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Saturday, October 30, 2010

30 Oct KAJI the ultimate gambler

watched another DVD on this lazy weekend, Kaji, the ultimate gambler.

I find it a very interesting movie, with lots of parallel in reality.

(1) the game of rock-paper-scissors. one player game the other to play 12 rounds of rock paper scissors, as long as they are draw, they both win, i.e. both play the same cards. on the 9th game, the 1st player played a different card and won, then 10th game as well, defying the earlier agreement.
This sounds like the game of HFT, wherby the traders agree to buy what others sell. And then at the last few games, somebody play cheat. And this lead to the flash crash in May.

(2) Those gambling losers were banished underground to build tunnels. They are given banana dollars, and then enticed to use those monies to buy beer, titbits, so that they would never be able to repay their loans.
That is Bernanke, he prints monies to give to the Americans to spend to consume, and then have them laden in debt.

(3) Gamblers would go to extreme, even losing their life to repay debt.
Well, we would soon see society as its extreme.

(4) the Manga game of Emperor, Citizens and Slave.
Slave would win over Emperors when they have nothing to lose. Yes, we would soon see those enslaved in debt revolt against the establishment.

(5) Gamblers never win.
The main actor, though he has won billion yens, was eventually drugged and have his monies stolen.
Well, those who gambled on the QE2 rally, may not get their monies. That goes the same for the Gold ETF, when the ETF annoucnes that it does not have enough physical gold to match its commitements.

Vietnam is now baning its banks from selling gold. Vietnam citizens bought paper gold from the banks, and the banks sold the physical to the funds, etc. Much like what happened to America Fort Knox Gold.

Also East Asians countries are now planning elections in the coming months to reap benefits of their stimulus pro

30 Oct Volcano

18 out of 21 volcanos in Indonesia is forecasted to become active, and on the verge of eruption. The most notable one is Merapi, followed by Krakatau.
Russian Kamtchatka is now erupting.

We may seen consecutive volcano eruption worldwide, sending plums into the sky. Darkening the sky for weeks, if not months. Adding to the severe winter in the Northern hemisphere. The arrival of the most severe winter in 1000 years would soon become a reality. Northern hemispheric activities would grind to a halt, with land transportation hindered by deep snow.

Watched Tom Keene, with guest Dumas from Lombard, a fellow from ECRI, and Alan Hubbarb from U. Columbia.
ECRI says no risk of Double Dip, Lombard says short term perverse effect of QE2. Alan says return to 1950s where Republicans rule and Democrats live.

Yes, America needs to return to the 1950, 1960s, the baby boomers are now into retirement age. they can ill afford to pay housing taxes, and would readily put their houses on sale. And foreclosure is going to escalate, as occupants stand to earn by having free rent from the bank.
Read about overseas Chinese homebuyers snapping up houses in LA, NY. Pretty sure some of them are overleveraged by now.

the internet is flooded by talks of crisis, black swan events. You would probably see a meltup of Equities, Gold, Silver, everything under the sun to their peak. Then come the major fall into the abyss, the Hades. (somehow I have this uneasy feeling with Benny lately).

In fact China has sweared that it can meet US terms that it curb its trade surplus in 3 years. So it has given a hint that China is going to slow down pretty soon and lasting quite a while. Meanwhile HK market is retreating, thanx to a TV series by a famous HK actor. (whenever there is a show by that actor, the HK stock market dips in the past 20 years, the call it the QiuKuang effect 秋官效应).

For SPX, one more leg up. QE2 is still QE2, no matter what they say.
The only loser now is OPEC, with their stealth overproduction, they are not able to rally price to 100. Perhaps a couple of fires by the Nigerian militants would do the trick. Crude is on its tilting point.

Let see if dirty Harry Reid got his judgment.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

24 Oct QingDao

yes, QingDao, that is where Timmy is headig to when he meets China deputy preimier on finance matters, Wang QiShan. Wang was Bank of China president. 2 ex-bankers meeting for a SPA or SPAR ?

probably bad boy Timmy would be oggling at those long legged slit dress hostesses in QingDao.

So it is unfinished business at the Seoul IMF meeting. Sad that Europe has to give up its seats and not the Americans.

