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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

31 August waiting for ? hurricane

market gyrating. meanwhile lots of chats on those short ETF. Probably iShares, ProShares want to draw back its usual crowds, to push the ETFs.

with PPT out there, even if it breaks 1010 by 1 point, i might just be a bear trap. Hence pros are deserting this market.

think, the traders in Wallstreet just may as well stay away amidst a storm coming.

Meanwhile,3 hurricanes heading towards Taiwan and China south eastern shores. The heavy deluge of water onto Taiwan soil, may just trigger another Earthquake.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

29 August I love Bernie.

let us start with the YEN. KAN, the incumbent Japan PM pledges to fight to weaken the YEN to boost export as first priority over securing the next election.
While, a powerful cadre member of his Party reemerges to fight KAN for the Party Leadership.

That means the battle of the YEN becomes the political tool of 2 politicians aim at destroying the other's future.

Is strong YEN bad ? nope, Corporate Japan now is deploying their strong YEN overseas buying up companies, expanding overseas plant one more time. Overseas are now cheap in YEN terms. Hence this YEN bottom at around 83 is a farce. Ms Watanabe would be burnt selling YEN.

Now back to Bernanke, Geithner and Bernanke have defined a bottow at 1040. Unlike the bottom at 666, the followthrough was not strong. The retails are locked up in Assets. Only institutions are buying. Hedge funds are pretty tired now.
By the way, 1040 means nothing. The behaviour of the FED may emerge as a election topic.

Was watching a movie: The Repoman. If America defaults after a QE2, who is going after Bernanke and Geithner. Besides the REPOMAN, Crude and Gold waiting on the aisle. So am I. and hence my 3 letters word.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

27 FED lovefest update: August Matrix Revolution -> the war is over

Matrix Revolution is the last of the Matrix Trilogy.
Neil won over Mr Smith. At the end, Mr Smith uttered: everything that has a beginning has and end.
Then the people in Zion cheered: "the war is over, the machine has retreated".

Yes, now Dow at 10111. S&P at 1060. Nasdaq at 2143
That is it. The robots would be shut. The war is over.

what everybody is waiting in September is starting now.

Time for lunch.

Pls leave a message if you agree with my vision.

Friday, August 27, 2010

27 Aug Charles Nennar

Charles Nennar video on front page of bloomberg blog, predicting 5000 in the next 2 years. You know another short squeeze coming.
The market is essentially deleveraging sideways, sucking in thinner and thinner volumes of bulls and bears. Another short squeeze and then profit taking and down through 1000 before Labour Day holiday.

Back in 2000-2003, then the US market collapses, there were Asians who went to US and buy up houses. Most notable was a HK XXX actress who married a cripple in US, they amass lots of houses and sold them back in 2005-2007 for a fortune.

Similarly, in 2009, 2010, there were also a lot of bargain hunters, notably Chinese from China who brought their wealth out of China and bought houses everywhere, in HK, US, UK.

If there is another leg of housing downwards, a lot of housing investors would be sitting on massive losses. The corporates may have large cash hoardes. But when their even larger investments collapses, the cash would be drained.

The next leg would be a Currency crisis, and that is what Bernanke is most unwilling to unleash QE2. What if a QE2 did not jolt the economy but brings about a flee from USD ?

Meanwhile furor over the killing of 8 HK tourist in Philippine hostage taking crisis is now subsiding.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

25 August Hong Konger killed in Manila hostage crisis "东亚病夫".


In Asia, the most crippling thing is now the 9 Hong Kongers who are killed in Manila hostage crisis.

There is nothing much to see in Metro Manila, except the slums and some monuments. Bored Hong Kong families, who are not beach goers, decide to visit the capital of Philippine. And got killed by the kidnapper in a bus, amidst the storming by the Manila police.

After the event, Philippinos are trivalising the events. Possibly the maids in Hong Kong are murmurring their Hong Kong employers deserve it.

However during the crisis, we see the true human spirits of selflessness: a hostage who was let go, claiming another kid of another families to be her kid, husband throwing himself into the rain of bullets to protect the wife.

For me, a call for a total tourist boycott of Philippine worldwide, in the name of safe tourism. For those of you out there, probably you want a safe holiday in future wherever you go.

It is back to Homes again. In America, the adult children can always go back and stay with their parents, when they are jobless. They can always enlarge the house into the yards. In Asia, most people stay in high rise units, chickencoops per se. Expansion is not an option, hence there is a floor to the house prices. In America, house prices can just keep going down.

Bernanke had chosen to save the Bankers and not the home owners. Hence the mortgage crisis is not solved. And the Bankers have taken their profits, through their stocks or bonuses. So the Bankers have no obligation to support their companies stock price, or rather let it fall and buy on the cheap again.

As big monies are waiting to buy, the drop cannot be the sharp as well. Hence this meandering market.

So market is waiting for QE2 Big time, or black swan event (Madrid fault, St Andreas fault, another Katrina, etc).

Spoke with a friend, who is a IT worker, bought 5 lots LVS at 2 and sold at 26. Simple guy, no frills, who does not watch bloomberg nor CNBC, took profit and never in the market again. Sometimes talking to a simple investor is better than listening to those talking heads on national TV. Remember Mrs Watanabe who beat the Yen bank traders ?

