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Thursday, July 29, 2010

29 July and then.......

watching this SPX bobbing up and down, and then....

I just hope that my GOLD would bounce from here, 1150 is like the dividing line between the next top and another test of 1000.

Monday, July 26, 2010

26 July Calling on heavy's door

now SPX knocking on 1111.
Bernanke asking for passage to heaven.

lots of funds piling in to fullfil their purpose in life.

26 July Bear Care

another short drop and another bear squeeze.

26 July Trade ideas

So over the weekend, Geithner rules out a Double Dip.
and Clinton was barking at the ASEAN summit in Vietnam talking about the Spratlys island, claimed by China, Vietnam, Philippine, etc.
North Korea threatened Nuclear attack if violated.

Trading wise, expect a range with bias to the upside. we are in delicate balance, not inflation, deflation as Martin Feldstein has written recently.

The Asian markets have been bouncing up and down, not making any headways.

this balance would not hold for long. It would probably gives before November midterm, but not earlier.

Time for the big boys to place bets. For me, I prefer an inflationary scenario, led by Food, Crude in 4th Qtr.

Dams broke in Iowa, 3rd and 4th Quater would be fraught with natural disasters.
The earth crust has been unusually active. So far no damage to any major cities that would create headlines.
We can count the Madrid Fault, the St Andreas Fault, Japan Tokai, Indonesia Sumatra as likely events.

Anything can happen.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

24 July how to know it is a Bull

Today, I passed by Meryll Lynch office and it has a big bronze statue outside its office. It tells me it is a Bull because it has a penis and 2 balls.

Is this rally a real bull, do you see the penis and 2 balls ?

Now DPRK is threatening a sacred war against US and South Korea. It has lost all its credibility. And now its threat is not on front pages.

Meanwhile, Chinese Yuan making headway in the international market, making swaps agreements with different governments in Asia. The speed of moving away from USD based trade is hastening. USD is on its next leg of incessant drop, when needs for USD as a trading medium is diminishing, hence its demand drops while supply is every increasing with Bernanke printing machine.

Have to apologise, Bernanke said "unusually uncertain" not highly uncertain. The last event that was intriguing to Bernanke was the inverted yield curve. He explained it as a sign of increase demand by China of US treasuries, hence depressing long term yields.

To me it is most obvious, we would move soon into a Hyperinflationary environment. Food prices would lead higher this winter, and then Crude, Commodities to follow. If QE2 is to happen, then Crude would easily breach 80 towards 100. QE1 happened when Crude was at 30.

Nowadays I watch RT Russia Times, instead of CNBC, Bloomberg. This afternoon RT shows throngs of Americans (mostly Blacks, Hispanics) queueing for mortgage help. The Obama mortgage help program has only helped the banks, not the people.

Hence the abandance of liquidity injected by Obama has gone to the banksters, friends of Bernanke and Geithner, not to mention Dodd and Frank.

Real Americans should boycott National TV for not showing real news, the truth.

In Europe, we see heat, in China we see floods. What would we expect in Winter ? We would see artic-like weather in China and Europe. Think the earth is moving into little ice age.

China 3 gorges dam is under severe stress, with the Cocson and Chantu typhoons happening now, and more to come in next several weeks. It would be an interesting watch like the Gulf of Mexico oil spills.
What would happen next in the world.

Meanwhile, SPX on its march towards 1111, where Bernanke meets GOD. Bernanke going to tell GOD, he is the Demi-GOD on Earth.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

22 July Floods, Cold, H1N1

yes, you read it first here. There is an re-emergence of H1N1 as we near the colder seasons in Northern Hemisphere.
The Swine flu has morphed in pigs, with the flood, the transmission to humans would speed up in Autumn. Erupting first in China, followed by India.
2 of the world most populous nations awash in a mutated H1N1 strain, higher transmission, higher fatality.

Over teabreak, overheard some insurance agents talking about the recent flash floods in Singapore. Homeowners whose properties are in the millions got swamped by floods. However they have only paid for FIRE insurance, and now wanting to claim for FLOOD.

and the eminent Minister Lee Kuan Yew (who is visibly getting weaker) has said "no amount of engineering can stop the flood". It is essentially an act of GOD. Am sure those people sitting on million dollar properties ain't pleased.

Singapore has reached its saturation point in growth. now with most skyscrappers on reclaimed land, and a incessant supplies of office space and residential space in coming years, an entire bay converted into reservoir. And with the rising sea levels, it would be interesting in the coming years, as we get nearer to poleshift.

In Singapore, the Equities market is so quiet that the stock exchange want to abolish the Lunch Break. the high frequency traders have not taken root here, noting that Singapre stock market is the strongest in the south east Asia region. and Singapore GDP has skyrocketed to 14% last quarter, stronger than China. However the indices hardly move.

