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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

27 Jan AIG Ain't it Geithner

Now the Devil wants some bodies. So Geithner is the lamb. Would Geithner has gone for the job, if he knows he would come to such a state ?

Anyway, he can retire rich with favours due from the bankers.

North-South Korea has a miliatry skirmish. Iran ramming ahead with plutonium enrichment. Probably, they would weaponise their Plutonium by end of this year. Would like be surprised it becomes a factory of suitcase weapons.

Volcker has appeared. Remember last time when Volcker spoke on public TV.

Pretcher grasping opportunity to sound really bearish. Simply Opportunistics. He got a F for his wave.

There is going to be a London summit to discuss about buying out the Taliban with 500millions USD. Banana monies for guns, smart. Think everybody rushing to be a Taliban.

Last evening, watch a movie on my new 42 inch LCD TV, the movie is "Armoured". The baddies is robbing the baddies, nobody ain't good. Infact the armour guard was robbing their truck of FED RESERVE monies.

Toyota stopping production to follow their massive recall. Soon we would see more and more industrialist going on strike. Read Ann Ryan's "when Atlas shrugged".

Bought my wife her birthday dinner, paid by a bank credit card offering free credits on joining. The bank has a big SWF shareholder. Thankyou. Sometimes, ain't bad if you are on the receiving end of state sponsorred monies printing.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

17 Jan CNBC Fast Money recommends Short

the Fast Money traders unanimously recommends Shorting. now they needs shorts to propel the market higher. problem is that is not much shorts around, but more buys.

IEA says 2010 Oil demand would be sluggish. but that does not mean Prices would fall.

Prediction is that for 2010, Crude would probably be hovering 100, a new base.

Bernanke has to be confirmed in January.

Just finished watching the movie IMPACT on my new 42 inch TV. IT is about the Moon embedded with a Brown Dwarf smashing into Earth.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

16 Jan My new 42" LCD TV and thousands of Chinese workers

Well, I truly enjoyed my Panasonic 42" LCD TV, which I bought at about 750 USD 1 month ago. Yesterday there was a labour strife in Suzhou China, with thousands of factory workers getting agressive against the Management for deciding to forgo the annual bonus.

The company is United Win Technology in China, subsidiary of Taiwan parent Wintek Corporation. Incidentally, they make LCD TV components.

With razor thin profit margin, manufacturers are not making any monies. They pay Chinese workers small base salaries with bonus pegged to company performance.

It has come to a situation that either the Management get paid or the workers get paid.

With the new Labour Law instituted in China last year, workers' salaries are not going lower, supported by the high accomodation cost, monthly mortgage payments, etc.

This week, the IMF Chief Economist, Dr Lin who is a China citizen himself, claim that the growth of China even at 8% is a bit too fast. (Wen JaiBao was swearing to maintain 8% growth last yr in the middle of the crisis).

Hence we may see China deliberately slowing down its production (which by the way, is not making monies). Hoping to stem the Asset prices inflation.
Asset prices inflation came about from government companies speculation, and they want the citizens to take the brunt.

As for Euro, Trichet has dispelled any doubt of Greece leaving the Euro bloc. Things were much worse last year, and Euro heldup. Probably Euro is preparing for the next leg up. Euro is there because of its poor cousin USD.

As for SPX, because of the restrictions of Short Selling, HedgeFunds dare not take large short positions. Or they are waiting for the leader to emerge.

Obama still struggling with Healthcare bill, thought they wrapped up in Christmas. Iran got away with the 31 Dec 2009 deadline. China getting bolder, rebuking Google and its US masters. (Frankly speaking, Google is probably an apparatus of the US intelligence services. China knows it, and that is why it is attacking it).

Blackberry, Google, Microsoft, and even Intel has secret installation in their services, hardware for the service of the US government. E.g. during war with China, US can order the shutdown of all Microsoft terminals in China.

Think China would be spearheading its own technologies, with the pinnacle of the Chinese landing on the Moon.

Open standards would be the norm in technologies in coming years, proprietary products like Mircrosoft, Apple would fade into oblivion. Literally American technolgoies have seen their "internet bubble" of 2010.

Meanwhile, The China government has called in military police to stem the strife at the factory. More to come.

No doubt US has innovation, the science. Nobody can dispute Havard, Yale, Princeton are still at the top. However, why not America be the University of the World and that is it, while China is the Manufacturer of the World, as well as the Banker.

Friday, January 15, 2010

15 Jan Solar Eclipse and the Disintegration of the United States

Yes, today we have a Solar Eclipse 150110. IT swept through Central Africa, South of India and middle of China.

Since the last Solar Eclipse, China market has sagged. Now with the second Solar Eclipse (the longest at 11 mins, next longest 3043).

Jamie Diamond decides to give his staff a stirling bonus by releasing better than expected results.
Empire came out better than expected.
So now what Mr SPX ?

Google decides to find a good excuse to pull out of China. Making monies is tough indeed. It is now tougher for foreign multinationals to make monies in China, after the Chinese have learnt the tricks, and recruiting lots of returning overseas Chinese. The Westerners are no longer needed.

China would be isolating itself from the world. It is ready to go on its own. With an FTA with the Asean countries, Africa as its hinterland. Gas from Russia. It need the US no more.