So we should expect more of the same next week till GDP announcement, i.e. Stock grinding up into 1200, Gold dropping below 1300, while other individual commities rally. Everybody is doing their own show, no correlation, all pandemonium. Monies sloshing around in hours, seeking harbour. Suddenly monies appear out of no where, and then disappear in a wink.

24 Oct BEAR , just play dead

BEAR, another DVD I watched. too boring.

believe it or not, China media TV ralking about military might comparison between Japan and China. A lady audience speaks while tears dripping about seeking peace. And a speaker is very sure that US would intervene if China and Japan fights over the DiaoYu island.

China has its own global position system,
China Missle: TungFung 21D
Japan has the second largest fleet of anti-submarine helicopters.
Japan has light aircraft carrier.

If Japan claim on the island is successful, its sea border is just 100 km away from a major China coastal city. Most part of the China sea plate belongs to Japan.
China young people much awaits a fight with Japan to state sovereign.

What China is afraid of, is US intervention.

When Japan captured the China boat captain, he was interrogated continously for days.

I picked up quite a lot of Gold bearish talk:



Silver has broken uptrend line. Gold yet to break. For my subscribers, they have been told how to position.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

23 Oct SALT

What is SALT ? the DVD that I am watching. It is about counterintelligence. Reminds me of the gun shooting in Pentagon last week. The Wikileak this week. Things are definitely boiling. As what the Five Star generals says, info on US soldiers torturing Iraqis definitely endanger the safety of American troops.

Spoke with a Chinese over the week, she just put it bluntly: American prints monies and buy all the hardworked product of Chinese. And then asset prices rise in China, the Chinese have to spend away the monies that they earnt in high asset prices.

In the end, it is only a few who gained from the monies printing. While the majority of people in China and America lost.

Geithner is dangling the threat of another flood of monies, forcing the Chinese to raise their currencies.

For the Chinese, the only way out is to impose capital control. And they would, just as Malaysia Mahatir has done to thwart the plans of the American interests, with Paul Krugman, the avid Keynesian, as their spokesman.

Meanwhile, rumours are flying. the Chinese want to have a talk with the South East Asians on its territorial waters around the Philippine sea, rich with gases.
And the Japanese is depatch submarine to investigate if the Chinese is already setting up oil drilling facilities under water in the Easter Sea

Prices in China is now reported in media, sugar, cotton, prices rising. CPI hitting 3.6% and rising.

The currency war would lead to a small scale war like the British-Argentinian Falkland war. Perhaps soon, we would see the emergence of the first air-craft carrier in China.

That would probably explains why Pretcher and friends forecast DJIA going to 1000 if not 5000.

Meanwhile, on a lighter note. Singapore stock exchange (SGX) is buying up ASX (Australian stock exchange). SGX is finding dwindling volumes, as retails shy away after bad memories in 2008. While the 2 Casinos in Singapore is ringing up hundred millions in revenue in a month. The moms and pops as well as business man are losing their hard earned monies in casinos. Tales of businessman losing 100 millions, 26 millions are wagering tongues. Also small businesses suddenly collapsed, spas, commercial schools stop business overnight.

If you invest 100 millions in financial instruments, Blankfein has to nibble an entire year to rid you of your monies. You step into a casinos with 100 millions, LVS Sheldon would take it from you in one night, giving you some free champage in exchange. That is the art of making monies.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

20 Oct Sinking feeling

dun know if any of you follows this:

Pakistan, Southeast Asia: Thailand, Indonesia are sinking. So far scientist have not explained. People think it is the rain.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

19 Oct Bank

reading Reuters headline, Lockhard says QE must be big, Geithner vows to defend dollar.
so Double Talker Timmy is out to encourage some Gold shorts and Euro shorts.

If Timmy is right, we would see world fleeing away from risks, selling equities, into USD, when QE2 is announced.

Finaly China has raised interest rate, current at 5+%. This is would the onset of the China housing bubble correction. Remember last time when Mr Shi JinPing was promoted into the politburo overshadowing the chairman designate, Li KeQiang, Shanghai stock exchange slumps from 6000. Another cycle of China market correction has begun, soon HK and Shanghai would follow suit, when those millionaires become Johny come lately, and start to dump their Real Estate portfolio.

found out the international remittance of USD is taking longer than usual. The China banks are switching their international intermediary bank, staying away from BoA, etc. A silent storm is brewing.

