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Thursday, September 30, 2010

29 Sept Gold 1320

on the last trading day of September, Gold inches towards 1320, last at 1315.
think Gold would hit its interim peak, and Stock would reverse tomorrow.

on record, this is the most stellar September in history without retail participation, low volume. When the marginal player decides to sprint, it is going to trigger an avalanche.

In an avalanche, it does not matter if it is a first stone or a big rock.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

29 Sept End Game


the end game has started.

28 Sept

Obama said US not in a jobless recovery.
He is right, US is not in recovery, it is in recession.

Meanwhile expecting the usual drop to position for the window dressing Quarter end.

Gold should touch 1320, to mark the end of the current leg of rally of Gold and SPX.

Monday, September 27, 2010

27 September Proverbial Gold top at 1320

1320 has been the expected top. let see. what would trigger the drop.

Friday, September 24, 2010

24 Sept Silver record high

yes, Silver is now higher than it was years ago, and Gold just below 1300.
India big festival in November, then Xmas and Chinese New Year in 3 Feb 2011. Demand is heavy in coming months.

The trading shows steady, no panic buying. Orderly fashion. The question is if the market allows a deep enough retracement to buy on the cheap.

Think soon, somebody would offer some insights stories into Fed swapping aways US gold holdings, or some Banks/ETF not holding actual gold, this would trigger a buying frenzy.

Some were expecting SPX to reach 1300, seems like Gold has taken the lead. Would Summer jive up SPX to 1300 before he leaves his job ?

Meanwhile, the currency is big deal for China manufacturers. As their profit margin is now razor thin, especially those clother manufacturers, low tech industries. a 5% rise would wipe would their profit. 10% would see mass layoffs. 20% we have chaos.
Hence China would not relent no matter what. It is better to face tariffs than drastic revaluation.

As for the US, the bill would be stuck in the Senate and then evaporates after the midterm election. Mr Wen just has to hold the fort for another month. The pressure would disappear.

As you know Obama is all talk. Now he wants the world to pressure Israel and Palestine into talks. Those goons advicing Obama ought to be fired. Wel, Hilary is just smiling away.

Watched the movie Greenzone. Feel sad for the Iraqis.

Well, nothing new in the market. Better gobbling up all my new DVD titles: the Expandables, Prince of Persia, Robin Hood, etc.

As for the Japanese and China row. Japan has backed off. China would begin exploration and drilling in earnest into the Eastern Sea oilfields. While Japan wold just watch. Should see some military confrontations soon.

As USDJPY is approaching historical low, if dollar index breaks 77, we shold see accelerated selling of dollars into 70, then 65. Think China would be caught in the cookie jar, with its hand full of US treasuries.

The China officials who orchestrate all these US Treasuries purchase should be put to the firing squad. Possibly Geithner squirreled away 0.001% of T bills bought as bribes held in a US bank for the Chinese official. ( I have this feeling they struck the deal during the WTO in Singapore).

That explains why Wen JiaBao is lamenting, the Communist Party is rotten to its core.

When Gold is rising, you better sit up and watch. Bernanke is said to have his desktop showing Gold prices, and he watch it everyday he starts work.
And UFOs are said to be mining Earth Gold enslaving the Summerians.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

14 September 1274

Gold spot made a new high 1274. we should see a pullback, and then march towards 1300. perhaps to 1320 before this rally pauses.

Euro rise is even more amazing, days after Deutsche Bank announces share sales, Greek crisis stirring, strikes in Europe, Euro defies all these negativities and rises, back into 1.3000. Short interest should still be there. We should see short squeeze all the way back into 1.3300. If Euro holds 1.3300, then 1.4000 is the target.

Yen strength would pause, while passing the baton to Euro. UK Inflation is rising again. BoE may signal early rate hike. Unfortunately, Crude is not making much headway, still below 78.

Silver is on its way to challenge its 2008 high of 21.34. now at 20.44.

S&P is not rising as much, now at 1126. 1140 would be the near term resistance.

What is the market telling us ?

Monday, September 13, 2010

13 September SPX bullish wedge breakout

1124 bullish breakout, aiming for 1200 again.
Euro rising as well.
Let us see who wins the Jap election. Media positioning as such:
Ozawa wins, YEN intervention, USD strengthen
Kan wins, no YEN intervention, USD weakens

Meanwhile, some Asia markets make 2 year new high. Asian currencies also at record strength.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

12 September all peaceful and quiet

well, Jones decided not to burn, since he is in New York enjoying himself, probably with some paid for nob polishing.

