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Monday, November 29, 2010

29 Nov Fairy tale ending

seems like we have a Fairy Tale ending afterall. 2 more days to go before the US Korea exercise ends, and George Washington leaves the scene. Then the mouse comes out to play again.

only thing moving is Euro, going to break 1.3000 back into 1.2000.

29 Nov Korean war prophecies

if you think I am nuts, watch this:

I would not be surprised if some US elements is funding the North Korean, like if they fire a missle, they would have 100mil into their overseas account.

May be the Wikileak coming in about 6 hours from now, would reveal some devastating information about the US, China, Korean, etc.

Now China doing the "talks about talks" strategies, the same one Iran has used for the past 3 years. May be buying time for it to manoevre its troops. Seems like now, it does not mind the US in its Yellow Sea.

The end of times is near.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

28 Nov Sorry, sorry, sorry

am playing chess with my kid on this Sunday. The Korean game now is like a Chess game. South Korea has already lost 2 rounds. first 70 plus sailors, now 2 marines and 2 citizens. It is the will to fight that counts. With South Korea having billions and billions to lose, and North Korea none. The outcome is obvious.

The South Korean generals swear that they would make the North Koreans pay thousand times. Well, think it is the other way round. North Korea may already has a nuclear tipped missle, with Tokyo in sight.

Now, the North Koreans have deployed their Surface to Air missles to the coast. And recalled its citizens from the Russian factory. It is amassing its troops, under the command of the hier in apparent, the son of Kim Jong Il. The son is just 40 km away from taking all the wealth and beauty in the capital city of Seoul.

And the South Koreans are already saying: "Sorry" .

You know what, last week, Mark Mobius was on Boomburg talking about good buys in Emerging Markets. His eyebrow has already turned white. Wonder if he has time to enjoy his Emergin Markets fruits, if he is going to hold it to the last nail on the coffin.

Have you ever doubted that Obama is the Anti-Christ ? Now he is going to fan the next Korean War, and probably Iran war would start next year. And Chavez with his newly acquired Missles would point it straight into the heart of Washington.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

27 Nov Obama injured

yes, Obama suffered a mortal wound to his head as what the Bible has predicted. On Friday, when Obama played basketball, he hurt his lips and needed 12 stitches.

Revelation 13:3, "And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast."
Now confirmed Obama is the Anti-Christ. And his opportunity to start a war would be the imminent confrontation with North Korea, with George Washington sailing into the Yellow Sea soon.

Yellow Sea is in the Northeastern coast of China. It used to be the place when Japan first occupied the Northeastern province of China, and in China "BaQua", it is the "life" door. Any disturbance can cause turmoil in classic Geomancy science.

Students in China ran amock in the school canteen protesting the rise in prices for their lunch. If you have eaten in those canteens for workers and students. The factory outsource food services to caterers who make a living on slim margins. With rising input costs and fixed selling prics, the quality would suffer.

The Chinese government is now clamping down on daily commodities prices. This would backfire and cause the factories to shut. China would suffer a sudden loss of speed.

Thanx to Bernanke.

Today in my neighbourhood, Citibank opened a new branch catering to suburban crowds, as their customers base is dwindling. It prepares free parking coupons for drivers and distributed them using some youths. After a while, the youth started to pocket those parking coupons.

Now arrest in happening in India, America of people collaborating in bribes, cheating schemes, with access to easy monies in the billions. So Bernanke is the false prophet.

Now I am thinking of pulling my loan to my India partner, incase he is leveraged to the hilt in the stockmarket.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

23 Nov USD days are numbered

with the NKorea strike, USD rallied and then now tumbling. USD as the safe haven currency status is now over. USDJPY now at 82.88.

First South Korea lost its frigate, then now get shelled. And US and South Korea are talking about talks.

Bernanke QE has cause misery in NKorea with their hyperinflation, now they have to resort to violence to seek concessions and monies.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

22 Nov Hong Kong Earthquake

Since 1979, there has only been 6 Earthquake detected in HK. on 19 Nov, an Earthquake of 2.8R was recorded on the North-eastern side of HK, and south of Shenzhen, China.
Interesting times indeed.
The Eight Dragons of HK has since returned to heaven, let us see who is going to protect HK.