Megi is going to touch China shores, including Hong Kong. Last time a few weeks ago, HK has the highest number of thunder strikes.

last time, when the magazines wrote about Paulson bought Gold in his portfolio and not seeing growth, there were rumours of him dumping his gold.
We just need another piece of news to mark the next rally in Gold.
HK official talked about De-dollarisation of HK peg to USD. South Korea minister talked of increasing Gold holding. Meanwhile, China is horribly silent.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

17 Oct Obama Grin

2011 would be the year of Obama.
it would be lameduck congress, but it sure ain't a lameduck President. We would see a very different White House in 2011. Lucifer has seized the centre of power.

Companies are now rushing to sell themselves to Private Equities, like AOL, etc. Why ? private equities are the managed pool of monies of some rick people. The so called rich people always become the last suckers in the game. Remember the hype of Private Equities before Oct 2007 ?

Meanwhile, Typhoon Mega is the strongest typhoon in this year to hit South China. Second, Wednesday we would see a comet on its closest path to earth.

Economist front page for this week, is titled Currency War. and there are now voices sounding out US deliberate currency manipulation: Geithner orchestrating the rapid devaluation of USD, and the rise of US equities.

Becareful that before the G20, Geithner may want to halt the drop of USD in case he becomes the centerpiece of G20.

A line of thought: most US states are now bankrupt, unable to honour their pension obligations. Hence the Federal Reserve has to resort to devaluation to support its asset prices. Hence after a pause in the drop ahead of G20 and after, the USD would resume its drop. However this second time, it would be orchestrated by powerful forces, forces that pales Bernanke might.

Lucifer ultimate objective is to launch America into chaos.

This weekend a Gazprom Russian economist died. OPEC sec general said high inventory, slower growth, seeing to enforce compliance, means lower production.
CNN showing interview of ex-OPEC sec General, Sheik Yamani, accusing US of raising oil prices in 1973. Oil at 80 dollars is not exact situation, it represents the interest of hedge funds. Oil prices has nothing to do with supply and demand. Bingo, so the high inventory, and lower demand would have nothing to do with the impending rally in oil.


those who took the jab at the advice of government authorities, now has to live in fear if they would suffer nerve diseases at older age.
There would be a rave of lawsuits against the Governments and pharma companies and doctors, hospitals.

17 Oct what's up dude ?

Now last week, there were a lot of chatter on 13 Oct/15 Oct being days of great importance. IT turn out to be Bernanke speech, saying rate would hike only in 2012, not 2011. Apple, Google rocket.
Meanwhile tension in China as CCP meets closed door in Beijing for their planning for next 5 years.
Also tension is rumoured in Obamam household, when Michelle Obama is said to be abusive. The first family is cracking up, facing the furor of the entire democrat party for losing the midterm.
Obama is esentially led by Summers, Geithner giving favours to the Bankers at the expense of the American taxpayers.
Now with foreclosure fate intensifying (latest: Moody downgrading home loan companies), Obamam has to seize the chance and force banks to cut the mortgage for all Americans, esentially forcing all banks to eat their cake. This may garner some votes in November. Of course, Bernanke and Geithner would be horrified.

If Obama has closed down the banks in early 2008, when he started out, the Democrats would now be basking in glories and sunshine.
The Democrats is sacrificed by people by Chris Dodd, Barney Franks and Harry Reid.

IF I am a home owner and serving my mortage, I would walk away and demand the bank to show the title.

Meanwhile, tours to US is getting cheaper, while Japan is getting more expensive. Japan is slipping back into depression before long. China is going to halt most economic activities with Japan, when Japanese are surrounding the China embassy. And the China youngsters are surrounding the Japanese store Mizuho in Beijing.

When Obama asks the previous Japanese Prime Minister: can I trust you, he actually means can I f*** you.

Japan has now relegated itself as a country that lost the war and remain so for the next decade. It cannot even defend its own island.

By 2050, we would see China annexing Japan when Japan economy slips into moribund. Japan would become the far eastern province of the Greater China.

Friday, October 15, 2010

15 Oct Vote DemocRATS, join the game

anybody saw the billboard depicting Obama as rats alongside, FED ?