Meanwhile Hong Kong has a thunderous night when it recorded a record high thunder strikes. Hong Kong has a tragic year, with constant bikering in the media about the government, and lately with the Philippine bus killings.
When the incident happened, the Chief Executive of HK called the Philippine President, and his call was turned down.
This week, the Philippine president jokingly said that the Chairman of China, Mr Hu Jingtao would not take a call from a province chief in Philippine.

SPX showing a classic rising Wedge, according to Buslowski chart pattern, it is a bullish sign. Also there is a multi-month bullish head and shoulder pattern.

A breakout is imminent next week, with Equities launching into a new rally. Gold into a new high towards 1500, Crude back into 90.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

11 September to burn or not to burn / Panda Yen crisis

It is a previlege to write on this 911 anniversary. Considering one is alive, not having died of sickness, burnt to death or killed by a co-worker.


Kraft Foods, an American pride, saw worker rage. After Kraft bought Cadbury at a high price, it is paying the price now, having to retrench workers worldwide. With dwindling profit margins, companies have to survive by market share, larger volumes. We would see more and more buy-out, mergers, and middle-class and lower class jobs are getting fewer and fewer.

Bush has basically sold out all the high tech jobs to overseas, by allowing a free flow of H1-B. Overseas worker flood the US job market, made those job disappear with their departure.

Even if housing stabilise, it is going to be a long bottom, when Americans struggle to accumulate wealth to buy a new house.

Meanwhile, media, bankers are sustaining the facade of a recovering economy.

I was walking about in my neighbourhood. A haircut by some senior citizens used to be 10 dollars. Now youngish barber in salons are charging 5 dollars for a haircut, and the shop is swamped with people.

It is going to be a long Kondratieff Winter with spurts along the way.

Jones has travelled to New York to get confirmation that the mosque would not be built on Ground Zero. Well, everyone knows that the mosque would be built no matter what, and Obama would grace the opening one day. Perhaps Jones would be compensated by some contracts to his company.

If he insists, probably he would be taken down by some sniper. Otherwise, he would be the laughing stock of the world. "Terry Jones, the coward pastor". Most Americans would want him to burn, frankly.

Pakistanis are shown on TV to burn American flags, and Hilary is speechless. While Yuan is now written on every newspaper to be going global. USD would soon be replaced in major transactions. The fall of USD would be accelerating.

China bought up YEN. and now China and Japan is having a spat on a disputed island, rich of gas and oil. And the Japs decided to drug one of the Panda to death.
The rise of YEN would be unstoppable, making a new record strength. EURO would follow.

Let me call it the "The Panda YEN crisis". it is actually in the favour of Japanese corporations, they can gobble up overseas asset with ease. And that is precisely what the opponent of current premier KAN is planning. Using YEN to defeat his opponent, Japanese style.

The world is set for major conflicts, just short of the Easterly Wind.

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Gold update

For those subscribed to my view of an imminent Gold rally, a bit of news:
poleshift.ning.com, Zeta newsletter,
The resident of Annunaki, on Planet X, used to enslave the Sumerians, a earlthy tribe for years to harvest Gold from the ground.
Probably earthly beings like us can trade gold with the Annunaki to get us away from the Earth during the coming Poleshfit (what you see on 2012). No wonder, recent rampant sights of UFOs explain that some sort of visits by the Annunakis is happening.
"Buy GOLD, it would save your life and those of your families when Poleshift comes"

Coming Monday, Gold would fake a down move and then break the 1265 historical high. Reason attributed would be the Europe banking crisis (The strongest German bank DB selling shares), more Japan Banks on edge of brankrutpcy, and of course more monies printing from the FED to support Obama stimulus II.

Friday, September 10, 2010

10 September Pastor and Iman

Big fire raging in San Bruno county in California, some say because of Natural Gas burst, some say aircraft drop onto ground, not sure.

Also the Pastor is said to retract his decision and proceeding with the burning on Saturday. Jones said he was lied to by the Iman, i.e. the Iman is not shifting the mosque from ground zero. Now Iran has chipped in and said it is a plot by Israel.


Remember it was Obama who supported the idea of having a mosque on ground zero.

Well, these noise would just come and go. But this Saturday 9/11 would be an interesting day.