Good GDP, bad GDP,market hardly moves.

the market would stay still longer than we stay liquid.

Meanwhile, Bernanke has coined a new phrase: "Highly Uncertain". If the FED is highly uncertain, which Banks out there can be certain.

Obama has said: "no more tax funded bailout for Banks".

Can we take it that the Billionaires, Private Equities, the likes of Blankfein, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, John Paulson would fund the next bailout ?

Though I have been blasting Obama, he has his saving graces:
Insurance companies cannot reject those who have medical histories.
Banks and credit cards companies cannot charge captive interest rates

The cost to the Financial sector is going to go up in future, making monies from the public would be more difficult.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

21 July another rally

as I spoke last week, another opportunity would come for some short term trading, yesterday low at about 1050 was a good place to load up for another attempt to 1111 (my mid term target for this correction).

Most likely Bernanke would give some hints of QE2, and this would spur GOLD to 1300,
and Crude to 90. I have to declare that I am long USO and Gold.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

20 July Goldman Sachs

GS is rising, seems to tell market it has survived the SEC. With civil litigations to follow, GS would defnitely be busy. Short term buy.

Same for BP, short term buy to ride the rally while the others are falling.

China market seems to be rebounding. Think the market maker trying to shift attention to Asia, selling a Decoupling story. Think we would hear of talks of Decoupling while Asia market is holdig there.

Meanwhile some of the Asian ETF are in a wedge formation on daily chart. either breaking up or down.

For GOLD spot, the last high was not confirmed showing bearish divergence. That is about what those professional traders or positioned, short GOLD. That also means that way to make monies is up. If somebody can ram it and fabricate some news. Watched Keiser report today, Max was talking about Fait currency.

APPL earnings coming up. Think this would about wrap up the earnings though we have more coming next week.
IBM did not make it, while INTL did, where did all the chips went ? into the sea ?
Fishy INTEL.
That also means lots of excess inventories now in the market.

With extended benefits, more defit spending by Obama. The direction of USD is clear.

20 July Earthquake


Earthquakes are on the rise, and more severe ones are occurring more frequently, in the intervals of days. so far they are confined to the Chile and the Alaska regions. Seems like the Pacific plate is breaking off on its fringe.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

17 Jul Job say it is blown out of proportion / Obama and Gomes

Imagine, you are using the Iphone, and the engineers design it that the metal side is a antennae and you, the human is part of the antannae. If you are cancer prone, long exposure to the electromagnetics and rediation, will turn on your genes.

If an avid Ipbone use who for some unknown reasons (non-smoker), got detected for Cancer. Steve Jobs got to pay.
Not all Iphone user can pay for the expensive medical treatment like what Jobs got.

Now Jobs is giving out free holder, made by those sweat shops from China.

Toyota suffered because of quality problem, now it is Apple turns.

What is Obamam doing to Gomei, currently imprisoned in North Korea and just a few days ago attempted suicide ?


If 2 Korean Americans can be rescued, why a fellow American Black have to be tortured in North Korea ?

Obama why dun you activate the Special Operation Forces storm the North Korean prison and rescue Gomes ?

Obama, your balls shrank ? or you are just like "Bite-me" Biden ?

Friday, July 16, 2010

17 Jul Time to sue the Obama Administration.

In previous blogs, I mentioned that a Bank Credit Card gave me almost 200 plus of free credits for me to dine and spend. I closed those cards after the free credits are used up. Today I open the Credit Card again. However this time, the credit is lower, only 100 dollars. Time is getting tougher for the Banks, yet they still have to put up a pretence.

Meanwhile Washington experienced a Richter 3.0 Earthquake. While China is suffering from floods in the south, Japan also floods and collapsing landslide. The massive amount of water on the ground is going to trigger sudden earthquake.

The Big one is right around the corner, but we do not know where.

SEC let GoldmanSachs go with 500 million, and SEC becomes the laughing stock of the whole world, TV host are making fun. The Chairman can easily pay it off with his bonus.

Time for those who suffered Lehman Brother collapse, the CDS fraud to sue the Obama Administration, for colluding with Bankers.

Obama turning to Old Clinton for advise ? like he beaten Hilary to become President ? possibly with dead Kennedy support ? No wonder he pushed healthcare so hard.

Obama is like a college grad trying to be President.

The crops harvest are severely affected by this bad weather worldwide. And we are possibly going into High Food prices into Winter, and possibly high Crude prices is coming. Time to load up on Oil and Gas.

There are enough monies, spare cash to drive commodities higher, while economy worldwide would SUDDENLY slow down. The keyword is SUDDENLY.

15 July Gay football

Probably what explains the Euro rally is that the German football team is a bunch of gays (read the Spiegel). They play slick football, like putting butter on the pitch. Now Euro is dispensing anal sex to those short sellers.

