nice cakes. And then a bombastics announcement.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

13 Oct This Rally has legs, according to Cramer


Cramertards, here you are.

But Chris Materson is tossing the notion of a crash, not in Price term, but in Pace.

But we need to see a "Occupy Jamie Diamond".

Yesterday, I was at Bloomberg office giving opionions on the market. I saw they have a very nice acquarium with tiny fishes swimming. Is it not a blessings to be able to watch Bloomberg TV when you are a Fish ? or Squid for that matter ?

I bet Jamie, Timmy and Benny would be a Bloomberg office acquarium fish in their next life. Daylight robbery of American tax monies.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

12 Oct Currency War

we jsut saw DXY made a mad dash downwards. non-confirmation of new low.
Would China be so pissed that the current rally of CNY has come to an end ?
and we see a violent reversal of CNY towards weakening ?

I.e. USD strengthening ? That would pose an entirely different scenario for the world, when US earnings are going down, and stronger USD would pare overseas earnings. Earnings going down further.

While China trying to cheapen its exports to support its manufacturing.

Seems like SPX would be heading towards 1222 before the Fed minutes.
Hence it is quite difficult to short SPX, when it is making those creeper moves. Chewing up the next short along the way. The shorts would be enough to propel its rise.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

11 Oct Slovakia / Hunter Moon

that is like a Grey Swan. Now quite a lot of Funds have loaded up on this dip, thinking the bottom has been found.
But earnings season is coming, and we now that the PER is much too optimistics. The kickoff with Aloca, would herald an adjustment of a Equilibrium into 1000.

This is the moon when native American goes hunting in moonlight to prepare for Winter. So we are almost there at SPX 1200.

We are done. let us slide.

Monday, October 10, 2011

10 October Asia opening in 1 hour

yes, Asia is going to open this Sunday evening at 9pm.

Meanwhile, a village in China, the richest village where every person gets a share of their central village committee investment. and they just built a GOLD hotel to the tune of 3billion CNY. They call it LongXi hotel.

Its pillars are plated in GOLD, it has a giant GOLD BULL (not plated, but forged with 1 Tonne of GOLD). It is 61 floors. While you and I are slogging to make our hundreds and thousands. The Chinese make "making monies" like a breeze.

Probably the GOLD was acquired when it was still hovering 1200. With Christmas and Chinese New Year coming, the GOLD buyning frenzy would start if not having started over their national holiday, when prices is hovering 1600. You can probably hear the Chinese crying "I want more !!! I want 1000 dollar GOLD".

In the early 1900, Dutchies, Spaniards, and Portugeese sent their SILVER to China to trade for spices and porcelain. It is very much in Caucasian blood that we do not think much of metals like GOLD or SILVER, but human value-added things like Art, Porcelian, Food, etc. But the Chinese are on the opposite. That explains why certain big Funds, big Traders despise Metals. Bernanke is one of them, George Soros is only an opportunistics buyer, who call an ultimate bubble in GOLD.

According to some Gurus in Hong Kong (Gurus who can tell you your death date by your Birth day and time). George Soros is a person who needs WOOD (five elements: Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth). He is allergic to EARTH and GOLD. So to beat Soros, one need GOLD and EARTH (Earth is analogous to real estate). George Soros has not made much in properties though. And he did sold his GOLD earlier before 1800.
This Rabbit year is not good for him, it is a year of GOLD and WOOD fighting. Next year he would be better in the year of Dragon Water. Water breeds WOOD.

SO my advice to SOROS: take a rest now, and let me take over your portfolio. They market would move as to where I want it to move. Let me decide. By the make, give me a office overlook Victoria Harbour in the International Commercial Center in HK.

So DEXIA came and went, it is 100% nationalised like Northern Rock. The Fitch downgrade of Spain and Italy smacks of market manipulation, like S&P downgrade of US, premeditated move to time the market and aiding specific interest of certain Big Funds.

Hence this market is not trading on Technicals alone, it is now entering a phase of deep manipulation, with various parties timing news releases.

AND Fitch is now toying with Vatican by touching Italian debt. Perhaps some people harbour hopes of destabilising the Vatican Bank. AND the TEMPLARS and ILLUMINATI have to be unleashed against those who violate the order. We take on DEBT to serve GOD, and here comes some traders with the mark of SATAN spoiling the party.

In the next G20 meeting in November, it is time for all Nations to cut the Rating Agencies once and for all. They serve no purpose. They spun the last mortgage crisis and now instilling fear in the market. At least 1 of the Big 3 rating agencies have to go. In the name of GOD, let us rid of the LOCUST.

Despite the positive spun on the NFP on Friday, let us say:
"when JOB is gone, there is no more JOB."