Now the market is waiting for Geithner and Bernanke at 1010. Would they be so cruel to destroy Obama presidency ? (by the way, Bernanke is Republican's Trojan horse) If Black Obama fails, Hilary and Joe "Bit-Me" would take center stage in the next 2 years. Probably, the senior Democrats are planning as such after Obamam strong backer Ted Kennedy had bitten the dust. BTW, Obamam healthcare bill is a hidden tax on corporate America. (though I support it, as it is altruistics, pple with medical history can seek insurance without prejudice).

Think GOLD is going for 1320 finally this time.

Latest in:
Japan is going to join Korea military exercise in September, while America may despatch an aircraft carrier into China Yellow Sea. Slowly, China is facing a seige, orchestrated by Hilary, in the name of mature relationship.

It is like your neighbour asking you to uphold a mature relationship, while fucking around with your wife. Amazing.

Meanwhile China is equally helpless when its citizens Hong Konger get killed in hostage crisis, when the police is trivalising the life of its citizens.

There used to be a name for it "东亚病夫" a.k.a. "Eastern Sick Man", made famous when Shanghai was rented out to the seven Western nations including Japan.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

24 August full moon

On this full moon day, Bernanke is having the annual Fed symposium lovefest, with economists, debating about to hike or not to hike.

the answer is obvious: no hiking. to drive home the point, no harm dropping the markets a couple of points here and there.

the FED does not know what is happening. Hence the best deal is to stay put. would expect SPX to test 1050 to spook those who clamour for hikes. Geithner would come out and support once 1050 is breached, much like what he did when SPX touches 1010.

Bernanke's unusual uncertainty would definitely be as well remembered as Alan irrational exuberance.

If the FED does not know what is happening, it is quite pointless to listen to those talking heads on national TV.

Some Asian governments have been out in the market with their proxies supporting the indices, buying up seldom traded heavyweights using tax-payers monies.

Talks of UFO have subsided. I watched the movie "The Hole in 3D" last evening. In the HOLE, everybody's fear comes true. In 2010 we got HOLE, in 2009 we got UP.

Meanwhile holes popping up everywhere in and near cities. though no skyscrappers have falled through a hole yet.

USDJPY heading for record low at about 80, now at 83++.
Euro well supported by a robust Germany. GOLD sold off 13 dollars, though eager buyers from Asia await at lower prices.

Friday, August 20, 2010

19 Aug 2 days from Israel dateline to bomb Iran

2 more days to go, before it is a no return for Iran's race to enrich plutonium.

Meanwhile is the drop in SPX for real ? or just to suck in inevitable enventual buyers in short squeeze ?

HK Li Kah Shing pours monies to buy up land parcel for development at record high prices.

Spoke with the bank clerk at the bank, she is long Blue chips waiting for Dividend if the stock never rises.

A Casino in Singapore report monthly earning on 60million, on extending extended credit to diehard gamblers, gambler 26million in debt at Casino and wanna sue Casino.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

13 August Bad Friday

13 August is Friday the 13th. The Chinese calender has entered into the seventh month, the month when hell gate is open, and hungry ghosts wander for food.

I attended a religious seminar last evening, the topics was "Hell" from a cultural and historical evolution in the Chinese Taoist culture. Essentially when one pass away, one goes through 10 Gods. And there are different level of hell depending on the graveness of your sin.

One participant asks: Does ghost work in Hell like we human does on Earth ? The Professor replied that there is no work in Hell, but punishment.

Ok, that means Adam Smith's "invisible hand" does not work in Hell. Keynesian economics does not work in Hell.

And the earthly principle of Yin and Yang rules. For everything that Bernanke does, there is the opposite effect. and it is fast catching up.

Chinese Yuan has a big depreciation today, while most people are expecting an appreciation. Most western funds are locked in China waiting for appreciation.
And the Chinese government is afraid of appreciating its currency too much that the Western funds may take profit and flee. These Western funds are the proverbial side monies held up in the corporates.

It is going to be an interesting month. Am waiting for the PIMCO El something... to come out again on CNBC to spook the market. Dow had a 1000 points plunge after he spoke.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

3 Aug Daylight

my USO, UNG going to see daylight.
SPX rally towards 1200. consider this a breakout. Crude towards 90.

As Greenspan said yesterday in CNBC "meet the press", he suggests FED supporting the stock market to spur economic growth.

Euro on its way back to 1.4000 soon. Euro bear massive short squeeze coming after consolidation at 1.3000. Another GOLD short squeeze coming at 1200, those who shorted at 1200 would get burnt. Target 1320 at least.

USD index to 76 before it pauses. This is going to continue to Labour Day.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

1 August the day before disclosure


when the world is facing floods, extreme heat, now talks of Planet-X, UFO, emerges.

While Mid-Term approaches, this is going to be the MID-TERM that is going to attract record attention. This mid-term would change the world in years to come.

Obama is definitely the bull eye. So far the Republicans have been quiet, except the Wikileak, Republican's appointee Gates and Bernanke. Are Gates and Bernanke trojan horse in Obama administration. Is the Wikileak choreographed by the military to undermine Obama administration, discredit his Afghanisatan policy ?

Would Israel attack Iran during the mid-term to take advantage of US incapability to react ?

Would Obama be foreced to disclose Alien presence after the mid-term ?