The Americans are now fedup with the nonsense with Bernanke and TSA. It would ratchet up the pressure after thanxgiving.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

17 Nov bull trend intact

this is the Shanghai condo fire, which killed 53 people. The nylon net for renovation work caught fire and burnt the residents like a cooker. such units cost about 30,000 RMB per SQM. Ridiculous price, wrongful death.
Fire said to be arson started by renovation workers. This condo is right in the pricey ZingAn district, where all the Marroits, Ritz Carlton, Hilton hotels are.
That is CHINA.

Soon China would ban bamboo or wood scalfolding, and switch the iron or metal scaffoldings, i.e. demand for metals. Commodity demand is a never ending game, unless world population is reduced by 2/3 as what Kissinger has proposed.

The bull trend (mid term) is still intact. so expect buying to come in around 1160, otherwise, 1140 and then 1100. just like 1000 was well defended by Bernanke. We should see the FED defining the bottom of this correction at about 1100, if it is ever tested.
would not be surprise to see Euro drop back to 1.2700, though it did not reach our target of 1.4700 this time. the hedgies are out to play the Euro this time, and buy it back cheaper early next year. Expect Euro to drop into Xmas.
Commodities, metals should continue to corect into Dec for a good buy.
Bernanke 600 billions is looking for a cheap buy, and you know the power of 600billions soon.

Also Prince William's coming marriage has bring now ray of hope to the British, we would see EURGBP breakdown into 0.70. We can also not discount the Olympic effect with China investments. GBP may just the RMB shadow reserve currency.

Monday, November 15, 2010

15 Nov China inflation

well, China media is toking about inflation.
Inflation means suppliers collectively raising prices. In China it is really scary when food stores recycle oil poured into drains, sell dead fish, boost milk with Melamime. Inflation hurts pple in the western part of China, the impoverished provinces and risks riots.
i.e. China government would have to raise it RMB, and that means manufacturer could not export as much, that means lower GDP, less hiring of workers. China is now caught in a downward spiral, shoved in by Bernanke with his 600b that knocks the China humpty dumpty from the wall.
The downward spiral depends on how fast the inflation goes. With the severe weather patterns worldwide, the impact would be more severe than any other precedents in history.
How deep the fall would be, it is yet to be seen.
the down move would be quite swift, meanwhile holding there, gasping for orgasm.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

14 Nov Lazy Sunday

Well, it is a laszy Sunday alright. nothing significant happened at the G20 or APEC meetings, just another opportunity for those guys to travel, eat, wine and dine. probably all these finace officials would be cooking up another travel agenda, just to keep themselves busy.

China Shanghai composite dropped 5% within a day, basically no way for the retails to run. holding on, hoping.

Meanwile the Chairman to be of China in 2012, Mr Xi Jing Ping is pulling a big delegation to Singapore. Remember the Mr Zhou XiaoChuan of China Central Bank spoke of means to round up the liquidity coming from US. And the funds are coming via Singapore in the comouflage of trade, and individual accounts. China need a means to monitor this accounts and flows of funds. Remember that the BHP Biliton actually moves its HQ to Singapore, and moved even its China staff to Singapore.
The very eminent and intelligent Prime Minister of Singapore doubt that there would be Currency War. Essentially all those 600 billions of monies would be rounded up somewhere in Singapore. Wow, imagine 600 billions of monies coming your way. [ironically, no US taxpayers would get a cent of it].

Meanwhile, all stocks, commodities taking a breather before the next rally. How far SPX would drop ? probably holding around 1160. Euro should begin its next move to 1.4700 to 1.5000 shortly. Crude would break 90 this time.

You know what, I realise Bernanke is the false prophet.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

7 Nov Mid course correction coming

within 2-3 weeks after Obama said buy stocks in Feb 2009, SPX hit 666 and bounce all the way. Now he says "mid course correction coming".

With Obama coming to Asia, he as the Anti-Christ is going to bring Earthquakes, flash floods and possibly the resurgence of Flu, a deadlier variant in the region. There are now news report of deadly H3N2 fatalities in Japan, 6 patients died from the virus in the hospital in less than a week.

Obama is travelling to India, Indonesia, Japan and Korea.

7 Nov Wind moves,

a well known story about a China Buddhist grandmaster, 惠能六祖。
once a buddhist abbot asked the monks when he looks out into the yard, "is it the wind that moves, or the flag that moves ?".
some monks say the wind, some say the flag.
The grandmaster who was a kitchen helper then replied: "it is neither the wind nor the flag, it is the heart".

So would thou say the Euro has risen or the Dollar has sunk ? Neither, it is the Faith.
Faith is the center piece of Adam Smith invisible hand, the core of the Animal Spirit.

