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Sunday, April 11, 2010

11 April Clash of the Titans

Finished watching the Clash of the Titams, Sam is as impressive indeed. If you are a fan of Greek Mythology, a worthy trip.
Meanwhile, my wife asked if there would be a sequel, part II. Yes, infact it is in real life now.

The Hedgies, as Hades, the God of the Underworld, is now launching their final assault on Mount Olympia (the Greek government). Their ultimate target is the European Monetary Union (EMU). Evidence in those Hedgies sponsored blogs, like Zerohedge, Market Ticker, time and gain, they spot news on Greece. Hades is relentless. Their prize is worthy. Imagine what the breakup of the EMU would bring.

Hades helpers are namly Timmy, Blankfein, Demi-God literally. Timmy made the trip to China to petition for the Chinese float their RMB, in replacement of EUR as the alternative Reserve Currency. Of course, this is a trap, as Timmy and Berny would then sanction the printing of tonnes of fake RMB notes and flush them onto the market. With the collapse of EUR and RMB, USD would reign again, and the American empire would take over Europe.

The attack on the EMU has Germany in mind. Note the recent spate of attack on the Pope, formerly Cardinal Retzinger of Germany. The Pagans who are in collaboration plan to deminish Christianity, (note: Nostradamus prediction that we would soon see the last pope on Earth).

Do note that on the US Dollar Note, you see symbols of the Pagans, the pyramid with the eye within.

Yes, we would soon see the Clash of the Titans, part 2, soon starting 15 April 2010.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

8 April the coming collapse of the St Andreas fault

that is how great cities like Atlantis disappeared. First, GOD gave warnings, tremors, volcanoes spewing, and then the final eruption. The fault line would finally collapse and send a supersonic shear towards Los Angeles. Portion of the fault may fall into the sea triggering a big Tsunamis racing across the Pacific Ocean, first onto Hawaii, then Guam and the Asian coastline.

the big St Andreas Earthquake is long overdue, and the continuing tremors after last week big shake is increasing the tensions on the tectonic plates.

Friday, April 2, 2010

1 April Break up and Champagne bubble talk

yes, Crude has just broke up. 85 and bigger. The big boys have decided to switch another bar with different lap dancer.

Read quite a bit about Gold in those blogs. Think the setup is now for Commodities. When the hedgies decide not to risk their life shorting Greece. Who knows they may just disappear during airport transit (courtesy of German secret facilitators).

A Euro short squeeze would be underway during this thin market condition. May be after the short squeeze, it would head for 1.2800. Personally I prefert to see 1.2800. Nonetheless, the Greece situation would haunts for a while, may be for a year. Unless EU setup the European Monetary Fund (EMF) in record speed. Then Euro is unbeatable after 2 set backs with Iceland and Greece.

As for SPX, the retails are dripping in. It needs a higher price in lieu of volume.

Shanghai launched its first option trade this week. That explains the break up of the Shanghai index after weeks of consolidation.

The problem with China market is that it is easy to make monies, but not simple to get it home.

It is still bull time, until the market tells us otherwise.

Think there would be a round of rally after tomorrow NFP. and then 1st Qtr earnings would come in. The big boys want to pump it higher before the earnings.

South Korean ship got mined, and it choose to stay quiet with over 40 of its sailors dead. That goes a long way to say about the makeup of the nation (a loser country even with high tech weaponary).

Meanwhile with the full moon flinging across, the Earth is exceptionally quiet, erriely quiet in fact.

As Nostradamus has predicted, we would see the last pope in 2012. Now we have a clue what may be the cause. Vatican would be embroiled in years of turmoil and scandals.

Then we see the rise of Pagan, the worshippers of Sun and Moon is now trying to find the God's particle at LHC. Pumping the power higher and higher.

It is so quiet.

Also USDJPY has broken the 3 years downtrend line, seems like Yen Carry Trade is back immediately after FED has ceased buying MBS.

Little wonder, a HK developers says the world needs bubble, like bubbles in a Champagne, bubble after bubble, bubbly jolly.

A new paradigm, bubble maker using talk to make bubble. (probably after fully levered up).

Now, it is telling where the monies are. Not with the general public but the bodies further up the food chain.