Remember the biggest buyer of Gold now is the Indians and Chinese. The Chinese even have gold exchange in Shanghai. And HK airport has setup a vault just for storing Gold.
When the drum beats, the Chinese would be piling into Gold, the next money making instrument like the Shanghai Composite in 2007.
India festival, Deepavali in coming in November, and Chinese new Year in Febraury 2011.
Goldsmith who stock up Gold when it was at 1100 would luv to sell it at a tidy profit.

Nonetheless, Gold is not much of concern to me. I am watching Crude. Iran would be the chairman for OPEC in 2011. IT would crank up something for its arrival.

May be the sea shell company may employ some militants to blow up its pipeline in Lagos, just to awaken the world to the long forgotten pipeline fire gimmicks.

How about Vitoil, asking "who has shrunk my balls ?"

now Jerome Kervail got jailed, but the so called Reed company that caused the recent flash crash got away. So you know which market would be the likely candidate for the next flash crash.

15 Oct The End is near

USD index is perching on 76, a key support: the edge of a massive double top. the double top stretches all the way from March 2008.
now it is time of reckoning for Bernanke. To QE, USD would drop through the support for eventual 60+.

No QE, SPX would be disappointed.
It is the rule of the universe, the Yin and the Yang. Bernanke cannot have it both ways. What is holding the market up is the Midterm election.

Singapore central banker threw a spanner in the works, and announces to widen its band of trading for SGD, effectively allowing a stronger SGD. Its quaterly GDP has now dropped. In fact it is forecasting a slightly higher inflation, and decide to rein in its inflation despite slower growth.

Meanwhile pricey Kimchi is raising media coverage in Korea and Asia. And also my mum was telling me about the cotton prices and the clother prices as well. Soon every mom and pop would be raising prices.

It is funny that the world rest on a failed thesis of Bernanke, who have written about aggressive Quantitative Easing. To support a academic thinking, he goes through every tricks out there to mask any sign of failure, including market manipulation, perjury to congress/senate, etc.

My friend, a wise trader, said the end game would come years away, may be in next 10 years. However, I think that people like George Soros, would not want to wait at their death bed for the end game.

China/HK are not able to curb their housing prices, as they have lost their credibility and the late comers are rushing into the peak.

5 years ago, on a forex forum I forecasted USD interest rate would goto ZERO. 2 years ago, I forecasted FED would be disbanded. And we now understand how and why the FED would be disbanded. And even further out, the 51 states of America would be divided up. As you can see the dysfunctional Congress and Senate, the monies grabbing machines.

The Japanese far right is organising a siege of the China embassy in Tokyo on 16 Oct. Chinese in Japan is facing daily abuse from Japanese. Ahmadinejadd has visited Palestine within a km of Israel. Admadinejadd is shown on TV with a starry eye when he stares into the massive welcome from the Palestinians. Can you imagine Nethanyahu almost falled into the Obama trap.

Remember Obama speech in Egypt, when he alludes to himself being a Muslim. His foreign policy is a total failure in Middleeast and Asia. China reach is now into Pakistan and Vietnam.

The world is in disarray, financially, and geo-politically. Remember Obama = 666.

The End is near.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

14 Oct market meltup

well, it is a rally alright. last time Oct 16 was the top in 2007.
Morgan Stanley analyst says more funds buying ETF, playing catchup, hence more monies flowing into market. Isn't that obvious.
It is bullish everywhere on national TV.
Gold and Silver still not there yet. am waiting.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

14 Oct correction coming

Euro now drifted below uptrend line,
after FOMC minutes, we should see all markets correction.
Though Euro 1.4000 is the interim top, next move to 1.5000 would come.
Same for GOLD, 1364 is the interim top. Gold would test 1320.
SPX would correct, next is good buying opportunity. should test 1100 again.

bull trend still in tact.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

101010 Foreclosure Gate: an important turning point

Let today be the day when all American home-owners revolt against the banks.

stop paying your mortgages, the bank cannot produce documents to chase you away.

you have the right to remain in your home.

Madhedgefundtrader calling top in Gold, seeing signs flashing read. saying "Gold is now at Deep End of Pool".

Even some Asian countries with so called strong currencies, are printing monies at will, to fund national projects. Government giving out loads of free tickets to Olympic games, when there were hardly any paying spectators. Government linked cooperations sponsoring F1 Grand Prix and giving out free tickets as well, when local audience are hardly attending.