7 Nov Trojan horse?

Giant solar flare today, effect would be know in next few days. Watch out the collapse of Mt Merapi, its volcanic ash already caused 2 Qantas engine to failed just when the planes are over Indonesia. We could see all flights stopped in south Asia like what happened to the Icelandic volcanic eruption earlier this year.

I am pretty amused watching Charlie Rose, and his guest said that Karl Rove (R) received 6 millions from a single donar weeks before the midterm. Now, if that is not QE monies, it has to be drug monies.

Obama essentially sold off his Democrats colleagues to the Republican, by letting the Wall Street have a field day on Democrats. And Nancy Pelosi has the gut to claim to continue as minority leader. He has the guts to run away from fuming Democrats for his Asia tour.

China is asking Timmy to explain the QE2, and Bernanke came out and explained that his interest is US not other countries. Essentially he is declaring war on other countries. Benny at the Jacksonville college Q&A essentially gave the green light for commodity rally when he says that commodity is the exception. Crude included. So you know the big funds and Benny's frens are now very much on the long side of CRB.

We are now at an important junction with SPX approaching 1228. Should we take profit or not ?

As you can see QE2 is not going to help the Americans, it is going to stuff up the coffers of the Republicans and Bankers. By 2012 the Republican would have a much bigger war chest than the Democrats.

Is Bernanke Republican's Trojan horse in Obama administration ? His next task is to secure the Republican victory in 2012.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

4 Nov Post QE2 -> Anarchy

Now market has an excuse to rally the Crude, NatGas, while other soft commodities are already at new high. Crude just had a breakout from months of ranging. Target 120.

China dumping its USD on american Boeing. this should boost US manufacturing for a while. A large part of the 600b would flow into Commodities.
Obama energy plan is stalling.

Everywhere, we see QE2 bashing, Bernanke bashing, while we are ll basking in the glory of stimulus. The media is hyping up public awareness of QE, and associating it with inflation, this provides fertile ground for panic buying of commodities, Gold.

Gold refuse to retrace, now it is on its way into 1500. Silver would be quicker and sterling. Euro would be on its leg towards 1.5000 till QE3 comes along (just cannot believe it, Euro is now at 1.4275, no resistance at all, like butter through hot knife). Would not be surprised if GBP goes back to 2.0 courtesy of the coming London Olympics. By the way, there are heavy shorts in GBP all the way up to 2.0. Yen would melt to 76, on its way towards 60 eventually (be careful Andy Xie wrote about a piece on BoJ enticing Yen shorts to pay off its national debt and then making a reversal towards 120).Anarchy. The Currency War. Nations grabbing other nations resources, monies to pay off its own debt.

SPX should grind towars 1300 till inflation call it a day.

Actual inflation is much higher than official statistics. Inflation is cutting into American product quality. American is buying less reliable products at same price.

Nonetheless, the wealth effect is unmistakeable. I got a handsome bonus from my contract work, and my wife splurged on a new new three seater cowhide softa, and then a new set of curtains, and believe it or not, a trip for 7 days Japan trip.

I am now waiting for the monies for my next car, a BWM X6, or may be a Lexus IS-F.

The call to disband the FED would be much higher. Bernanke is Republican's Trojan horse all the while. After Obama is much of a lawyer, and lacks the wisdom and stature of a President.

next 2 years, Obamam would spend more time on Diplomacy (geo-conflicts), traveling the globe, literally letting Amercia going into Anarchy, with Republican and Democrats fighting every bill, and the Tea Party gathering steam, forming the 3rd party in American politics.
The American blacks would wallow in self-pity when their pride has failed America.

Hilary would form her power based for the next Presidential election (with Pelosi now gone and Reid still hanging on a noose till the next election). While the Generals would be plotting the next Pacific war with China, with the Japan navy, American pacific fleet and Russian fleet encircling China. China should be beginning its next major stockpile of crude for its 3rd/4th phase of strategic petroleum reserve.

End of times signal:

Eathquake, Merapi and 15 other volcanoes becoming active when Obama is coming to Indonesia.

The next G20 would mark tha beginning of another year of Anarchy.

All nations on its own, for its own. The final war at Amagedoo would take shape. The Hizbollah would soon be launching a fresh flurry of rockets onto Tel Aviv.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2 Nov Pre-QE2

now media trying to set expectation at 500b, and then FED annouce 1T. reason for a rally. whatever it is, market wants to rally, or rather, everything under the sun would rally.