Watchout those S&P shortees, another anal sex session is coming around the corner. Meanwhile, it is a good time to load up for a swift trade to the upside. May be the short squeeze would come next week.

Tell you what, if Geithner admits that he is Gay like Bernanke, may be we can have a strong rally in USD.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

14 July 1111

That is where the S&P is heading for, slowly.

GOD is waiting at 1111. You would be damned lucky if S&P drops for you to load up.

Meanwhile EURUSD heading for 1.3300.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

12 July positioning for a rally

meanwhile, the bulls have bought in over last week, especially Friday. Should see some low today market close and then rally into the next 2 weeks, into 1150.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

11 July Total Solar Eclipse

yes, today at 20hour UTC from Chile to Easter Island.

Am expecting an Asia rally to kick off the week, with strong China export figures. Bloomberg TV starts broadcasting headlines of technical analaysis of China market making a rebound. (like the one when China annouces making currency flexible over the weekend).

Meanwhile, expect S&P to break 1100 amidst some calling this 1090 the top.
1111 is "God".

Would we get another Sinkhole this coming week ?

Meanwhile, NKorea has gotten away without mentioned in the UN statement. China and NKorea has won this round. UN has now subcumbed to China. This is a major turning point in UN politics with a diminishing influence of United States.

The 50 plus dead sailors would stir in their grave. And South Korean president want is just an apology from North Korea. Wonder who would want to serve in the armed forces again. We may just as well disarm the entire South Korean army, and declare the entire South Korea a demilitarised zone.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

10 July Paul and Blankfein

Paul and Blankfein are the same animal: a.k.a. Squids. But Hannibal would prefer Blankfein to Paul.

Any way: http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE66834R20100709

now the market makers like Barclay, BoA has to sign on as the suckers, when there is not enough suckers out there.

No matter how much Bernanke prints, or how much is the stimulus, the market wants your last 100 dollars. Interesting, isn't it.

Let see if Pretcher make any noise today. While Krugman is asking for QE2.

The Russian guy spy is quickly let off in a spy exchange, possibly she has f888 some Democrats out there, may be even Obama himself.

Friday, July 9, 2010

9 July Yes, it is Bull, Bullshit

yep, it is a Bull Rally, Bullshit.

to reward US for not naming China as a currency manipulator, China renews Google licence. This is a classic case of private interest before national interest.

And Charles Schumer just let Geithner slips it by him. See how his voters would treat him in midterm.

Without a stronger RMB, US manufacturing would falter.

Euro at 1.2700 is about where it would turn down, for a correction. I.e. next week we would see some profit taking on Equities. No worries, the Bull(shit) is still intact.

S&P would return to 1060, like the drop to 1010 has never happened during the footbol season. Then market awaits Corporate Earnings to propel it higher.

I am gunning for Euro to return towards 1.3300, then 1.4000 eventually, i.e. we have lots of room up there for Equities. It is a Bullshit rally, nonetheless.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

8 July Pretcher called it

yes, Pretcher called it, he called the bottom, and he is defending with the likes of Statestreet, MF, etc.

Sweltering hear across China, people turning on aircon day and night. Oil consumption on the rise with this massive heat wave. sweeping across Europe, America.

With a hotter GoM, we are going to get a mega hurricane. time for Crude to break 90 with the support of OPEC.

Severe drought is limiting food supplies in South China, and we would expect food prices to double in coming months. Think the world would get one hyperinflation scare and then they start accelerating their Rate Hike cycle.

Meanwhile S&P reaching 1100, if not 1150 is a given.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

6 Jul Netanyahu going to Washington

is it not obvious, Israel now planning a attack and seeking Obama consent.

Meanwhile, Russia holding a major exercise over Baring Sea, Japan Sea. While China holding livefiring exercise in the Yellow Sea, adjacent to the planned US joint exercise with Korea.

Everybody is strutting their stuff.


Saudi is now getting stingy on Oil. they are right, better save it for future.
Meanwhile, china ordering to shutdown those jobless plants to safe energy.

Instead of waiting for Demand to diminish over decades, the supplies decide to reduce supply to raise prices.

some trading firms run a banner and says "Oil is dropping below 74,..."

Ladies and Gentleman, my USO and UNG has met its salvation. We are at the doorstep of hyperinflation in a matter of months.

By the way 3 depressions are forming over GoM now. In short time, we would see Crude jumping like my "depression daughter" tip toeing, ever so curious.

Monday, July 5, 2010

5 July Pretcher is here, Bears better flee

Pretcher was on Sunday New York Times, talking about historic age south Sea bubble, 1929, etc.
Bears, when you see Pretcher, you better flee. Pretcher was in Feb talking of 1018 as the top, and lots of bears become dinner dish.