Instead of buying USD, the greedy Chinese went to buy YEN, and now the Jap is really pissed.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

9 September Gold 1265

how much of Short Interest is there at 1260 to 1265 level ?
it would be interesting to see the flurry of stop loss.

called a friend, and he has this interesting question of "how can you cure Debt with more Debt ?". And the recycling of Europe debt crisis is now a wolf call, it does not garner as much fear as before. And of course the biggest debtor is the United States of America.

when is the endgame ?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

8 September full moon and Lucifer Effect.

Quote stuffing,


no matter the deficits is at 2 Trillions, Bernanke prints 2 Trillions dollars, those quote suffer on the trading platform wants your hundred dollars.

not everybody has access to Bernanke 2 trillions borrow at 0% and lend to consumers at 16% per annum.

the financial system is kaput to say the least.

Meanwhile, after 2 yrs in office, Obama announces monies for infrastructure, one wonders what he has been doing in his 1st 2 years. Australia Gillard also announces monies for Infra. Aussie Central Bank has halted rate rise. Korea to follow after hiking this week. Deflation is taking over Inflation. However Inflation has already done its damage in China, and other emerging Asia countries, like Singapore, Hong Kong. Land prices keep on making new high despite government efforts to stem properties prices rally.

Developers who have made their monies is doubling up, like Li Kah Shing in Hong Kong and the Ong family in Singapore. The Billionaires are betting on a Bull Run 2. Unfortunately, it is going to end up in cannablisation among the tycoons, as that is where the monies are, not the moms and pops.

The next crisis would be a all out battle between the Governments and the Tycoons. The Governments for fear of losing voters support, has to pick a fight with the Tycoons. And some Ultra-billionairs decide to fight the Government, much like Goerge Soros with the BoE. As the governments are in precarious financial state.

The ground is rich for "Lucifer Effect" to take hold. Some good soul out there may be taken over by the wandering spirit of the devil to wreak havoc, and we see the 3rd Anti-Christ appear. My prediction is that Barrack Hussein Obama soul would be overtaken by Lucifer after the mid-term election, and we are going to see a very different US government. One that is going to confront China at sea, organising Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and India is a Surround-China coalition.

Also Putin is going to return as President of Russia, and US warships is going to plough the Artic route.

And Iran would be hit next year.

Amidst the Earthquakes, Volcanoes, History Channel chooses to rerun its series on Nostradamus Effect. The Fatimah prophecies, would be interesting. Pope Ratzinger has a role to play in Fatimah 3rd secret, one that herald the end of times and the collapse of the Catholic Church.

As the Indonesia Sinabung is still getting stronger and stronger, we are going to see a major blowoff, much like St Helen, that is going to cool the Earth amidst Northern Hemispheric winter. The entire Northern Hesmispher is going to see a near-ice-age experience. Heavy snow stops air traffic for weeks, weigh down power grids and make rail, road traffic impossible. Heavy snow would bear on the earth crust and trigger fault lines to crumple world wide. We would have the Madrid, St. Andreas fault line release Richter scale >8 earthquakes. (Christchurch was 7.4).

Saturday, September 4, 2010

4 September Christchurch 7.4 Earthquake

major quake hits a major city.
signs: Indonesia 400 years dormant volcanoe revived.
the Pacific plate is under stress and about to give way.

worse predictions: the Indonesia tongue would slip under the Europe plate in due time.

Friday, September 3, 2010

3 Aug short squeeze

another short squeeze,
would have expected that, when you see commentaries touting those short ETF like FAZ, etc. last week.
in the absence of moms and pops, bears are the remaining food.

funds have flown into Asia markets, pushing Asia currencies stronger.

those funds manager with nowhere to go, amidst the bond bubble, has to put monies elsewhere.

equities, bonds, commodities, not much choices around for the excess monies. Essentially the last attempt by market to deleverage was not completed.

a lot of monies are parked in real estates.

anyway, this labor day holiday, I expect to see a lot of forex actions amidst thinner liquidity on Monday, Tuesday.
Euro would break 1.2900 back to test 1.3300 and then 1.4000.
While Gold would make a new high, towards 1300. Those Gold diggers would want to push Gold higher and take their leisure to sell into the rally. Silver would make a historical high as well.

Meanwhile, do not expect any Japan government intervention, as Japan officials has said they are afraid US may not agree with their unilateral intervention. Expect USDJPY to hit 79, and make a historical low.

Some black swan event is lurking somewhere.