So what is my decision ? In the name of TRINITY, may the TEMPLARS rise again and arrest all those traders with the mark of SATAN "666". Make known to the world with the sound of Thunder and the light of a FLASH.

On a side note, RBS is downgraded by Moody. Probably having found out that RBS VP for Credits in Asia was crusing town in a Bentley. Interesting thought, it is all about CREDITS.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

8 Oct China man

SPX may have peaked yesterday after market opens on positive NFP, sell on news.
It made a last minute plunge at market close.

Meanwhile, all eyes on China when they return from their 1 week national holiday. Crazy China Man. They actually drive an amoured truck to pick up Gold Bullions. And the ordinary China folks are picking up Numismatics Gold and Silver coin like crazy for gift and investment. It is a regret that the Anti-Gold cartel did not manage to sell Gold down to complete its 5th wave. So we await next week when China opens.

Meanwhile, a lot of scaremongery has come. Like the IMF Advisor says dire situation in next 2-3 weeks. And ECRI forecasting a recession. However we have professors writing in Journal of World Economics that Double Dip is not likely, need to differentiate between Economic Problem and Economic Recession. (Hmmm, coming from a Emeritus Professor in Singapore). QE3 is cited as a reason.

Meanwhile, the HK government called on all Funds and Brokers to discuss about Short Selling in the market. Mutual funds lending out customers shares to brokers with clients who want to short sell. Like FED renting out its GOLD to the ANTI-GOLD, or XXXXX renting its SILVER to short sell. (Silver ETF renting out Silver to sell !!!!!, then we must investigate at those ETF operators !!!)

ETF has now become a hideout for the Financial Mafia. Stay away from all LONG or SHORT ETF. We may have terminal events with ETF in the immediate future.

China launched its TIANGONG 1 satellite on the Thursday before. So it has its eyes on Washington and Pentagon now.

China government has also allocated monies to their largest national Social Insurance Fund to enter market at appropriate time. The China market largely dismissed that because of the relative small amount.

Also Wen JiaBao who went to Wenzhou to investigate the abscondment of the manufacturers bosses, was beaten to ease Credits to those private enterprises. And you know what those bosses would do, invest in houses, and gamble in Macau again.

ALL EYES on CHINA next week. China may be launching its stealth QE to offset the stronger YUAN.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

5 Oct Steve Jobs

Yes, Steve Job has passed away. And I am pretty sure he would join the ranks of Heavenly GOD and bring joy to them, with GPAD, GPHONE.

So probably when he was labouring as CEO launching IPAD, he knew his time was limited. Sometimes, some of the most ingenious things on Earth is done by people who are completing their journey.

As I was watching Occupy Wallstreet, you see NYPD surrounding the Raging Bull statue. Yes, it is almost sacred. So I urge all Financial Centers start to fence up their national statues and guard it. It is the soul of the Financial Wellbeing.

With the coming rally, think APPL would be faded, infact excellent opportunity for the Funds to lighten up on APPL. Because APPL is STEVE, and no STEVE no APPL.

It is because of Apple, Adam and Eve gave off the human descendants. With Apple gone, human return to dust is inevitable.

Now Tom Demark and his famous 13 is almost a Hero. 1075, the point of capitulation.
By the way, he mentioned GOLD to test 2000, a round number to mark the end of the parabolic high, and Silver...... (he was cut off by the TV host, sign of the fear of the establishment).

This Rally would only works, if all institutions exhaust their monies in propping up their shares. And Jamie Diamond, etc has come to this conclusion: they have to do their part now, or face the wrath of angry protestors. Jamie has to dig into his Piggybank and buy some shares. And when Jamie is buying, surely others would follow.

As Buffet has said in a conference this week. This is a Market of Stocks not of Stock Markets. There would be stocks that would rally hard, others would just meander.

So Tom is afraid that SPX would rally for a 3rd day into 1180 (thus giving a larger fall), while bloggers see 1150 has the watershed.

The answer is given to my subscribers.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

5 Oct short Euro 1.3370

short Euro 1.3370, neckline.
target 1.3100
stops 1.3400

4 Oct Everybody is looking for....


Halloween or a Retest.
Yes. like we are in 4 and waiting for 5. Or another lower level coming.

looking around, everybody is chuckling in the bank, or sipping coffee, tea, red wine. In Asia, one of the largest national bank of a emerging economy, reduces Deposit rate to 0.25% from 0.5%, reason: people holding onto cash, not buying properties, not buying shares. Credits drying up, bad loans sipping in.

What is there to Thank when Thanxgiving coming ? or monies to buy Christmas gift ?