Vietnam just had one of their grandest national celebrations in years.

While connected people get millions of risk free monies in government led QE, others just get free tickets.

All countries are printing at will now.

For fear that the nobel peace prize winner Liu XiaoBo wife would represent on his behalf to collect the prize, the CCP decides to squirrel his wife away.

101010 update

well, lots of pple getting married today because of 101010.
other than that, media starts spawning news that the IMF meeting was a failure. Strauss promises that he himself wold supervise the policies of the developed nations. Essentially China Wen JiaBao has won.

Soon the democrats leadership, Hilary, Pelosi would be targeting Geithner as the scapegoat for the Democrat midterm loss. As Geithner has failed to frame China.
Geithner would be gone before Dec 2010.

Meanwhile, China fighter jets have flown to Turkey, into the territory of NATO in a joint air exercise. While India is equipping Vietnam with new aircrafts upgrade.

All nations are now ramping up their military strength as a backstop for the coming Currency War. Nobody wants a military war, but do not mind a currency war.

Expect all asset classes to rise to historic high.

come to think of it, Blackberry is getting banned in middle-east, Google banned in China. American technologies is going to face an onslaught.

Anybody here follows Yamada, the charismatic chartist ? she was on Bloomberg Surveillance. she said 2 years yields to fall to 0.3%.

101010 something happening ?

Some doomsayers predicting somebody big happening on 10 Oct 2010, am waiting to see anything happens.

suddenly IMF becomes the hero to save the world from a Currency War. an organisation that is retard, nobody watches now claim it has a plan to thwart a Currency War.

essentially it is a bag of hot air.

so, nothing significant has happened on this weekend IMF meeting. The most attractive part is that China managed to convince Europe and IMF Strauss to voice opposition to the idea that China is to be blamed for US woes. i.e. Geither plan fails. 4 more weeks, China would have survived US midterm election.

this also means more forex volatility in this 4 weeks.
expect Gold to make a pullback touching 1320 as support, before ramping higher towards 1500. While Euro would clear 1.4000 towards 1.5000.
SPX would be closer to 1200.

The foreclosure gate would brew into a global event. and the world would gasp at the greed of US bankers and politicians.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

9 Oct Beijing Butcher

Now, China is really mad. a jailed dissident in the country get selected for Nobel Peace Prize. It is evident that the Nobel Peace Prize commission is a political apparatus, more so after it selected Obama in 2008 for its Peace Prize.

Japan intervening to devalue its currency, China adament not to do a one time hike, US allowing the dollar to slide.

China hike or not hike, the outcome is the same turmoil. China hike, all the JPM, MS, Goldman pull their shadow funds out cashing in. China not hike, it faces more abuse daily.

The US is now deliberately targeting Wen JiaBao, afterall Wen is a open minded communist clamouring for more democracy. His opponents in the administration may link him with the Liu XiaoBo Nobel Peace Prize. Chairman Jiang ZheMin has been quiet of late. It may end up as Wen JiaBao lone war against Amercian and its cronies in the China political parties.

To forestall the inevitable outcome, China need to institute capital control over the shadow funds of MS/JPM/GS/BoA/CITI namly American banking interest. And to put America proxies under surveilance. Pelosi proxies in China would be captured once and for all.

Before China faces its external enemies, it would exterminate its internal enemies, typical Communist doctrines.

Currency war or no currency war, those whose interest is at stake is losing sleeps nowadays.

Remember, Pelosi once called the Chinese Communist Party, the Beijing Butcher.

Meanwhile, we see ETFs, Funds nibbling the US market which is good.

Soft commodities is not waiting for Bernanke, it is rising like a shooting star yesterday. Cooper as well.

Vitoil and frens afraid of arrest (like Jerome Kervail), is reluctant to play the crude market once more. If the monies is there, sooner or later, somebody would come onboard.

After Iran, now US has turned the world's attention on China on the eve of its midterm election.

Now, China, make those arrest.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

2 Oct Euro and the Beast

FT weekend front page, France in secret talks with China on currency manoevres, China Wen Jia Bao pledges support for Greece.

Despite all the rambling of Ireland bank crisis, Euro is on a arrow up. Probably a lot of opportunistice Euro bear are scrambling for cover when their anticpated Europ drop is not happening.