Now, when S&P is at 1010 again, he appears.

Whether it is a bull or bear trend, when you see Pretcher, you better flee and then come back again.

His prediction of Down Jone under 1000 is possible when Pole Shift happens. So if you believe in Pretcher, you better pray for Pole Shift, then you life may be in danger as well. So to prey for such under-1000 scenario is not realistic.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

4 Jul Germany, Netherland, Spain

now we have 3 Euro countries into the Worldcup Quaterfinal. And it may well be a Euro vs Euro final.

I would not be surprised if we see a rally next week in Euros, all the way to the finals. 1.3300 may be the top interim.

Not so sure about Equities, Asia is holding well. Any way, no Asia teams made it to the Quarterfinal. They deserve a whacking.

My 8 year old son, came along, and said that his friend have a money printing machine and would want to lend him. How marvellous, when our youngs are so market savvy. Even 8 years old know of Bernanke tricks. When the Republican win in 2012, they would haul Bernanke up for trial. When the Republicans would take care of their own hand-picked. Bernanke may not be as lucky as Greenspan who got away with his decade long monetary easing. As the law of alternate holds.

Meanwhile, China is going to deploy Navy live firing near where the American aircraft carriers is in the yellow seas, adjaced to Beijing.

Waiting for the Congressional cowards to announce the bill to name China as currency manipulator. The Congressional member who make the announcement is going to be held as the beacon of the labour movements in US.

As labour movements now get intense in China, with national labour bodies asking for better working terms, pay rises. Remember that China is still a communist regime.

Singapore government promises its works average salaries to go from SGD2000 to SGD3000 in 9(1400 USD to 2200 USD) monthly in about ten years time. While Singapore is struggling to improve productivity, meaning either workers have to work longer hours or inflation is coming.

Friday, July 2, 2010

2 June Calling Geithner

I am calling my good pal Timmy, and ask the Bureau of Labour Statistics to include the number of prostitutes on the streets in the employment figure. Males and females included.

It should show up as a surprise in todays NFP.

2 June you are back, eh.

I just cannot resist to watch that video again and again. the bears are back.

Nonehtless Bears need to feed, tuck into the warm hug of her mother, suckling the nipples over the weekend.

So the most obvious scripts that most pro-traders are expecting. The drop perhaps into 999 and bounce up to market the completion of this correction. And what a bounce when every trader takes profit home over the weekend.

What the Pros are not expecting is a merciless, knift drop, incessant into 900+.

and it is really worrying when US Equities and USD are falling in tandem, i.e. the biggies are fleeing US. (Bear talk, hopefully just a transient phenemenom).

So for me, still holding UNG, USO, supplies is going to dwindle. GOLD just touched 1200 and bounced.

Meanwhile, China deploying its monies overseas most noticeably into Central Europe, buying up Euro assets. and talk of buying oil company from BP in Latin America.

It is a matter of how much pain the market maker wants to inflict. so you are back, Eh.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

1 July so you are back, Eh. you are back to make life misery.

so, you are back, Eh.

yes, the Bears are back pouning the ground waiting on the line 1040 for a dash to
where ?

Tomorrow 8:30 am ET, we would tell.

Having said that the misery is with those investors who pile in, moms and pops who bought the market, people who save and invested. People who decided to give their lovely relationship manager another chance.

So, you are back, Eh.

Having said this, I am sort of nuts and wish UNG and USO would get the hell up and roar !!!.
Oil companies are cutting back on supplies, slowing down drillings. OPEC is asking for higher prices. Funds are selling equities and buying oil and gas.

Oprah Winfrey, Larry King are all now preparing to board the Noah Ark before the poleshift. (for those not in the know, they have left their shows).

Have yoy got the ticket ?

Meanwhile, read Calfutia post, he see market scrapping bottom at around 1020, not far from mine 1018. Any way, the risk reward is not in S&P, it is in our God-Dammned trades in BP, Crude, Copper, etc.

Looked at the charts, if the Bears get their way, it would be a violent wave of the 3rd kind. I.e. the NFP surprises with a much higher unemployment rate, when those who ran out of unemployment benefits return to find jobs.

It is the British who destroy the jobs in the Gulf of Mexico,
It is the Germans who led to our market decline,
It is the Chinese who destroy our imports with their high currency,
It is the Russians who stole our high technology.

It is Obamalogy, " it is always somebody's else fault, not my fault."

Asia market holding up well. Infact going nowhere, Hang Sang index is still holding above 20,000, Singapore still above 2800 after so many weeks, and so many negative news from US.

Hence, Bears tread with care, Bulls a buying opportunity.


Shame on Bernanke, using traders to lift the market when he is printing monies to justify his thesis on "dumping monies from the helicopter". PhD Princeton.

Bernanke, I dare you to print another 1 Trillion.