Its military technologies is leaping when gun runners are willing to supply China with all the latest technologies.

China decides not to fall into the same predicament of Japan, when it bowed to US pressure and strengthened the YEN that led to its decade long depression.

USD is going on its next downward leg. With each passing day, CNY is getting more international, despite whatever the analysts say.

We shall mark the demise of the United States of America with this Solar Eclipse on 15 January 2010. USA is now on its path of disintegration.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

13 Jan WHO

WHO is WHO ? World Health Organisation, helmed by a ex-Beuracrat from HK. Yes, WHO is keeping mum on the wide spreading 225 mutation leading to 100% Case Fatality Ratio (CFR).

Its silence and inaction is fanning the spread of the mutated Virus. History would look back and may be a major revamp of WHO would happen, with the removal of the incumbant Head of WHO.

Haiti had a Richter 7 Earthquake, after the Solomon Island quake, near eruption of Mayon. Meanwhile all major quakes are taking place in relatively not so populated cities. This is just a beginning.

Watch the St. Andreas fault, the deep faults around the Philippine Archaepalago.

Now Iran is accusing US and Israel of killing its nuclear scientist. Have to admit, quite a smart clandestine move on the part of Obama.

Meanwhile, SPX taking a rest from a height of 1147, and you can see self-proclaimed pple coming out talking about SPX at 400 and Gold at 2500.

Think even Nostradamus cannot fanthom how the world would look like when SPX at 400 and Gold at 2500.

The Singapore SWF finally cut loss on its investment in a vast real estate complex in New York, (possibly brokered by BlackRock), losing almost 900 million USD.

Japan Airline (JAL) going bankrupt towing the US Airlines along. Frankly speaking, I hate to travel via US airports.

If you are looking for investment, think Kraft Foods (KFT) is a good choice, about to break above its ceiling, heading for new heights. Remember it used to be General Foods, with a considerable invesment by Warren Buffet. In the coming years, who ever control Food, control the world. A good place to park ones monies in Equities.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

10 Jan Negro President

Finally wish away the holidays blues, and now back to work.
So, SPX has made new highs, so does INDU. Euro, Gold may a bottom and seemingly trying to rally.

The last hours of trading in DXY deserves some attention. Some has it that the government plans to divest the 401K into annuity plans backed by Treasuries, calling for public opinion. This create a demand for T-Bills, more FED printing, hence weaker USD. AND lesser demand for Stocks.

H&M tears up new "unsold" clothes in the store and dump them. Why not donate to the charities, probably there are too many and accounted as SOLD in their books. Corporates now fudging their books is too common. 2 dollars T-shirts booked as 20 dollars sales and thrown away. Companies moving futures revenues forward. Now all the company executives got a big fat bonus.

2 weeks before the bottom in March 6 2009, Obamam calls Americans to buy stock. And now he wants to harvest the gain.

Meanwhile, ETF products have mushroomed in Asia, with a ETF for virtually everything under the sun. First stocks, then mutual funds, now ETF.

Despite China has the brightest prospects, it is still under its July peak.
The Chinese is going to impose curbs on foreign investment in properties. For those foreign funds like JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, would they be able to move out their monies in time ?

Crude has now reached a new peak, at 82.5, with the severe Cold lasting into early FEB, demand would soars, and it completes the picture.

News of plans of Al Qaeda to assault Homuz Straits traffic does not help. Now Yemen becomes the 3rd war on Obama agenda.

Now the world is so hyped up about Al Qaeda again. Thanx to Obamam 3 Ds "Disrupt, Dismantle, Defeat". That is a call to battle, much like Bush's axis of evil. Think Obama can easily apply 3Ds to Iran Ahmadinejadd government. While the 2009 year end deadline for Iran just went pass without a whimper. Now nobodys really care about Israeli.

With the severe cold disrupting the work patterns and traffic in Europe and US, meetings get cancelled, postponed. Remember in November, China induced snow in the north, seemingly to quell the lack of water. Has this morph into a Climatic Warfare ?

Obamam officially outsourced the making of submarines, aircrafts to Lockheed Martin for Taiwan. And China is obviously not happy and not doing anything.

Geithner now under attacked with his own handwritten notes about hiding AIG payout to Goldman Sachs. Timmy, Berny all cronies of the Bankers.

Democrats Senators, Governors, Congressman are now retiring, fleeing from the coming battle for midterms where the prospects for Obama gets bleakers. Probably the Bankers want more Republican participation to blunt any Democrats bill on financial restructuring.

Now Harry Reid is back with his "Negro Dialect" remarks. Race would once again rise in America, would the Whites, the midstream, give a chance to the Negro President again ? Think Harry really wanted to call Obama "Negro President" and now have to apologise. Lots of Negro lovers around, Harry, remember Timmy, Ralph ?

Barney, the Dino, has passed a bill making short selling difficult. Look at Shanghai composite, a market without Futures, shortselling, it went from 6000 to 2500.
A market without short selling is the perfect short sellers market because there is no obligated buyers, just panicky moms and pops.

Meanwhile Northern California had a 6.5 Earthquake, would San Adreas wake up and give us the much awaited 9.99 ?

Deep snow, earthquake, pandemic, what else is out there in Rupture ?

2010 would be the year of Chaos.