Euro has survived a couple of crisis: Iceland, Northern rock, Germany Hypo, Greece bonds, now Ireland. It is still holding up. Then you can say that the USD is deeply flawed, the nature of which is covered up. Remember the Switzerland borders capture of 2 Japanese holding Kenney billion dollars bonds ? The FED has been secretly dumping USD with the Japanese government, and using the Japananese as the spigot. Which the Chinese is definitely not happy.

Lately, there is another China ship captured by the Japanese. China is now on a rampage to boost its oil production, as the evitable is coming, rising crude prices, crude would inch up 10/20 dollars every year. In 2012, we would probably see Crude at about 120 USD, with a high of probably 150.

Russia is also in a territory spat with Japan. Japan which remains a surrendered country to US would remain as US proxy in Asia (what a shame).

Now, talks about talks are always there, so that the Diplomat can shuttered between cities, good food, nice rub down, knob polishing. Back to reality, nobody is giving up their sovereign rights. (we may see some arrest of Japanese Ayumi lookalike spies arrested by the Chinese and vice versa).

As Nostradamus saying goes, the beast would suffer a wound. And some Hong Kong gemoacer has predicted Obama life would be in danger in 2010.

Having said this, Euro and Gold is due for a near term correction before moving up. Hence a good buying opportunity awaits.

Friday, October 1, 2010

1 Oct QE and GOD's work.

Now Dudley came out and sound support for more QE, QE at relatively low cost. So Dudley obviously has political ambition in mind. possibly replacement for Geithner or Bernanke. Hence 1 October mark a major milestone in FED policies, and the beginning of the end.

You see monies are rampant, but it is only going to the connected ones. The Banks get to roll over loans for their client at preferential rates. Preferred customers get showered with monies without any risks. This is happening in other countries as well, India, China.

The nonconnected ones, the small businesses are seeing diminishing demands.

Nonetheless, in a QE environment, companies are more willing to spend, e.g. IT projects, new busineses, etc. Only the skilled and educated profits.

American jobs have been destroyed by Bush policy of rampant foreigner import, and encourages manufacturers to seek oversea bases.

The QE is offset by weakness in USD, and resource owners want more dollars for their resources. Hence OPEC would soon raise its price range from 70-80 to 90 citing a worldwide economic recovery (which is not).

Hence another commodity bull run is coming, fueled not by speculation, but by fear of losing behind. Once food prices hikes, gasoline hikes hit headlines, it would snowball.

Inflation is what would set US into another recession, not deflation. Inflation would come suddenly, as the US goverment statisticians cannot hide the figures any more.

When Inflation comes, mortgage rates would rise, those in Asia who over invested in properties would suffer.

And China has decided to implement some form of Property Tax, starting in some cities. With Property Tax, property ownership would be basking in daylights, those who scam public monies through banks would be dragged in the open. They have to explain their wealth. So these people would be eager to rid of their properties in due time and hide the cash. I guess that is why Goldman Sachs sold it stake in China mobile this week.

Blankfein once said he is doing GOD's work at a congressional hearing. I have no doubt about that, defrauding the government, tax payers monies, benefitting select people, sustaining the financial structures. A lot of people has to thank him for that, while the general US tax payers loose. In a way, I have to thank him, Geithner, Bernanke as well, because companies are willing to spend on projects, I got my day job.
However, I am pretty sure when he comes before GOD, he would be judged differently. In a way, he is a martyr.

QE is never a fair game, some people wins, most people loses. For personal ambitions, US congressman, senators, FED governors make their choices at their personal interest. Years ago, 2005, I have predicted that FED would be abolished. And we are seeing glimmer of what is to come. In 2005, abolishing the FED is an unthinkable idea, but now, we see it is possible.

Things would happen all too soon, unlike when Nostradamus writings are known decades later. What I forsee would happen soon.

For the shrewdest bears, all they want is pole position, high up there.

1 Oct Emannuel leaving white house

now the crooks have made the monies, and now leaving the administration, Rommers, Emmanuel, Summers, probably Geithner, etc.

Bernanke made a important undertaking yesterday, no more bank bailouts. If any banks fail again, it is going to fail.

Also Frauds now reported in every district courts.

and the Evil side of Obama would rise after the mid-term. America wold go to war in 2011.