Bernanke thinks that the Operation Twist is like cutting rate by 20 bp, and he also said he does not see a need for QE in the near term. Though buying long term bonds and selling short term bonds may not match exactly, there is no significant stimulus effect.

So what are we having ? A stealth 2.2 to 2.5, depends on how you read this.

China and US bickering again on Currency and arms sale to Taiwan. USD has its risks now, when China would be hastening its sale of Treasuries (while Bernanke is buying, perhaps that is the other reason for Operation Twist, to offset mask China sale).

Euro is not ideal yet, and that leaves Mr Wen JiaBao, Zhou XiaoChuan with .....

Whatever it is, with Vampires coming alive towards Halloween, we better get some Silver bullets. Hmm, still remember my Silver rub, hopes it helps.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

5 Oct Cramer

Cramer says he is not saying BYE or BUY. So why is he on TV then ? what job is he doing ?
Meanwhile SPX reached Capitulation zone 1075 has told by Tom DeMark, while Gold is on another leg down now at 1638.

At the Congressional hearing, Bernanke dropped a bomb, he said that China Yuan policy has hindered global recovery.

With Yuan at current level, China small and medium enterprises are already crumpling. Owners of companies in Wenzhou are absconding, bank employees cheating monies from depositors.

When China comes back from holiday next Monday, it is going to be interesting.

Think the whole world is in a mass.

Friday, September 30, 2011

30 Sept End of Month, Quarter

times are different, last year, stock rallies into every monthend, quarterend. Now it is fighting for life.
Blommberg TV has to invite Michael Pento (of Pento fund) to give a rub down of why Gold is dropping, reason Bernanke disappoints many.
Like Me who is expecting the 5th wave down, a lot of funds are thinking of making the quick buck. I guess the only viable trading idea in town. and a lot of funds are getting impatient.

Meanwhile, the massive Shell Petroleum refinery in Singapore suffered a major fire. The operation is expected to shut for a month. Diesel futures are already rising. Other refineries may need to draw on more Crude. WTI tested 77 and bounced into 81.
90 is OPEC standard for them to balance cost, and leave enough for stimulus to stave unrest. OPEC may soon make annoucement to cut productions in view of slowing economy.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

29 Sept Ready, all swinging dicks in the field -> Alessio Rastani

The Germans has done it. Overwhleming endorsing enlarging the ESFS. The Europeans are showing Solidarity.
Now is the time for us, Americans, so we shall do our dues and push and push up and up. As General Paton once said, "get every swinging Dick in the field"

3 more minutes to market open, let us see ROCKETS !!!!

yes, we pay tribute to Alessio.

Keiser has joined us:

Banks crashing themselves, trading idea.

28 Sept Fooling the market

Martin Feldstein has an excellent piece:

think the politicians are fooling themselves that the economy would get better in 2 years time. So Default would happen anyway, as Deutsche Bank chief has threatened the world with a Euro crash and catastrophe.

So before that happens, it has to rise to the cliff edge. So Bernanke signalling a QE3 would just do that.

Meanwhile, Occupy Wallstreet is spreading, getting worldwide attention.
Philippine is getting Japan help to fortify its sea lanes, Vietnam Prime Minister is visiting fellow South East Asian countries. Essentially, Japan, Vietnam and Philippine is ringfencing China.

Gold now on its move towards completion of wave 5, towards 1500. Think the Anti-Gold are enjoying this. 200 dollars in a matter of hours. Nonetheless I always advocate shorting Silver instead.

Meanwhile SPX holding 1170. After the fake breakdown at 1160, if this holds, the next target is 1260, daunting indeed in current environment. Market waiting upon German Parliament and Bernanke speech today.
Companies should be doing some Window cleaning for Monthend, Quarterend.

The German company which setup the Gold Bar vending machine in Dubai, has sent another one to Beijing, in one of the private clubs. As you know after Monday crash, most of the buyers of the dip were Asians. Most notably, they were rushing to buy Physical Gold. This has depleted the physical stock in a way.

A Britsh sunken warship in the English Channel was uncovered with the largest load of Silver in history. The British was trying to squirrel their Silver away.

Those who short Gold better take profit before the Asian market opens tomorrow, and they rush into the market, seeing another buying opportunity. China printed 400 Billions dollars in their QE, easily 200b get off the books into the pockets of the officials. That explains China incessant lust for Gold, for paper monies.

Tomorrow, I am attending a EnergyRisk conference. Bye now.

Wednesday September 28,2011
Cleveland, Ohio
InterContinental Hotel
Cleveland Clinic’s Speaker Series
Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, will deliver a speech today in Cleveland, at Bank of America Conference Center InterContinental Hotel, for the Cleveland Clinic. At 5:00 PM ET, Mr. Bernanke will speak on “lessons from emerging market economies on sources of sustained growth.” There may be a press conference after, and perhaps, an announcement.

Source: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, September 28, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

28 Sept Harry and his China Currency Manipulation Bill

Harry may just get it this time. And China is staring at endless trade tariffs next yr, when the bill is passed.
That means dire strait for Dollars in a month time. So Uncle Sam better makes your Dollars run now.

Another congressman is introducing a bill to ban Timmy from lending to the Europe, or IMF.

Another congreeman trying to block any reduction in Defence bills when automated cut kicks in.

A entire circus on show. You better run away from US as far as possible ? Where to ?
A billion dollar (nope, no more DOllars) question.

at 9:45 ET, Gold stopped before 1681, the previous gap. it MAY continue its 5th wave completion into 1500.

March Faber says 1000 to 1100 for GOLD if 1500 does not hold. Another fellow from TRW on CNBC talks of 1300. So everybody is guessing the bottom.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

25 Sept F1 Grand Prix Singapore

Vettel of Redbull won the Singapore race. As expected.

Let ys lend support to the "Occupy Wallstreet Movement" and bring it to every Wallstreet in the world.

Meanwhile, some READERs (not my subscribers) email me on Gold and Silver.

All I got to say, is that Gold and Silver have been around for as long as humans have been trading, in Anglo-saxon, Chinese civilisation. Civilisations have even fought wars over Silver.
Bernanke using Operation Twist jack up short term rates to flush out those who borrow to trade commodities, crude, Gold and Silver. Not to mention the timely margin raise.

Bernanke needs a fresh platform to launch his QE3 for maximum effect (i.e. benefit to the bankers, nothing for the main street).

Readers ask where am I so sure there would be a 3 for QE ?
you know there is Threesome ? Trinity ? so a 3 would come.

Coming week, we should see completion of the current down move into 1000, 1065. So more room for Commodities to fall.
Silver is doing A-B-C correction, and Gold a 5 wave down. Now it makes sense. They are going to start from the same stage again in some near future.

Next week, German parliament would debate the Eurozone plan, and Benny speaking on Wednesday. With next FOMC in November. This is going to be a volatile market, fitting for the best trader. Think you better sign up my newletter for risk management.

Some bright trade ideas.
HKD and USD peg. There is a hedge fund Pearson making a huge bet on it.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

24 Sept Brutal

Am in Singapore for the F1 Grand Prix,
Sign of times, Gold and Silver smashed like the car window above in Singapore.

The Royal Bank of Scotland German executive in Singapore was driving a Bentley !!!!
That explains why all the Bank jobs in Europe has gone to supporting their Asia operations, hiring expensive executives. Sometimes, just wonder what the Hack are all the Bank Unions doing in US and Europe. UK taxpayers sponsoring luxury car productions. Ingenious.

Hey, all traders out there, we need to take a closer look at RBS.

It is brutal indeed, Gold and Silver decimated. So much so that the website silverdoctors by the Silvertards have now disappeared. So another victory for the Anti-Precious Metal cartel.
However the hurriedness point to two things: either the funds are moving back into Equities, or they are positioning for a skyrocketing Gold prices.

so this mark the end of an era in Precious Metal, and the start of a period of exuberance.

Gold and silver would just enter into a period of consolidation, more downside to come though. Gold probably going into 1580, before launching for more agitations in Middle-East and South China Seas. To be frank, such levels are always attractive to the Asian Banks, long term investors. Wait for the signal. We would expect a couple of false up.

Despite of all the commotion and noise, SPX is still above 1111, and DAX above 5000.

A South Korean banker committed suicide.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

22 Sept Kama Sutra

Bernanke saying he has a repetoire of tools to deploy, is like saying he reads and practices Kama Sutra. May be there are 100 patterns, and he has ejaculated at the 3rd position, and his partner is running away.

we are seeing world markets going into the 3rd wave down, after the just completed 2nd wave correction. SPX futures now at 1133, think 1100 would give by Friday.

This is the last chance for SWF to rid of USD treasuries, and DXY has broken out from a valley. Expecting AUD to drop through its multi-months support, and Asian currencies to significantly weaken.

AUD rapidly decimated, now at 0.9895, those who deposited AUD at 4%, would see their AUD holdings deminised by quarter when the maturity is up.

The Global Reset is now on.
Next hanging is the Palestinian Veto, which may trigger wide spread Middle-East anger and sabotage.

Something which we can meditate on:
with Deflation coming, and USD losing its reserve status, what is the safest haven ?
US Treasuries ? Gold ?